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Katsina Town Postal Codes, Katsina State

Katsina Town ZIP Codes, the Town Area in the Katsina State, North West Geopolitical Zone consists of 10 Areas with Postal codes 820211 to 820281.

Listing of ZIP Codes in Katsina Town


Batagarawa Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Batagarawa Rd.820241
Ibrahim Babagida Rd.820241
kofar kwaya Rd.820241
New Market820241

Fuskar Gabas Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Kofar Durbi Rd.820211
Kofar Sauri Rd.820211
Kofar Marusa820211

Fuskar Kusu Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Kofar Kaura Rd.820231
kofa kwoya Rd.820231
kofar Marusa Rd.820231

Fuskar Yamma Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
kofar kaura Rd.820251
kofar Kwara Rd.820251
kofar Yandaka Rd.820251

G.R.A Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Bayajidda Rd.820212
Club Rd.820212
Court Rd.820212
Golf Course820212
Goriba Rd.820212
Kaita Rd.820212
Kofar Durbi Rd.820212
Koran Rd820212
Lodge Rd.820212
Madodji Rd.820212
Queen Amina Way820212
Residency Rd.820212
Umaru Dallah Rd.820212

Garin Tandu Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Kofar Durbi Rd.820261
Kofar Guga Rd.820261

Kastina Race Course Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Jibiya Rd.820281
Kofar Sauri Rd.820281

Kofar Marusa Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Daura Rd.820221
Ibrahim Babangida Way820221
Marusa Rd.820221
Nagogo Way820221
Rest House Rd.820221

Kofar Samri Layout Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Kaita Rd.820213
Kofar Sate820213
Sauri Rd.820213

Police Barracks Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Katsina Polytechnic Rd.820252
Kofar Kwafa Rd.820252
kofar Yandaka Rd.820252

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