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Ise/Orun LGA Postal Codes, Ekiti State

Ise/Orun LGA ZIP Codes, the Local Government Area in the Ekiti state and consists of 1 District.

Listing of ZIP Codes in Ise/Orun LGA


Ise/Orun Postal Code
TownZIP Code
Aba Adeja361103
Aba Ado361103
Aba Corner361103
Aba Ebira361103
Aba Ede361103
Aba Eye361103
Aba Ikare-Idi Osan361103
Aba Ikire361103
Aba Ilogbo361103
Aba Odole361103
Aba Olisa Camp361103
Aba Olokemeta361103
Aba Omoto-Aran Camp361103
Aba Omuaran361103
Aba Onisu361103
Aba Osi361103
Aba Paanu361103
Aba Pojo Camp361103
Aborowa Akande Camp361103
Ada Camp361103
Afolu Camp361103
Ajebamidele Camp361103
Ajebamidele Ilofa Camp361103
Ajegunle Camp361103
Alabi Camp361103
Alagbada Camp361103
Aratu Camp 1 & others361103
Aro Camp361103
Arola Camp361103
Asalu Camp361103
Bolorunduro Camp361103
Borowa Camp361103
Egin Camp361103
Egunjobi Camp361103
Ekan I361103
Eke-mode Camp361103
Ese Camp361103
Fatoba Camp361103
Idi Osan361103
Igbira Ese361103
Ita nla Camp361103
Kajola Camp361103
Obada Camp Odofin Camp361103
Ogbese Camp361103
Ogunleye Camp361103
Oguntuase Camp361103
Ojomu Camp361103
Okuta Aaragba361103
Olofe Cap361103
Olotin Camp361103
Orisumibare Camp361103
Oshogbo Camp361103
Oye Araromi Camp361103
Salaja CampSasere Camp361103
Temidire Camp 11361103
Temidire Camp 1361103

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📮 The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982002.

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