Fagge Postal Code: Kano State

Fagge Postal Codes is 700213. This local government area is located within the state metropolitan (Kano City), Kano State, North West Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria.

For more details on the list of ZIP codes or Postal codes in Fagge LGA, find the code along with the district and location.

Postal Code for Fagge

'Yan Babura700213FaggeFaggeKano
Abba Gana St.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Ado Bayeo Rd.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Ajaba Qtrs.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Audu Bako Rd.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Bank Rd.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Bayan Wafa700213FaggeFaggeKano
Beirut Rd.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Bello Dandago700213FaggeFaggeKano
Civil Rd.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Fagge A.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Fagge B.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Fagge C.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Fagge D.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Fagge D2700213FaggeFaggeKano
Fagge Takudu700213FaggeFaggeKano
Faith Rd.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Gidan Adado700213FaggeFaggeKano
Gidan Hakimi700213FaggeFaggeKano
Gidan Haruna Kassin700213FaggeFaggeKano
Gidan Mai Unguwa700213FaggeFaggeKano
Gidan Mallam Attamma700213FaggeFaggeKano
Gidan Mallam Haido700213FaggeFaggeKano
Gidan Mallam Shehu700213FaggeFaggeKano
Gidan Sanda Mai Barewa700213FaggeFaggeKano
Gwarzo Rd.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Hapin Dan Almajiri700213FaggeFaggeKano
IBB Rd.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Ibo Rd.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Ibrahim Taiwo Rd.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Ikeja Hotel700213FaggeFaggeKano
Kanfin Liwani700213FaggeFaggeKano
Kantin kwari700213FaggeFaggeKano
Katsina Rd.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Kawu Guest Inn700213FaggeFaggeKano
Kwanar Signa700213FaggeFaggeKano
Lagos St.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Layin Dabinai700213FaggeFaggeKano
Layin Kasuwa700213FaggeFaggeKano
Layin Maiguza700213FaggeFaggeKano
Layin Maikatanbiri700213FaggeFaggeKano
Layin Mallam Mutaka700213FaggeFaggeKano
Makantar Maikwaru700213FaggeFaggeKano
Mallam Kato Square700213FaggeFaggeKano
Mallam Maikuru700213FaggeFaggeKano
Manikano Dutse Rd.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Masallacin Juma’a700213FaggeFaggeKano
Murtala Mohammed Rd.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Niger Rd.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Offishin Galadima700213FaggeFaggeKano
Offishin Wakilin Waje700213FaggeFaggeKano
Post Office Rd.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Sani Abacha Stadium700213FaggeFaggeKano
Sani Ungoggo700213FaggeFaggeKano
Triump Publication Co.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Unity Rd.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Vice Adamu Rd.700213FaggeFaggeKano
Wapa Cinema700213FaggeFaggeKano
Yolawa Rd.700213FaggeFaggeKano

The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982112.

NIPOST or Nigerian Postal Service is a company owned and operated by the government of this country. The country has a total of more than 5000 post offices spread throughout the region. Find the correct ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code or Postal Code for the postal address you need.