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Essien Udim LGA Postal Codes, Akwa Ibom State

Essien Udim LGA ZIP codes, This Local Government Area consists of 8 Districts with postal codes ranging from 530106 to 530113.

Listing of ZIP Codes in Essien Udim LGA


Adiasim Postal code
Town ZIP Code
Adiasim Ambat530113
Adiasim Ikot Ekon530113
Adiasim Ikot Essiendot530113
Adiasim Ikot Udo530113
Adiosim Atai530113
Ikot Ambut530113
Ikot Ata Enim530113
Ikot Eda530113
Ikot Ndem530113
Ikot Ukpong530113
Ukana Nsasak530113
Utu Ikot Ekang 530113

Afaha Clan Postal code
Town ZIP Code
Ikiot Akpan Essiet530106
Ikiot Ebak530106
Ikot Ada Uto530106
Ikot Akpan Eka530106
Ikot Eseh530106
Ikot Obiokon530106
Ikot Obong530106
Ikot Ukpong-Offiong530106
Nto Nsok 530106

Ekpen Yongatai Clan Postal code
Town ZIP Code
Ata Essien-Mkpatak530109
Ekpenyong Atai I530109
Ekpenyong Atai II530109
Esen Owo530109
Ikot Akpan530109
Ikot Asang530109
Ikot Esifon530109
Ikot Inyang Udoh530109
Ikot Ntuen530109
Ikot Obio Odok530109
Ikot Ofong530109
Ikot Osom530109
Ikot Osung530109
Ikot Uba530109
Ikot Ubo530109
Ikot Udo530109
Ikot Udom530109
Midim Atan530109
Ntak Ekpenyang530109
Nto Obio Akpan530109
Nto Osung530109
Nto Udo530109
Uruk Obong I530109
Uruk Obong II530109
Utu Ekpenyang 530109

Ikpe Annang Postal code
Town ZIP Code
Ebe Ikpe530112
Ekoi Ikpe530112
Ibam Ikpe530112
Ikot Abiat530112
Ikot Ekpe530112
Ikot Eside530112
Ikpe Ekpene Oton530112
Ikpe Ikot Akpan530112
Ikpe Ikot Ntuen530112
Ikpe Nung Inyang530112
Mbiabet Ikpe530112
Mbiabong Ikpe530112
Oniong Ono530112
Udo Ikpe 530112

Odoro Ikot Postal code
Town ZIP Code
Ekpeyong Ufum530111
Iduog Esimuk530111
Ikot Andem530111
Ikot Ebok530111
Ikot Ekpenyong530111
Ikot Ibanga530111
Ikot Idem530111
Ikot Ineme530111
Ikot Okom530111
Ikot Udom Obet530111
Ikot Udu530111
Ikot Uko530111
Ikot Umo Essien530111
Ikot Utin530111
Nto Akpan Oko530111
Ukana Ikot Ntuen530111
Ukana Mbak Ukot 530111

Okon Clan Postal code
Town ZIP Code
Ifa Okon530110
Ikot Ama530110
Ikot Ekefre530110
Ikot Ekpenyong530110
Ikot Essien530110
Ikot Idem-Udo530110
Ikot Igwe530110
Ikot Nya530110
Ikot Ocho530110
Ikot Oko530110
Ikot Udo Okure530110
Ikot Ukot Etor530110
Ikpe Okon530110
Nta Ubiem530110
Nto Ikpo530110
Nyi Okon530110
Ufuku Ikot Ama530110
Umon Okon 530110

Ukana East Postal code
Town ZIP Code
Ikot Akpabin530108
Ikot Akpan Esang530108
Ikot Akpan Essien530108
Ikot Akpan Ifia530108
Ikot Akpan Inyang530108
Ikot Ekon530108
Ikot Esidomo530108
Ikot Eso530108
Ikot Essien530108
Ikot Eta530108
Ikot Nkwa530108
Ikot Obong Edong530108
Ikot Ofok530108
Ikot Ofong530108
Ikot Osom530108
Uwak Eat 530108

Ukana west Clan Postal code
Town ZIP Code
Akpa Ufong530107
Atan Ikot-Okoro530107
Ikot afanga530107
Ikot Akpabio530107
Ikot Akpan Ntiia530107
Ikot Ankan530107
Ikot Ayara530107
Ikot Edet530107
Ikot Okuo Onuk530107
Ikot Osom530107
Ikot Otu530107
Ikot Out530107
Ikot Ude-Idim530107
Ikot Udo Ekpat530107
Ikot Udo Etim530107
Ikot Udo-Inam530107
Ikot Ukpong Eto530107
Ntak Ikot Akpan530107
Onuk Ikot-Abia530107
Ukana Ikot Ide530107
Uwa West 530107

Other Town or LGA codes

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