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Sapele Town Postal Codes

Sapele Town ZIP Codes, the Town in the Delta state and consists of 9 areas with Postal codes ranging from 331211 to 331262.

Listing of ZIP Codes in Sapele Town


Agimele Village Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Agimele 331222
Okirighwere 331222
Shell Rd. 331222
Ugbeyiyi 331222

Atufe Road Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Agoba Rd. 331221
Atufe Rd. 331221
Eta Ln. 331221
Major Bowen Rd. 331221
Sapele/Warri Rd. 331221

Ayomanor Road Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Ayomanor Road 331211
Boyo Rd. 331211
Court Rd. 331211
Decima Rd. 331211
Dorenuma Rd. 331211
Hausa Rd. 331211
Hoddock Rd. 331211
Itsekiri Rd. 331211
Kings St. 331211
Maduku Rd. 331211
Nana Rd. 331211
Ofutoku Rd. 331211
Ogodo Rd. 331211
Otiobo Rd. 331211
Palmer Ave. 331211
Urhobo Rd. 331211
Water Rd 331211
Yoruba Rd. 331211

Catholic Mission Road Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Amitaye Rd. 331262
Catholic Mission Rd. 331262
Etuwew Ln. 331262
Ife St. 331262
Ikomi Rd. 331262
Negburagho Rd. 331262
Ogbogbo Rd. 331262
Ogodo Road Extension 331262
Ogorode Rd. 331262

Chichester Road Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Atufe Rd. 331212
Bank Rd. 331212
Chichester Rd. 331212
Eta Ln. 331212
Major Bowen Rd. 331212
Market Rd. 331212
Miller Rd. 331212
Sapele/Warri Rd. 331212
Store Road Agoba Rd 331212

Ojolu /Ghana Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Agboghoroma Rd. 331242
Amagiya Rd. 331242
Benin Rd. 331242
Dedevbo Rd. 331242
Egharevba St. 331242
Fonseca Rd. 331242
Gamioba Rd. 331242
Ghana Rd. 331242
Jakpor Rd. 331242
Odiete St. 331242
Ofuomanefe Rd. 331242

Okpe Road Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Adeniyi Rd. 331241
Adeola Rd. 331241
Agboghoroma Way. 331241
Akintola Rd. 331241
Awolowo Rd. 331241
Crudas Rd. 331241
Lawrence Rd. 331241
Oghene Rd. 331241
Okpe Rd. 331241
Oleh Rd. 331241
Omene St. 331241

Reclamation Road Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Christmas Rd. 331261
Commercial Ave. 331261
Macpherson Rd. 331261
Moreford Cl. 331261
Palmer Rd. 331261
Reclamation Rd. 331261

Sapele Town Road Postal Code
Street ZIP Code
Agimele Village 331222
Anyomanor Road 331211
Atufe Road 331221
Catholic Mansion Road 331262
Chickester Road 331212
Ojolu-Ghana 331242
Okpe Road 331241
Reclamation Road 331261

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📮 The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982002.

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