Benue State Postal Code

Benue State Postal Codes is 970001 - 982112. Code number 970001 as the code for the NIPOST Headquarters. This state is located in North Central Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria.

For more details on the list of ZIP codes or Postal codes in Benue State, find the code along with the local government area, district and location.

Postal Code for Benue State

970004Daudu Guma Facility
971001AliadeGwer East Facility
972001Adoka OtukpoFacility
972002Allan OtukpoFacility
972003Iga OkpayaApaFacility
972007Ugbokolo OkpokwuFacility
972006OrokamOgbadibo Facility
972008Oju OstOjuFacility
980001Katsina AlaKatsinaFacility
981001Gboko Gboko HO Facility
981002Lessel Mbagwa OshongoFacility
982001Vandekya Vandeikya Facility

Benue State Postal Code Maps

Benue Postcode by LGA

Ado973107 - 973110
Apa972003 and 972107
Buruku981103 - 981108
Gboko981101 - 981102
Guma970004 - 970106
Gwer East971001 - 971105
Gwer West971104
Konshisha971109 - 971110
Kwande980001 - 982104
Logo980101 - 980110
Makurdi 970001 - 972281
Obi972008 and 971106
Ogbadibo972006 - 973105
Ohimini972101 - 972106
Oju971107 - 971108
Okpokwu972005 - 973106
Otukpo972101 - 972261
Tarka981103 - 981113
Ushongo981114 - 981118
Vandeikya982105 - 982112

Post Office

MakurdiOPP. Min. Of Works HQtrs Banks Road MakurdiMakurdiMakurdi
AliadeOpp. Gwer – East Local Govt. Secretariat, Mkd . Road AliadeAliade TownGwer East
Makurdi Town15 Ali Akilu Road MkdMakurdiMakurdi
DauduAlong Daudu – Mkd Road DauduDauduGuma
Mordern MarketAdmin. Block Modem MakurdiMakurdiMakurdi
B.S.U. Ctr. Ext.First Gate, Benue State University MakurdiMakurdiMakurdi
Uni.of Agric.Ctr ExtSouth Core, Uni- Agric.MakurdiMakurdi
High LevelOpp. Titus West Suppermarket Rail way Bye- Pass Makurdi.MakurdiMakurdi
OtukpoNo 7 Otukpo – Makurdi Road OtukpoOtukpoMakurdi
Iga -okpayaBeside the Chief Palace Iga / OkpayaIga -okpayaApa
AdokaAdoka – Apa Rd after Police StationAdokaAdo (Benue)
Allan-EjorOpp. Akpa Community Sec. Sch.Alan-EjorOturkpo
OkpogaNo. 6 Ollo Rd Ugwu OkpogaOkpogaOkpokwu
UgbokoloNo. 15 Enugu – Otukpo Rd UgbokoloUgbokoloOkpokwu
Oju OstEkpengbe Round about OjuOjuOju
OtobiOpposite Idoma Community Sch. OtobiOtobiOturkpo
IgumaleNo. 5 Egwu Market rd IgumaleIgumaleOkpokwu
OrokamEjema Express way OrokamOrokamOgbadibo
GbokoNo 23 Gyado Hotel RoadGboko TownGboko
Lessel MbagwaMagistrate Court Rd LesselLessel MbagwaUshongo
Kastina-AllaMarket Rd. K/AlaKastina-AllaKastina-Alla
AdikpoJato – Aka Rd AdikpoAdikpoKwande
VandeikyaUkyaagu VandeikyaVandeikyaVandeikya
Palace P.OTor Tiv PalaceGboko TownGboko

The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982112.

NIPOST or Nigerian Postal Service is a company owned and operated by the government of this country. The country has a total of more than 5000 post offices spread throughout the region. Find the correct ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code or Postal Code for the postal address you need.