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Okigwe Town Postal Codes, Imo State

Okigwe Town ZIP Codes, the Town in the Imo State consists of 7 Ares with Postal codes 470211 to 470283.

Listing of ZIP Codes in Okigwe Town


Agiriga Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Agiriga Rd.470211
Awka St.470211
Dr. Friday Eze St.470211
Francis Nwokedi St.470211
General Hospital470211
Methodist Church470211
Nigerian Prisons470211
Okigwe Main Market470211
Owerri Rd.470211

German Hill Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Eke Agbara Rd.470281
Eke Okigwe Mkt Sq.470281
German Hill470281
Mereni St.470281
Owerri Rd.470281
Total Filling Station470281

Industrial Area Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Abo Umulolo Village470213
Fed. Mins Of Works470213
Fed. Road Safety .470213
Osondu Bottling Co.470213
Owerri Rd.470213
Texaco Filling Station470213

Mechanic Village Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Mechanic Village- A to F Rd.470283
Owerri Rd.470283
Timber Shed470283

Ndiakwaeke Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Eke Agbara Rd.470282
Elezuo St.470282
Gariki Rd.470282
Ikpa Eke Rd.470282
Obata St.470282
Ogbonna St.470282
Okpara Rd.470282
Osita Chuks Estate470282
Owerri Rd.470282
Rigo Hotel470282
Uba St.470282
Umuezegem Rd.470282
Umuka Rd.470282
Union Bank470282

Rev. Mann Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Rev. Mann Ave.470271

Ubahu Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Aba St.470212
Agiriga Rd.470212
Arochukwu St.470212
Bende St.470212
Holly Wood470212
Igwegbe St.470212
Ike Rd.470212
Imo Hotels470212
Kano St.470212
Low Cost Housing470212
Owerri Rd.470212
Progress Bank470212
Ubahu Rd.470212
Umuchima Rd.470212
Umuduga Rd.470212
Umuegem Rd.470212

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