Ado Ekiti LGA Postal Code, Ekiti State

Ado Ekiti LGA Postal Codes is 360101 to 360282. This local government area is located in Ekiti State, South West Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria.

For more details on the list of ZIP codes or Postal codes in Ado Ekiti LGA (State Capital), find the code along with the district and location.

District List

  • Ado Ekiti (Rural)
  • Ado Ekiti Town (Capital)

Ado-Ekiti Postal Code

Postal Code for Ado Ekiti

Ago Araromi360101Ado Ekiti Rural
Ajebamidele360101Ado Ekiti Rural
Amirin360101Ado Ekiti Rural
Aso Ayegbule360101Ado Ekiti Rural
Ategbado360101Ado Ekiti Rural
Ernfun360101Ado Ekiti Rural
Igim Okogo360101Ado Ekiti Rural
Igirigiri360101Ado Ekiti Rural
Ika360101Ado Ekiti Rural
Ikewo360101Ado Ekiti Rural
Ilokun360101Ado Ekiti Rural
Iranse360101Ado Ekiti Rural
Ireje360101Ado Ekiti Rural
Oke Epa360101Ado Ekiti Rural
Oke-Aso360101Ado Ekiti Rural
Araromi360271Ado Ekiti Town
Cocoa Dev. Unit Area360241Ado Ekiti Town
Falegan Estate360251Ado Ekiti Town
Federal Polytechnic360231Ado Ekiti Town
Fehintola Estate360281Ado Ekiti Town
G.R.A360261Ado Ekiti Town
Idolofin360221Ado Ekiti Town
Ilokun360213Ado Ekiti Town
Mine-Campu360282Ado Ekiti Town
Olora's Palace Area360212Ado Ekiti Town
Stadium360211Ado Ekiti Town
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