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Idemili South LGA Postal Codes

Idemili South LGA zip codes, This Local Government Area consists of 7 Districts with postal codes ranging from 434111 to 434117.

Listing of Zip Codes of Idemili South LGA


Akwa-Etiti Postal code
Town Zip Code
Ejighunandu 434117
Iruowelle 434117
Nkpolofia 434117
Nnaba. 434117
Ogunsele 434117
Umudunu 434117
Umunocha 434117

Akwu Postal code
Town Zip Code
Akama 434113
Ekele 434113
Umuibu 434113
Umuosiukpana 434113

Alor Postal code
Town Zip Code
Ekebunoyo 434114
Etiti 434114
Idam 434114
Okide 434114
Omuoshi 434114
Umuokwu 434114
Uruezeani 434114

Nnobi Postal code
Town Zip Code
Amadumu 434116
Awuda 434116
Ebenesi 434116
Eziora 434116
Ifite 434116
Ndam 434116
Ngo 434116
Ubaha 434116
Umagu 434116
Umuafor 434116
Umudinya 434116
Umuegbu 434116
Umuezike 434116
Umuobi 434116
Umuru 434116

Nnokwa Postal code
Town Zip Code
Abo 434115
Eziama 434115
Isuangbede 434115
Odumodu 434115
Ogonogo 434115
Ozala 434115
Ubili 434115
Umuide 434115
Umushi 434115

Oba Postal code
Town Zip Code
Abime 434112
Aboji 434112
Ezelle 434112
Isu 434112
Ogbenwa 434112
Ogwugwu 434112
Okuzu 434112
Umeze-Abute 434112
Umuogali 434112

Ojoto Postal code
Town Zip Code
Akabor 434111
Ezema 434111
Ezieke 434111
Ire 434111
Ojo 434111
Umuechem 434111

Post Office

List of Post Offices in Idemili South LGA
Post OfficeAddressCity
AlorAlong Akatete Rd Ekebunoyo Village Alor.Alor
NnobiAdazi/Nnewi Road, by Alor Market Nnobi.Nnobi
OjotoBehind ono Market Square, AlongSt.Paauls Cath.Road.Ojoto
Ojoto-UnoNnobi Rd by LG Sec. Umuechem Village Ojoto-Uno.Ojoto-Uno
Awka-EtitiNnobi/ Ibgo-Ukwu Rd umuduru village Awka-Etiti.Awka-Etiti
ObaNnewi/ Onitsha Old Road Amoji Quarter's.Oba
UmuojiAmoji Quarter's, Umuoji.Umuoji
Nkpor B OOnitsha by Express Road.Nkpor B O
OraukwuOtta, Nikpuota Road Oye Market.Oraukwu

Other LGA codes

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