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Umuahia Town Postal Codes, Abia State

Umuahia Town ZIP Codes, The Town area in Abia State, South East Geopolitical Zone consist of 7 areas with postal codes ranging from 440221 to 440236.

Listing of ZIP Codes in Umuahia Town


Afara Postal code
StreetZIP Code
Aba Rd․440221
Akanu Ibiam St․440221
Cementry Rd․440221
Factory Rd․440221
Library Avn.440221
Market Rd․440221
Okpara Avn․440221
Timber Rd.440221

Amuzukwu Postal code
StreetZIP Code
Abam St․440231
Asaba St․440231
Igbere St․440231
Nkwere St․440231
Olokoro St.440231
Orie Ugba440231

Ossah Postal code
StreetZIP Code
Accra Ln.440235
Ahoda St․440235
Alayi St․440235
Alor St․440235
Club Rd․440235
Mechanic Shed440235
Mission Hill Rd․440235
Nsukka Ln․440235
Oba St․440235
Oguta St․440235
Okpara Round about (Commercial Layout).440235

Ugwunchara Postal code
StreetZIP Code
Hill Top St․440232
Ekwuruke St․440232
Ngwa St․440232
Oboro St․440232
Obowa St․440232
Oji River St․440232
Omuopara St․440232
Ozuitem St․440232
Udi St․440232
Umueze St.440232

Umuahia Urban I Postal code
StreetZIP Code
Abiriba St․440234
Bende Rd․440234
Bonny St․440234
Cameroon St․440234
Crowther St․440234
Eket St․440234
Item St․440234
Lagos St․440234
Ohafia St․440234
Okwulehe St․440234
Umuwaya Rd․440234
Warri St.440234

Umuahia Urban III Postal code
StreetZIP Code
BCA Rd․440233
Adelabu St․440233
Afara St․440233
Aguyi Ironsi Layout440233
Amokwe St․440233
Awkuzu Ln․440233
Awolowo St․440233
Awuka St․440233
Azikiwe Rd․440233
Clifford Rd․440233
Ezeakomors St․440233
Ezeogbulafor St․440233
Finbarrs Rd․440233
Igbo St․440233
Ikot Ekpene Rd․440233
Imo Ln.440233
Isuochi St․440233
Jos St․440233
Kaduna St․440233
Kano St․440233
Macolay St․440233
Nkporo St․440233
Ogoja Ln.440233
Ojike St․440233
Ossah Rd․440233
Palm Ln.440233
Provincial Layout (Secretariat) Ln.440233
School Rd․440233
Umuobasi St․440233
Uwalaka Rd․440233
Uyo St.440233

World Bank Postal code
StreetZIP Code
World Bank Estate440236

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