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Biu Town Postal Codes

Biu Town ZIP Codes, The Town is in the Borno state and consists of 9 areas with Postal codes ranging from 603211 to 603253.

Listing of ZIP Codes in Biu Town


Birmajugwal Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Army Barracks603252
Babban Layi603252
Nitel Rd603252
Sport Stadium603252

Dugja Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Ap Petrol Station603211
Coca Cola Department603211
Ecwa No. 2603211
Godiya Private School603211
Gombe Rd.603211
Kadafur Oil603211
Maiduguri Rd.603211
Market Rd.603211
Motor Park603211
Murna Lodge603211
Police Barracks603211
Victory City603211
All Unnamed Rd.603211
Damaturu Rd.603211
High Court603211

Galdimary Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Ali Garga St.603251
Babban Layi603251
Damchida Rd603251
Galadima Wuliwa St.603251
Gombe Rd603251
Murtala Ramat St.603251
Mustafa Betara St.603251
Nacb Bank603251
Nitel Rd603251
Stadium Rd603251
Tafawa Balewa St.603251
Zango St.603251
State Lowcost603251

Garwashina Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Garga Kwamting St.603242
Gombi Rd.603242
Mai Ali Dogo St.603242
Mai Ali Gurgur St.603242
Mai Ali Paskur St.603242
Post Office 603242
Samanja Audu St.603242
State Library603242
Vira Hell St.603242

Mandara Abdu Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Gombi St.603241
Samanja Audu St.603241
Shatimaikala St.603241
Vira Hyel St.603241

Mbula Mel. Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Abattoir Rd603221
Abort Clinic & Lab603221
All Unnamed Rd603221
Damaturu Rd.603221
Gsss Staff Qtrs603221
Gombi Rd603221
Gombi Rd603221
Welfate Clinic603221
NEPA Station603221
Shopping Centre603221
Waka Rd603221
Yamele Motel603221

Tabra Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Animal Feed Mill603253
Badban Layi 603253
Gombe Rd603253
Government Girls Secondary School. St.603253
Lowcost Housing Estate603253
Min.Of Education603253
Zonal Office603253
Numan Rd603253
Tafawa Balewa St.603253
Tourist Lodge603253
Vocational Training Centre603253

Waka Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
College Of Education603232
Government Secondary School.603232

Zarawuyaku Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Adult Education Office603231
Central Mosque603231
Audu Marama St.603231
Bulama Aji St.603231
Central Primary School.603231
Garga Kwapchi St.603231
Islamiyya School603231
Local Government Scretariat603231
Mai Ali St.603231
Mai Mustapha St.603231
Midalla Madu St.603231
Police Station603231
Primary Education Board603231
Prison Rd.603231
Samanja Audu St.603231
Wakshama St.603231

Other Town or LGA codes

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