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Nnewi South LGA Postal Codes

Nnewi South LGA zip codes, This Local Government Area consists of 10 Districts with postal codes ranging from 435102 to 435113.

Listing of Zip Codes in Nnewi South LGA


Akwaihedi Postal code
Town Zip Code
Orume 435111
Umunnama 435111
Umunwehi. 435111

Amichi Postal code
Town Zip Code
Afoube 435105
Ebenasa 435105
Eziama 435105
Obiogu. 435105
Ogbodi 435105
Okpala 435105
Okpokoro 435105
Udene. 435105

Azigbo Postal code
Town Zip Code
Ebenato 435102
Imokpara 435102
Okpuno. 435102
Umunnalo 435102
Umunnobe. 435102

Ebenator Postal code
Town Zip Code
Ubaha 435104
Umunama 435104
Umuonyelikpa. 435104

Ekwulu-Mili Postal code
Town Zip Code
Isigwu 435110
Owelechukwu 435110
Umudiri 435110
Urueze. 435110

Ezinifite Postal code
Town Zip Code
Awo 435109
Ifite 435109
Umudiama. 435109

Osumenyi Postal code
Town Zip Code
Ezeabom 435108
Umeojilienyi. 435108

Ukpor Postal code
Town Zip Code
Amakom 435106
Durumaduru. 435106
Umuahama 435106
Umunuko. 435106
Unubi Postal code
Town Zip Code
Anakom 435113
Etitinabo 435113
Nkwukwo. 435113

Utuh Postal code
Town Zip Code
Ebenator 435105
Enugwu. 435105

Post Office

Post office in Nnewi South
Post OfficeAddressCity
AmichiNnewi/Okigwe Rd okpala Village Amichi.Amichi
EkwulumiliNnewi/Okigwe Rd Umudiri Village Ekwulumili.Ekwulumili
IchiOld Nnewi/Ionitsha Rd Obinagu Village Ichi.Ichi
Nkwo-EzinifiteMbubu, Ifite Village Ezinifite.Nkwo-Ezinifite
AzigboNkwo Market, Amichi Rd Azigbo.Azigbo

Other LGA codes

📮 The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982002.

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