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Nsit Atai LGA Postal Code, Akwa Ibom State

Nsit Atai LGA ZIP code, This Local Government Area consists of 1 District and 50 Towns with postal codes 521108.

ZIP Codes of Nsit Atai LGA


Eastern Nsit Postal code
Town ZIP Code
Adia Nsit521108
Akpang Offop521108
Idikpa Ikot Ntung521108
Ikot Abasi521108
Ikot Abiaenyie521108
Ikot Abiyan521108
Ikot Akpabio521108
Ikot Akpan Ike521108
Ikot Asua521108
Ikot Ebita521108
Ikot Edebe521108
Ikot Edong521108
Ikot Eket521108
Ikot Ekpot521108
Ikot Esen521108
Ikot Esop521108
Ikot Essien521108
Ikot Inyang521108
Ikot Itie-Udong521108
Ikot Mkpo521108
Ikot Nkpene521108
Ikot Ntuen521108
Ikot Obong521108
Ikot Otu521108
Ikot Ubok Udom521108
Ikot Udofia521108
Ikot Ukpong521108
Ikot Uyo Nsit521108
Iwok Atai521108
Iwok Nsit521108
Iwok Obio Aduang521108
Nda Nsit521108
Ndon Ekpe521108
Ndon Ikot Itie-Udung521108
Ndon Omun521108
Odot No.1521108
Odot No.2521108
Odot No.3521108
Okoro Atai521108
Okoro Nsit521108
Unyehe Nsit 521108

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📮 The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982002.

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