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Victoria Island Area Postal Codes, Lagos Town

Victoria Island Area ZIP Codes, the Area location in the Lagos Town, Lagos State South West Geopolitical Zone Consist of 102 streets with postal codes 101241 dan 101243.

Victoria Island Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Abagbon Close101241
Abimbola Awonoyi Street101241
Abudu Smith Street101241
Adeleke Adedoyin Street101241
Adeola Hopewell Street101241
Adetokumbo Ademola Street101241
Adeyemo Alakija Street101241
Afibank Street101241
Agoro odiyan Street101241
Ahmadu Bello Way Lower Street101241
Ahmadu Bellow Way Upper Street101241
Ahmed Onibudo Street101241
Akangbe Close101241
Akin Adesola Street101241
Akin Olugbade Street101241
Alhaji Balarebe Musa Crescent101241
Amichi Street101241
Amodu tijani Street101241
Anifowoshe Street101241
Apese Street101241
Atiku Salvage Road Street101241
Bendel Close101241
Bishop Abayode Cole Street101241
Bishop Kole Street101241
Bishop Oluwole Street101241
Bonny Camp Street101241
Buraimoh Kenku Street101241
Danmole Street101241
Edo House Street101241
Eleke Crescent101241
Eletu Ogabi Street101241
Else Pease Femi Street101241
Engineering Close101241
Festival or Babatunde Ajose Road. Street101241
Gabaro Close101241
Goriola street Street101241
Ibiyinka Olorunbe Street101241
Idejo Street101241
Idowu Martin Street101241
Idowu Taylor Street101241
Imam Augusto Street101241
Ishola Adedoyin Close101241
Itirin Court Street101241
Karimu Kotu Street101241
Kasumu Ekemode Street101241
Kofo Abayomi Str. Lower Street101241
Kofo Abayomi Str. Upper Street101241
L.S.D.P.C. Estate101241
Loius Solomon Close101241
Mahman Close101241
Musa yaradua Street101241
NAF Street101241
Navy Dock yard Road Street101241
NEPA Close101241
Nike Adenuga Street101241
Nike Inegbese Street101241
NTA Close101241
Oduduwa House Street101241
Ogalade Close101241
Ojora Close101241
Oju Olobun Street101241
Oko Awo Close101241
Oladele olashore Street101241
Olakunle Bakare Close101241
Oloba Street101241
Ologun Abgaje Street101241
Olugbosi Close101241
Oyin Jolayemi Street101241
Ozumba Mbadiwe Street101241
PCI Engineering Close101241
Police Bar Beach Street101241
Regency South Street101241
Saka Jojo Street101241
Saka Tinubu Street101241
Sam Adegbite Close101241
Samuel Manuwa Street101241
Sanusi Fafunwa Street101241
Sapara Williams Close101241
Tiamiyu Savage Street101241
Tonry Close101241
Viglet Youth Street101241
Violet Youth Close101241
Walter Carrington Close101241
Wilmonut Point Road Street101241
Ajose Adeogun Street St.101243
Crest A 1 80 St.101243
Crest B St.101243
Crest C St.101243
Crest D St.101243
Crest E St.101243
Crest F St.101243
Etim Iyang Crescent St.101243
FABAC Close St.101243
Lasode Crescent St.101243
Muri Okunola Street St.101243
Prince Kayode Odedina Street St.101243
Samuel Adedoyin St.101243
Transit Village 1 20 St.101243
Transit village 21 40 St.101243
Transit Village 41 60 St.101243
Transit village 61 80 St.101243
Transit village 80 100 St.101243

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📮 The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982002.

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