Ijebu Ode Postal Code: Ogun State

Ijebu Ode Postal Code is 120101 - 120282 and Facility code is 120001. This local government area is located in Ogun State, South West Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria.

For more details on the list of ZIP codes or Postal codes in Ijebu Ode LGA, find the code along with the district or location.

Postal Code for Ijebu Ode

Abapawa120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Agbowa120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Agoro120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Akata120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Asenba120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Atakobo120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Atiba120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Egba120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Ereji120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Erigo120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Erinlu120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Esuru120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Gbawojo120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Idi Mmango120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Idona120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Ifido120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Iganke120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Igara120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Igasa Odo120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Igbeba120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Igbogun120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Igbokutu120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Iillses120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Ijebu -Ode120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Ikangba120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Ikoto120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Ilone120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Iloti120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Imagbonlmegun120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Imodi120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Imosan120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Imowe120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Imowo120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Iperin120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Irawon120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Isade120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Isiwo120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Itabu120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Itamarun120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Iwesi120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Lapara120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Latugun120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Maraika120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Mobalufon120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Odo - Deyo Isiwo120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Odo Epo120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Odo Lataye120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Odo – Ajatun120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Odo – Ladenusi120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Odo- Akata120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Odoaiye120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Odokobiara120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Odolayanra120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Odolewu120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Odomolasa120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Odonoko120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Odosengbu Ajano120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Odosenlu120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Oke - Oke120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Oke Eri120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Oke Lifete120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Oke – Owe120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Okemoyin120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Omidudu120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Omodo120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Onala -Odoasonyin120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Ososa120101Ijebu OdeRuralOgun
Ijagun120253Ijebu Ode TownUrbanOgun
Ijari / Ogbogbo Area120222Ijebu Ode TownUrbanOgun
Ikangba120282Ijebu Ode TownUrbanOgun
Imoru120241Ijebu Ode TownUrbanOgun
Irewon120213Ijebu Ode TownUrbanOgun
Isasa Porogun Area120271Ijebu Ode TownUrbanOgun
Iwade Area120261Ijebu Ode TownUrbanOgun
Iwesi Village120212Ijebu Ode TownUrbanOgun
Latogun120262Ijebu Ode TownUrbanOgun
Mobalufon120251Ijebu Ode TownUrbanOgun
Molipa120281Ijebu Ode TownUrbanOgun
Ogbo / Imaweje120252Ijebu Ode TownUrbanOgun
Oke-Owa Area120231Ijebu Ode TownUrbanOgun
Onirugba Area120221Ijebu Ode TownUrbanOgun
Osimore120211Ijebu Ode TownUrbanOgun
Sabo120272Ijebu Ode TownUrbanOgun

Ijebu Ode Postal Code

Postal Facility
Ijebu OdeIjebu Ode120001

The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982112.

NIPOST or Nigerian Postal Service is a company owned and operated by the government of this country. The country has a total of more than 5000 post offices spread throughout the region. Find the correct ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code or Postal Code for the postal address you need.