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Surulere Area Postal Codes, Lagos Town

Surulere Area ZIP Codes, the Area location in the Lagos Town, Lagos State South West Geopolitical Zone Consist of 233 streets.

Surulere Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Abati George Av101283
Abayomi Street101283
Abeo Street101283
Abijade Street101283
Abiodun Wright Street101283
Aborishade Street101283
Adamson Street101283
Adebayo Cl101283
Adebisi Street101283
Adedoyin R. Street101283
Adegbola Street101283
Adegoke Street101283
Adelabu Close101283
Adelabu Street101283
Ademutiwa Street101283
Adeniji Street101283
Adenowo Street101283
Adisa Bashua Street101283
Ado Cl101283
Afini Street101283
Afolabi Dada Street101283
Agboke Street101283
Agege Motor Rd101283
Ahme Street101283
Aina Street101283
Ajao Rd101283
Ajayi Street101283
Ajibola Layeni Street101283
Ajigbeda Street101283
Ajose Street101283
Akanji Street101283
Akerele Extension Street101283
Akerele Street101283
Akinbaruwa Street101283
Akindelu Street101283
Akinhanmi Street101283
Akintan Street101283
Akinwande Street101283
Akinyemu Thompson Street101283
Akobi Cr101283
Alamu Cl101283
Alapafuja Circuit Street101283
Aleje Street101283
Alh. Danmole Street101283
Alh. Ijaye Street101283
Alh. Masha Rd101283
Alh. Nuru Street101283
Allen Street101283
Alves Street101283
Anjorin Close101283
Anjorin Street101283
Apena Street101283
Asoluka Street101283
Atan Street101283
Atonrase Street101283
Atunrashe Street101283
Awoyemi lose Street101283
Ayilara Street101283
Ayinde Giwa Street101283
Ayinde Street101283
Ayinla Street101283
Ayo Davies Street101283
Ayo Idowu Cl101283
Ayodele Street101283
Babasola Street101283
Babatunde Street101283
Babs Animashaun Street101283
Bada Street101283
Badaru Street101283
Baiye Street101283
Bamisile Street101283
Banire Street101283
Bank Olemoh Cl101283
Bank Olemoh Embackment Street101283
Bank Olemoh Extension Street101283
Bank Olemoh Street101283
Baoku Street101283
Bello Street101283
Benedith Sq Street101283
Benson Street101283
Bishop Street101283
Bode Ogunleye Cl101283
Bola Shodipe Close101283
Bola Shodipe Street101283
Bola Street101283
Buraimoh Street101283
Calabar Street101283
Calforse Drive Street101283
Caxton Cl101283
Chilaka Street101283
Christopher Way101283
Cole Street101283
Cole Street101283
Daniel Street101283
Dosunmu Street101283
Durojaiye Lane101283
Durojaiye Street101283
Ebun Street101283
Ekololu Street101283
Eletu Way101283
Elias Cl101283
Emmanuel Dada Way101283
Enia Soro Beyioku Street101283
Fagbemi Street101283
Fagbenro Street101283
Fasanya Street101283
Fashina Street101283
Fashoro Lane101283
Fashoro Street101283
Fashoro Street101283
Femi Ayantuga Cr101283
Folarin Street101283
Fred Ayiam Street101283
Fuja Street101283
Gbadamosi Cl101283
Godwin Okigbo Street101283
Haastrup Street101283
Hakeem Habib Cl101283
Hakeem Jimoh Cl101283
I. K. Dairo Street101283
Ibezim Obiajulu Street101283
Ibidun Street101283
Idewu Cl101283
Idowu Street101283
Igbira Rd101283
Igbira Street101283
Ijero Street101283
Ikpo Street101283
Ilesanmi Street101283
Ilorin Street101283
Inuraola Street101283
Ishapa Rd101283
Itire Rd101283
James Robertson Street101283
Joaquim Street101283
Joseph Syncle Cl101283
Jubril Martins Street101283
Karimu Street101283
Kasali Street101283
Kobiti Street101283
Kofoworola Street101283
Kugbuyi Street101283
Ladega Cl101283
Lawani Street101283
Lawanson Street101283
Mabo Street101283
Maduike Way101283
Mallam Gana Street101283
Mbonu Ojike Cl101283
Memudu Aremu Street101283
Micheal Ogun Street101283
Modile Way101283
Mogaji Street101283
Molusi Ave Street101283
Moronu Street101283
Moshalasi Street101283
Muniru Baruwa Street101283
Murital Animashoun Street101283
Mushin Rd101283
Obafemi Ajayi Street101283
Obele Oniwala Hosing Est. Street101283
Obele Rd101283
Odejaye Cr101283
Odunlami Street101283
Odunsi Street101283
Odusanwo Street101283
Ogun Street101283
Ogunlana Drive Street101283
Ogunlana Lane101283
Oguntokun Street101283
Ojekutu Ave Street101283
Ojuelegba Lane101283
Ojuelegba Rd101283
Okese Lane101283
Okesuna Street101283
Okoh Cl101283
Okoh Drive Street101283
Okoya Thomas Street101283
Oladehinde Cl101283
Olaide Street101283
Olaij=tan Onasanya Street101283
Olaogun Drive Street101283
Olatilewa Street101283
Olawale Dawodu Street101283
Olawepo Street101283
Olode Okuta Street101283
Oludipe Street101283
Olufemi Street101283
Olufowobi Street101283
Olukole Street101283
Oluwalodamisi Street101283
Onadeko Street101283
Onasanya Street101283
One Street101283
Onibuore Street101283
Onipede Street101283
Onisemo Street101283
Ore Cl101283
Orotedo Street101283
Oseni Street101283
Oshinkalu Cl101283
Owodele Street101283
Owolewa Street101283
Oyekan Rd101283
Oyenekan Street101283
Rabiatu Thompson Street101283
Rafiu Williams Street101283
Railway Line Street101283
Ramos Street101283
Rande Cl101283
Randle Ave Street101283
Rosamond Street101283
Rufai Cl101283
Salawu Street101283
Sam Shonibare Street101283
Shiawu Street101283
Shodipe Cl101283
Shodipo Street101283
Shogbamu Street101283
Sholeye Cr101283
Shomade Cl101283
Shomade Cr101283
Silver Cr101283
Simisola Street101283
Sofidiya Street101283
Subuola Street101283
Surulere Local Govt Street101283
Surulere Street101283
Taju Thompson Street101283
Talabi Way101283
Taro Ojora Cl101283
Western Ave Street101283
Western Ave. Street101283

Other Area Codes

📮 The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982002.

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