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Bama Town Postal Codes

Bama Town ZIP Codes, The Town is in the Borno state and consists of 11 areas with Postal codes ranging from 610211 to 610251.

Listing of ZIP Codes in Bama Town


Abuja Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Elkanemi Rd.610251
Habib Rd.610251
Maiduguri Rd 610251
Police Barracks610251
Catle Market610251

Ajari Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Baba bashsir Rd610241
Col. Kur610241
Muhammed Rd610241
Dicharima Rd.610241
Elkanemi Rd610241
Habib Rd610241
Kumburi Rd 610241
Lila Yaske Rd610241
Shehu Bukar610241
Sandari Rd.610241

Bulabulin Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Army Barracks610213
Burma Rd610213
Dikwa Rd610213
Elkanemi Rd 610213
General Hospital610213
Government Teacher College.610213
Kur Muhammed Secondary School610213

Kaigamari Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Col.Mohammed Shuwa Rd 610232
Elkanemi Rd 610232
Lowcost Housing Estate610232
Malima Rd610232
Shettima Kanuri Rd610232
Yawudima Rd.610232

Kangeleri Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Ajiroma Rd610221
Central Mosque610221
Elkanemi Rd610221
Goni Bukar Rd.610221
Health Office610221
Kalauma Sanda Rd610221
Maaji Kalia Rd.610221
Kaigama Sanda Rd.610221
Kyariri Rd610221
L.G. Works Department.610221
Magararu Rd610221
Prison Yard 610221
Shehu Sanda Kyari Rd.610221
Umar ibrahim Rd610221
Wali Rd610221
Waziri Ibrahim Rd610221
Waziri Muhammed Tar Rd.610221

Kasugula Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Ali Suni Rd610211
Dunggurmi Rd610211
Elkanemi Rd610211
Sheriff Qadangari Rd610211
Shettia Malari Rd610211
Umar Ibrahim Rd610211
Yerima Mustafa Rd.610211

Kidari Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Aboorno State 610223
Government Secondary School610223
Gwoza Rd.610223

Makintari Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Ahamadu Goniri Rd.610222
Ballam Rd.610222
Bololo Rd610222
Bukar Bakarete Rd610222
Magararu Rd 610222
Shehu Mustafa 111 Rd.610222
Shehu Sanda Kyari Rd 610222
Terab Rd610222

Tandari Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Abdulsalam Rd.610212
Ali Sumi Rd.610212
Barma Rd610212
Bololo Rd610212
Bukar Sunoma Rd610212
Dungurmi Rd610212
Hospital Rd610212
Madu Yacami Rd610212
Mala Bukar610212
Mandara Rd610212
Mala Kashim Rd610212
Mutawali Rd610212
Sheriff Qadangari Rd.610212
Shettima Malari Rd.610212
Yarima Rd610212
Zanna Masu Rd.610212

Yerimari Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Col. Kur Muhammed Rd610231
Cooperative Shop610231
Elkanemi Rd 610231
Malima Rd.610231
Post Office610231
Shettima Kanuri Rd.610231
Talba Cr.610231

Zannari Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Col. Kur Muhammed Rd610242
District Head610242
Habib Rd610242
Lila Yaske Rd610242
Makinta Bulurir Rd610242
Shehu Bukar610242
Sandari Rd610242

Other Town or LGA codes

📮 The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982002.

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