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Ibiono LGA Postal Codes, Akwa Ibom State

Ibiono LGA ZIP codes, the Local Government Area in the Akwa Ibom State, South South Geopolitical Zone consists of 6 Districts with postal codes ranging from 520114 to 520119.

Listing of ZIP Codes in Ibiono LGA


Ibiono I Postal code
Town ZIP Code
Afaha Itiat520114
Ikot Akpa-Idang520114
Ikot Akpabio Ididep520114
Ikot Akpan520114
Ikot Akpan Nya I520114
Ikot Akpan Obong520114
Ikot Akpan-Nya520114
Ikot Andem520114
Ikot Antia520114
Ikot Atim520114
Ikot Edo Ididep520114
Ikot Edok520114
Ikot Eko520114
Ikot Ekpot520114
Ikot Essien Ididep520114
Ikot Inyang520114
Ikot Nko Ididep520114
Ikot Obong520114
Ikot Odiong520114
Ikot Okpot520114
Ikot Onwen520114
Ikot Udo520114
Ikot Udo Obuk520114
Obot Enang Ntan Mbat520114
Odoro Aka520114
Usuk Aka 520114

Ibiono II Postal code
Town ZIP Code
Abat Use Abat520116
Afaha Ikot Adaha520116
Afaha Nsai520116
Afaha Utuat520116
Atan Nsai520116
Atna Aya520116
Awat Nkang520116
Edem Idim520116
Ibiaku Inyang Isong520116
Ikot Akpan Abasi520116
Ikot Akpan-Atai520116
Ikot Amba520116
Ikot Ambit520116
Ikot Anan520116
Ikot Anang520116
Ikot Andia520116
Ikot Edet520116
Ikot Inyang Ekpene520116
Ikot Mbuk520116
Ikot Nkpo520116
Ikot Obio Eyen520116
Ikot Obio-Edep520116
Ikot Obio-Okon520116
Ikot Odiong Use520116
Ikot Udo Ibiono520116
Ikot Udom520116
Ikot Usen520116
Ikpa Ikot Enuen520116
Ikpa Ikot Ubo520116
Itu Akan520116
Itu Atai520116
Itu Udo520116
Mbiabong Ekoi520116
Ndoro Obot520116
Nkwa Ibiono520116
Obot Ukana520116
Odung Etem520116
Oku Obom520116
Use Ikot Odiong520116
Use Ndon520116
Usuk Ibiaku 520116

Ibiono III Postal code
Town ZIP Code
Afaha Ise Ono520118
Aka Ikot Abasi520118
Aka Ikot Udo Eno520118
Akpan Ikot Udu520118
Ekim Ibiaku Omu520118
Ekio Idoro520118
Ibiaku Ikot Udom520118
Ididep Usuk520118
Ikot Abasi Inyang520118
Ikot Abia Aka520118
Ikot Abia Idoro520118
Ikot Akpan Uso Ono520118
Ikot Akpan-Okpon Ono520118
Ikot Antia Ididep520118
Ikot Antia-Idoro520118
Ikot Efim520118
Ikot Ekpe520118
Ikot Ekwo520118
Ikot Esidem520118
Ikot Esifa520118
Ikot Eto Idoro520118
Ikot Idaha520118
Ikot Ide Ono520118
Ikot Inyang Eno520118
Ikot Mkpebe520118
Ikot Nya Ono520118
Ikot Obio-Afaha520118
Ikot Obo Idoro520118
Ikot Obom Idere520118
Ikot Odubo Ono520118
Ikot Okpoho520118
Ikot Ubo Mbiabong520118
Ikot Ubo Ono520118
Ikot Udo Ukana Ono520118
Ikot Ukporo520118
Ikot Use-Idoro520118
Ikot Utiat Ono520118
Ikot Uwa520118
Inwun Use520118
Itai Idoro520118
Mbiakpan Ididep520118
Nkwa Ikot Ekwong520118
Nsai Use520118
Obot Afia520118
Obot Afia Idoro520118
Obot Oko520118
Obot Ukim520118
Obot Ukim Ntan Mbat520118
Okobo Aka520118
Urua Abasi Umoh520118
Use Ikot-Amama520118
Utong-Idoro 520118

Ibiono III Central Postal code
Edem Urua520117
Ibaiku Ikot-Oku Ekim520117
Ikot Aba520117
Ikot Akpan Obong520117
Ikot Ankit520117
Ikot Antia520117
Ikot Ebom520117
Ikot Edung520117
Ikot Ekpene520117
Ikot Ekpenyong520117
Ikot Ekwere520117
Ikot Eso520117
Ikot Essiet520117
Ikot Ette520117
Ikot Idem Nten Ebere520117
Ikot Inyang Ididep520117
Ikot Ntung520117
Ikot Obio Akpan520117
Ikot Obio Asa520117
Ikot Obo520117
Ikot Onwong Ididep520117
Ikot Uba520117
Ikot Ubong Obio Eno520117
Ikot Udo Effum520117
Ikot Udo Ibiono520117
Ikot Udom520117
Ikot Ukana520117
Ikot Ukpong520117
Ikot Unike520117
Ikpa Ikot Uneke520117
Itu Andem520117
Ndo Ndem520117
Oko Ita520117
Osuk Ntan520117
Udioho Ntan Ekere520117
Usuk Ntan Ekere 520117

Ibiono (Southern) Postal code
Town ZIP Code
Afaha Obio Eno520115
Ikot Ada Idem520115
Ikot Akpabio520115
Ikot Ambang520115
Ikot Ekpo Obio520115
Ikot Enyin520115
Ikot Obio Ama520115
Ikot Osukpong520115
Ikot Ukana520115
Ikot Ukpong520115
Ikpa Ibiono520115
Mbiabam Ibiono520115
Mbiakpan Atan520115
Miakpan Ikot Edem520115
Nkin Ibiono520115
Obio Ibiono520115
Okobo Ibiono520115
Use Ikot Ekop 520115

Ikpanya Postal code
Town ZIP Code
Akani Obio520119
Esit Ikpanya520119
Ikot Adaha520119
Ikot Ukobo520119
Mbak Unoh520119
Nditung 520119

Other Town or LGA codes

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