Egbe Area Postal Code (Lagos)

This is a list of Egbe area Postal codes or Zipcode. This area located in Lagos Metropolitan, Lagos State, South West Geopolitical Zone Consist of 207 streets.

Egbe Postal Code
`Alliu Street100265
Abaranije Street100265
Abat Street100265
Abijatu Adisa Street100265
Abiola Adeyemi Street100265
Adamu Street100265
Ade Okuta Street100265
Adebayo Muo Street100265
Adebola Arowele Street100265
Adedokun Adetola Av100265
Adedoyin Street100265
Adelaja Ojo Street100265
Ademola Street100265
Adeotan Street100265
Adesola Odeyale Street100265
Adewalayo Street100265
Adewusi Street100265
Adeyemi Street100265
Afolabi Street100265
Afunwantan Street100265
Agabi Street100265
Agbabi Street100265
Agbanifo Street100265
Agbeluyi Street100265
Agbesi Street100265
Ago Igbala Rd100265
Ajayi Bankole Street100265
Ajayi Cl100265
Ajewole Street100265
Ajisegiri Street100265
Akindayo Street100265
Akindele Coke Street100265
Akindele Street100265
Akinola Aregbesola Street100265
Akinson Street100265
Akinwunmi Street100265
Alafia Street100265
Alake Lakiniko sto Alafia Street100265
Alh Abanise Street100265
Alh Bakae Street100265
Alh Makanju Ola Street100265
Alh Omoboriowo Street100265
Alh Omokoro Street100265
Alh Sanni Street100265
Alh. Anilewura Street100265
Alh. Gbadamose Street100265
Alh. Lateed Lasisi Street100265
Alh. Olaatunji Street100265
Alh. Sikiru Giwa Street100265
Alhaja Oladimeji Street100265
Almer cr100265
Ambail Street100265
Amusa Street100265
Ann Oluwapo Street100265
Asafa Street100265
Association Av100265
Asugbolu Street100265
Awolola Street100265
Ayanwale st Abeokuta Street100265
Ayo Anifowose Street100265
Babajide Cl100265
Balogun Street100265
Bamidele Street100265
Banjo Street100265
Banjoko Street100265
Bayo Abodurin Street100265
Bode Fawale Street100265
Bode Ogun Street100265
Bodede Street100265
Bola Balogun Cl100265
Busura Street100265
Celestial Way100265
Chris Madueke Street100265
Da-silva Street100265
Daniel Ayayi Street100265
Dare Cl100265
Degbuyi Adebajo Street100265
Dele Ara Street100265
Fatimoh Street100265
Femi Akinfolarin Street100265
Femi Daramola Street100265
Femi Osoba Street100265
Finta Agbigbua Street100265
Four square Street100265
Fumilayo Fatoberu Street100265
Funmi Oredein Street100265
Gbadamosi Street100265
Gboye Bankinson Street100265
Gbyega Dairo Street100265
Hassan Street100265
Holmes Street100265
Idowu Anisere Street100265
Igbajo Street100265
Ijebi Street100265
Ikotun Rd100265
Ikunna st Nwafor Street100265
Ilori Street100265
Imorta Church Street100265
Ishola Street100265
Isiba Street100265
Isimiala Oyedoku Street100265
Jamiu Afuwape Street100265
Jamiu Raji Street100265
Jimoh Ejiofa Street100265
Johnson Street100265
Joshua Street100265
Juba Alaro Street100265
Kayode Street100265
Kazeem Street100265
Kolawole Street100265
Lamina Street100265
Lasisi Ige Street100265
Lawal Street100265
Liash Street100265
Market Street100265
Micheal Sosanya Street100265
Modupe Ola Street100265
Mogagi Street100265
Moshalasi Street100265
Muda Ajayi Street100265
Mudasiru Street100265
Muiz Olusi Cl100265
Muraimo Sanusi Street100265
Muritala Mohammed Street100265
Mutairu Street100265
Muyibi Abayomi Street100265
Nimota Cl100265
Nnadi Street100265
Obabiyi Street100265
Obasanjo Ijola Street100265
Odediran Rd100265
Odulana Abiodun Street100265
Ogbemi s Street100265
Ogo Oluwa Street100265
Ogo Oluwas Street100265
Oguntoyinbo Street100265
Ohre Street100265
Okunkete Street100265
Oladepo Street100265
Oladunjoye Street100265
Oladunni Street100265
Olaiya Street100265
Olarewaju Street100265
Olaseun Yisa Street100265
Olatunji Street100265
Olayinka Street100265
Oljide Street100265
Olojo Street100265
Olu Abidokun Street100265
Olu Oye cr100265
Olugbenga Afolabi Street100265
Olugejga Lamina cr100265
Olusesi Street100265
Olusola Ade Street100265
Olusola Av100265
Olusola Ikare Street100265
Oluwalose Street100265
Oluwole Lawanson Street100265
Oluwole Street100265
Oluyinka Yusufu Street100265
Omoba Oshimokin Street100265
Omoboriowo Street100265
Omolade Street100265
Omolara Bello Street100265
Omotayo Street100265
Omotosho James Street100265
Onatunde Olumide Street100265
Opeloyeru Street100265
Oremeje Street100265
Orisunanu Street100265
Oroki Street100265
Osegbebe Street100265
Osho Street100265
Owoduni Street100265
Oyeniyi Fatungase Street100265
Oyenuga Street100265
Oyesile Street100265
Pipeline Rd100265
Prohet Adebayo Street100265
Prophet Akingboe Street100265
Ramot Bello Street100265
Rasaki Onimole Street100265
Rasaki Tijani Street100265
Royal Street100265
Sadiku Street100265
Samuel Sode Street100265
Sanni Makinde Street100265
Sanya Mosco Street100265
Sariu Sabiu Street100265
Sebili Street100265
Semomiba Street100265
Shobola Street100265
Sodeke Street100265
Sunday Taiwo Drive Street100265
Sunmola st Akindele st Niyi Street100265
Taiwo Olaleye Street100265
Taiwo Street100265
Tanimowo Street100265
Tanlaye Street100265
Temidara Street100265
Toluwani Street100265
Tramiyi Street100265
Unity Rd100265
Yinka Afolayan Street100265
Yomi Adelokiki Street100265
Yomi Okikiade Street100265
Yusuf Olauni Street100265

Other Area Codes

The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982112.

NIPOST or Nigerian Postal Service is a company owned and operated by the government of this country. The country has a total of more than 5000 post offices spread throughout the region. Find the correct ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code or Postal Code for the postal address you need.