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Yenagoa Town Postal Codes

Yenagoa Town ZIP Codes, this Town consisting of 10 areas with postal codes ranging from 560211 to 560233.

Listing of ZIP Codes in Yenagoa Town


Amarata-Epie Postal code
Street ZIP Code
Bayelsa State Scholarship Board ➲ City Express Bank ➲ Civil Service Commission ➲ Co-operative Dev. Bank ➲ Federal Medical Centre ➲ Federal Min. of Science & Technology ➲ Global Bank ➲ Govt. of Bayelsa United Nation's ➲ Programme House ➲ Ibiama Rd․ ➲ Police Headquarters Rd․ ➲ Road Safety Rd․ ➲ Societe Generale Bank. 560231

Bebelebiri 1 & 2 Postal code
Street ZIP Code
Bebelebiri 1 & 2. 560233

Ede-Epe Postal code
Street ZIP Code
Agudama ➲ Ekenfa ➲ Ekenpai ➲ Ibiama Rd․ ➲ Tombia Rd․ ➲ Yenegue. 560214

Ekeki Postal code
Street ZIP Code
Azikoro Rd․ ➲ Chief Daniel Obelle Rd․ ➲ Eckankar Church ➲ Ekeki Motor Park ➲ Ibiama Rd․ ➲ Niger Delta wet land Rd Rd․ ➲ Prudent Bank ➲ Toll Dask Rd․ ➲ Yenagoa, Bye Pass. 650211

Imgbi Postal code
Street ZIP Code
Brotherhood of the Cross & Star ➲ Egede Close ➲ Epie-South Pentecostal Central ➲ First Bank Plc ➲ Hallmark Bank Plc ➲ Ibiama Rd․ ➲ Imgbi Juckion ➲ Int. Cont. Bank ➲ NBN Bank ➲ Niger Delta Dev. Comm. ➲ Platinum Bank ➲ Prudent Bank ➲ Torukuru Guest House ➲ Union Bank ➲ Yenagoa bye pass. 560221

Julius Berge Postal code
Street ZIP Code
Amos Rd․ ➲ Aritaline St․ ➲ Armed Forces Remberance Arcade ➲ Bishop Dimieari Grammar School ➲ Fire Service ➲ Gwegwe St․ ➲ Harbour Rd․ ➲ Ibiama Rd․ ➲ Magistrate Court ➲ Obele Rd․ ➲ Yenagoa bye pass. 560223

Kpansia Postal code
Street ZIP Code
Ibiama Rd․ ➲ Obi Ogbola ➲ Okutukutu ➲ Opola-Epie. 560213

Nipost Makt Postal code
Street ZIP Code
2nd Civil Service quarters ➲ Creek Rd․ ➲ Ibiama Rd․ ➲ Ibunas Rd․ ➲ Marine Base Rd․ ➲ Medical Rd․ ➲ NIPOST ➲ NITEL ➲ Police Station. 560232

Okaka Postal code
Street ZIP Code
Chief Okorie St․ ➲ Str․ Freedom Wekede Ave․ ➲ Jaso bus Stop ➲ Old Azikoro Rd․ ➲ Yenagoa bye pass ➲ Ibiama. 560212

Swali Postal code
Street ZIP Code
Bayelsa State Housing Assembly Complex ➲ Egemuse St․ ➲ Judiciary High Court ➲ Legal Aid Council ➲ Omega Bank ➲ Special Comp. High Sch․ For the Handicapped ➲ St․ Mathias Catholic Church ➲ Yenagoa bye pass. 560222

Post Office

Post Office in Yenagoa Town
Post OfficeAddress
Yenagoa4 Hospital Road Ovom, Yenagoa.

📮 The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982002.

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