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Etinan LGA Postal Codes, Akwa Ibom State

Etinan LGA ZIP codes, the Local Government Area in the Akwa Ibom State, South South Geopolitical Zone consists of 3 Districts with postal codes ranging from 522101 to 522103.

Listing of ZIP Codes in Etinan LGA


Etinan Urban Postal code
TownZIP Code
Afaha Akpan Ekpo522101
Afaha Iman522101
Edem Ekpat522101
Ekpene Obom522101
Ekpene Ukpa.522101
Ikot Abasi522101
Ikot Akata522101
Ikot Eba522101
Ikot Ebiyak.522101
Ikot Ebo522101
Ikot Ekang522101
Ikot Ikpuho522101
Ikot Inyang Osom522101
Ikot Udo Abia.522101
Ikot Udo Oto522101
Ishiet Erong522101
Ndon Eyo I522101
Ndon Eyo II522101
Ndon Utim522101
Oto Akpan.522101

Northern Iman Postal code
TownZIP Code
Afaha Efiat522102
Ikot Akpabio522102
Ikot Akpanya522102
Ikot Ananga.522102
Ikot Ekan522102
Ikot Esua522102
Ikot Isong522102
Ikot Nkang522102
Ikot Nseyen.522102
Ikot Obio Inyang522102
Ikot Udo Adia522102
Mbiete No.1522102

Southern Iman Postal code
TownZIP Code
Afaha Urua Essien522103
Akapasak Efa522103
Anyam Efa522103
Ata Efa522103
Awa Ntong.522103
Efa Mbioto Mbiete522103
Effiat Mbioto522103
Ikot Akpa Esa522103
Ikot Akpan Ese.522103
Ikot Akpan Obio Eket522103
Ikot Ekot522103
Ikot Ese522103
Ikot Esen Oku522103
Ikot Etakpo.522103
Ikot Etor522103
Ikot Ibok522103
Ikot Inyang522103
Ikot Itina522103
Ikot Mfon.522103
Ikot Nsung522103
Ikot Nte522103
Ikot Obio Eka522103
Ikot Obio Iko522103
Ikot Obong Ikot Inyang.522103
Ikot Ukpong522103
Ikot Umiang Ede522103
Iwo Etor522103

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📮 The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982002.

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