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Anambra State Postal Codes

Adamawa State ZIP Codes, consisting of 2 Towns and 20 LGA (local government area) with postal codes ranging from 420102 to 435115.

Listing of ZIP Codes in Anambra State


TownZIP Code
Awka420211 - 420281
Onitsha430212 - 434248


Aguata422111 - 422124
Anambra East432101 - 432108
Anambra West432109 - 432115
Anaocha422101 - 422110
Awka North420111 - 420119
Awka South420102 - 420110
Oyi433101 - 433107
Ayamelum433108 - 433115
Dunukofia421107 - 421112
Ekwusigo435112 - 435115
Idemili North434101 - 434110
Idemili South434111 - 434117
Ihiala431116 - 431125
Njikoka421101 - 421106
Nnewi South435102 - 435113
Ogbaru431101 - 431115
Orumba North423116 - 423199
Orumba South423101 - 423115

Post Office

List of Post Offices in Anambra State
Post OfficeAddressLGA
AlorAlong Akatete Rd Ekebunoyo Village Alor.Idemili South
AmichiNnewi/Okigwe Rd okpala Village Amichi.Nnewi South
EkwulumiliNnewi/Okigwe Rd Umudiri Village Ekwulumili.Nnewi South
Ichi Old Nnewi/Ionitsha Rd Obinagu Village Ichi.Nnewi South
Nkwo-EzinifiteMbubu. Ifite Village Ezinifite.Nnewi South
NnobiAdazi/Nnewi Road. by Alor Market Nnobi.Idemili South
NnokwaAdazi/Nnewi Road. Umuide Village. Nnokwa.Orumba North
OsumenyiNo. 5 Igweumezinwa Obidike Rd Eke Mkt Area. Osumenyi.Orumba North
UnubiBeside Alor Market. Etitinabo Village. Unubi.Orumba North
OjotoBehind ono Market Square. AlongSt.Paauls Cath.Road.Idemili South
Ojoto-UnoNnobi Rd by LG Sec. Umuechem Village Ojoto-Uno.Idemili South
Awka-EtitiNnobi/ Ibgo-Ukwu Rd umuduru village Awka-Etiti.Idemili South
AzigboNkwo Market. Amichi Rd Azigbo.Nnewi South
AwkaZik's Avenue Rd.Awka South
AmawbiaZik's Avenue Rd.Amawbia.Awka South
AchallaMbariam/Achalla Road.Awka North
EbenebeUNIZIK/Mgbaukwu Road.Awka North
Enugwu-ukwuEnugu/Osha old Rd.Njikoka
MgbakwuUnizika-Mgbakwu Road.Awka North
NawfiaEnugu/Onitsha by old Rd.Njikoka
NiboAmawbia / Nibo RoadAwka South
NimoEnugwu ukwu by Nimo Rd.Njikoka
NiseBehind Nise Market.Awka South
UNIZIKUNIZIK campus.Awka North
AbaganaEnugu/Onitsha by old Rd Abagana.Njikoka
AwkuzuAbagana/Awkuzu Road.Oyi
Enugwu-AgidiEnugwu-Agidi Rd by Onitsha Exp.Rd.Njikoka
Ezi-AbbaAbba Junction-Abba.Njikoka
IfitedunuOnyeagu Ifite-Dunu Junction.Dunukofia
NawguNawgu Rd by Onitsha Exp Rd.Oyi
NtejeNteje-Otuocha Road.Oyi
UkwuluUkwulu Road.Dunukofia
Ifite-UkpoAbagana-Ifite Ukpor Road.Dunukofia
Umuokpuold onitsha exp. Umuokpu Akwa Road.Dunukofia
AguluAwka-Ekwuluobia Rd. Nwagu Junction Agulu.Anaocha
Adazi-AniAgulu-Nnewi Road Eke Market.Anaocha
Adazi-EnuNeni-Ichi Rd Nkwo Market.Anaocha
Adazi-NnukwuBeside Ebenghe Petrol Station Agulu-Nnewi Road.Anaocha
ObaNnewi/ Onitsha Old Road Amoji Quarter's.Idemili South
UmuojiAmoji Quarter's. Umuoji.Idemili South
Nkpor B OOnitsha by Express Road.Idemili South
OgidiOld Enugwu by Osha Road.Idemili North
AbateteEkeagu Mkt. Abatete.Idemili North
AforigweOld Enugu/ Osha Road.Anaocha
EziowelleEke Market.Idemili North
OgbunikeUkalor Avenue.Oyi
UmudiokaOld Enugu/ Osha Road.Oyi
UmunnachiKm 12 Old Enugu-Osha Road.Oyi
NsugbeOgwuari Nsugbe.Anambra East
AwadaNo. 1 Tony Umeh Street.Idemili North
Isingwu NkporNo. 1 Isingwu Street.Oyi
Ogwugwu-obaAnierobi's Compound by EMI-Bros filling Station.Oyi
OchanjaNo. 1 Rangers Street Okpoko.Aguata
Akili-OgidiUmuejem Akili Ogidi Obodoukwu Street.Aguata
AguleriNo. 1 Ifensonz Street.Anambra East
UmueriAguleri- Otuocha Road Junction.Anambra East
Umuoba-AnamAfor Mkt Square.Anambra West
Odekpe Odekpe Market Square.Ogbaru
OkpokoObodoukwu Street.Ogbaru
IhialaOnitsha/Owerri Rd.Ihiala
OkijaNnewi/Ihiala Rd.Ihiala
OraifiteNnewi/Oraifite Rd.Ihiala
OzubuluNnewi/Ihiala Rd.Ihiala
UkporUkpor Road by Nnewi/Ihiala Rd.Ihiala
UliOnitsha/Owerri Rd.Ihiala
Ezenwaume Ezenwaume village Ihiala.Ekwusigo
AguataEkwulobia/Uga Road.Aguata
NankaAgulu/Ekwolobia RoadAguata
AchinaEkwulobia/Uga Road.Aguata
AmaokpalaOko/Umunze Road.Aguata
AmesiMarket Square Amesi.Aguata
Igbo-ukwuAwka Etiti/Ekwolobia Road.Aguata
IsuofiaIgbo-ukwu/Ekwolobia Road.Aguata
UgaEkwulobia/Uga Road.Aguata
UmuchuOsete Umuchu Town.Aguata
OkoOko/Ekwolobia Road.Orumba North
UmunzeUmunze/Isuochi Road.Orumba North
AkpuMarket Square Akpu.Orumba South
EziraOko/Umunze Road.Orumba South
IhiteMarket Square Okigwe Road.Orumba South
OgbunkaUmunze/Isuochi Road.Orumba South
IsuloOko/Umunze Road.Orumba South
AjalliOko/Umunze Road.Orumba North
Enugwu-AborEnugwu-Abor by Ufuma Rd Jct.Orumba North
NdiokpalezeNdiokpaleze.Orumba North
UfumaOko/Umunze Road.Orumba North
UmuonyibaUmuonyiba Town Square.Orumba North
Fed Poly OkoFed. Poly Main CampusOrumba North
Fed Tech Col UmunzeFed. Tech. College Main Campus Umunze.Orumba North
NnewiNo. 1 Old Onitsha Rd Nnewi Roundabout Nnewi.Nnewi North
Agulu-UzoigboAgulu-Igboukwu Road Oye Market.Anaocha
AkwaezeAfor Market Square Akwaeze.Anaocha
Ichida****Awka Etiti/Igbo-ukwu Road.Anaocha
MbaukwuAfor Market Square. Mbaukwu.Awka South
ObeleduAdazi-Nnukwu-Obeledu Road oye Market Square.Anaocha
NriAlong Agulu-Nri Road Eke Market Square.Anaocha
NeniNeni Town Hall Oye Market Square.Anaocha
Enugwu-AdaziOye Market Square. Enugwu-Adazi.Orumba North
AwgbuEke Market Square. Awgbu Unwawulu Rd.Orumba North
OraukwuOtta. Nikpuota Road Oye Market.Idemili South
Onitsha54 Old Mkt Road. Onitsha.Onitsha North
OmorOmor/Adani Road. Omor.Ayamelum
NzamAfor Mkt Square Nzam.Anambra West
UmunyaEnugwu/Osha Express Road.Anambra West
Nkwelle-EzunakaNkwelle-Ezunaka.Anambra West
FeggeBolingo Road Onitsha.Onitsha South
AtaniOnitsha/Ogbaru Road.Ogbaru
OgboefereOgboefere Market.Onitsha South
OgwuikpeleUmungasi Village near Igwe's Palace.Onitsha South
ObosiUruowulu Village Obosi.Idemili North
NkporUgbugba. Umuoji Nkpor Rd.Idemili North

📮 The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982002.

🏤 NIPOST or Nigerian Postal Service is a company owned and operated by the government of this country. The country has a total of more than 5000 post offices spread throughout the region. Find the correct ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code or Postal Code for the postal address you need.