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Otukpo Town Postal Codes

Otukpo Town ZIP Codes, this Town consisting of 16 areas with postal codes ranging from 972211 to 972261.

Listing of ZIP Codes in Otukpo Town


Ahmadu Bello Postal code
Street ZIP Code
Aba St972212
Ahamad Bello Way972212
Asa Ln972212
Igumale St972212
Jerico Rd 972212

Ella Market Postal code
Street ZIP Code
Agatu St972222
Alh. Habu St972222
Apapa Rd972222
Bookshop Rd972222
Federal Rd972222
George St972222
Ibadan Rd (S)972222
Kaduna Rd972222
Kano Rd972222
Lagos St972222
Makurdi St972222
Obade St972222
Okenyi St972222
Okpoga St972222
Ugboju St972222
Ulay St972222
Umuba St972222
UPU St (S)972222
Zaria Rd 972222

General Hospital Postal code
Street ZIP Code
General Hospital972242
Harison Adoka Rd972242
Hospital Rd972242
Ikwe Bongos Ave972242
Makurdi Rd972242
Ogbagaya Rd972242
Railway Rest House972242
Teachers Training College 972242

G.R.A Postal code
Street ZIP Code
Alapa Ave972231
Assa Rd972231
Assa Village972231
Chief (Eng) Agaba Agom Ave972231
Chief Attach Ochoga Ave972231
Chief Ede Ave972231
Chief Ellagbeje Ave972231
Chief Mike Onoja Rd972231
Chief Oche Odangla972231
Chief Ugbabe Ave972231
David Mark's House972231
Dolphin Hotel972231
ECWA Ave972231
Emmanuel Ajabi Ave972231
Federal Science and Teacher Guest House972231
G.R.A Rd972231
Military Cemetry Rd972231
Motherless Babies N.T.A972231
New Patrol Hotel972231
Omacce St972231
Otukpo Club972231
Tennis Court972231
Warder's Barracks972231
Water Board972231
Yahaya Ave 972231

Local Government Clinic Postal code
Street ZIP Code
1st Bank Rd972221
Ahamadu Bello Way972221
Federal Rd972221
Local Government Clinic972221
Ojira Rd972221
Omakpo Ave 972221

Ministry of Works Postal code
Street ZIP Code
Amb.Ajonye Ave972241
Ikwe Bongos Ave972241
Makurdi Rd972241
Ministry of Works972241
Motherless Babies N.T.A Rd972241
Ogbaganya Village Rd972241
Railway Rest House972241
G Rd972241
J Rd972241
VIP Rd. 972241

New Market Layout Postal code
Street ZIP Code
Aboja St972213
Acheri St972213
Ajine St972213
Ame St972213
Commercial Rd972213
Ebeje St972213
Egede St972213
Ex-Service Ln972213
Felloship Rd972213
Hajiya St972213
Idah St972213
Japan St972213
Jerico Rd972213
Jesusalem St972213
Kinston Av972213
Lumumba Rd972213
Makurdi St972213
MOBIL Filing Station972213
New Benue St972213
New Market St972213
Ocheopo St972213
Old Garage972213
Otukpo Market972213
Oyigebe St972213
Regsil St972213
Jones Anglican972213
Suleja St972213
Sunday Onyilo St972213
Ulokpo Ln 972213

No. Cross Postal code
Street ZIP Code
Apapa St972223
Edumoga St972223
Ibadan St (E)972223
Lumumba St972223
Makurdi St972223
No Cross Methodist School972223
Nuskka St972223
Ogiri Oko St972223
Okokoro St972223
Okutpo St972223
Orokam St972223
Peters Primary School․ St972223
Ulaye St. 972223

Ochido's Palace Postal code
Street ZIP Code
Adoka St972211
Ahmadu Bello Way972211
Unity Bank972211
Ichama St972211
Jos St972211
L.G. Seceratries972211
Oba St972211
Ochidom's Ave․972211
Oji St972211
Salem Hospital972211
Udoibo Rd. 972211

Ogwonogba Postal code
Street ZIP Code
Ahmadu Bello Way972261
Alh.Rasaki Ave972261
Bank of the Norh972261
Enugu Rd972261
Goat Market972261
Ichama St972261
Inyi St972261
Jos St972261
New Garase972261
Ochekwu St972261
Ochobo St972261
Otukpo St972261
Ugbokolo St. 972261

OOL Postal code
Street ZIP Code
Agip Filling Station972214
Ahmadu Bello Way972214
Akpa St972214
AP Filling Station972214
Criss Eno Ave․972214
Enugu St972214
LG.Education Ath.972214
Ogbe Obande Rd972214
Ool Day Secondary School972214
Paul Secondary School St972214
Total Filling Station 972214

Post Office Postal code
Street ZIP Code
Ahmadu Bello Way972232
Licence Office972232
Makurdi Rd972232
Post Office 972232

Rail Way Station Postal code
Street ZIP Code
Bookshop Rd972233
Glorious School972233
Enugu St972233
Flock Of God Church972233
Ibadan Rd (N)972233
Offa Quartres972233
Okobi Village972233
Old Market972233
Otya Methodist Church972233
Railway Station972233
Monica School St․972233
Trust Oil972233
Ugeabe Ave972233
UPU Rd (N) 972233

Rice Mill Postal code
Street ZIP Code
Agbo St972251
Holiness Ave972251
Idoma Tech Company972251
Oyagebged St972251
Rice Mill 972251

Sabon Gari Postal code
Street ZIP Code
Agadaba St972252
Ake St972252
Aneh St972252
Ben Onaji St972252
Bida St972252
Idu St972252
Moses Eneche St972252
Oche St972252
Odega St972252
Offitu St972252
Okpiko St972252
Okpoflo St972252
Oloche St972252
Oweto St972252
Oyagebged St972252
Ukpoju St 972252

UPU Rd. Postal code
Street ZIP Code
Bookshop Rd972224
Enugu St (N)972224
Ibadan St (N)972224
Okokoro Rd972224
UPU Rd (N) 972224

Other Town or LGA codes

📮 The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982002.

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