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Oron LGA Postal Codes, Akwa Ibom State

Oron LGA ZIP codes, the Local Government Area in the Akwa Ibom State, South South Geopolitical Zone consists of 4 Districts with postal codes ranging from 523101 to 523121.

Listing of ZIP Codes of Oron LGA


Afaha Okpo Postal code
Town ZIP Code
Esin Ufot523101
Esuk Oro523101
Eyo Ekung Inyang523101
Eyo Obiosio523101
Udung Esien523101
Udung Ulo523101
Udung Usotaiudung Ekung 523101

Eyo Abasi Postal code
Town ZIP Code
Akai - Ikon523120
Udung Ekung523120
Udung Ekung II523120
Udung Osin523120
Udung Uko523120
Udung Usotai523120
Uko Okwong523120
Uko Uyokim 523120

Eyotong Postal code
Town ZIP Code
Eyo - Esang - Obisung523121
Eyo - Esio -Uwak523121
Eyo - Okpo - Oyo523121
Eyo - Orokra - Usuyak523121
Eyo - Otong - Uwe523121
Eyo - Oyete523121
Udung - Obisung 523121

Uya Oro Postal code
Town ZIP Code
Eyo - Atta523118
Eyo - Esu523118
Eyo - Ifang523118
Eyo - Odiong523118
Eyo - Okpo523118
Eyo - Uya523118
Udung - Okwong523118
Udung - Uwe 523118

Other LGA codes

📮 The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982002.

🏤 NIPOST or Nigerian Postal Service is a company owned and operated by the government of this country. The country has a total of more than 5000 post offices spread throughout the region. Find the correct ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code or Postal Code for the postal address you need.