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Ifako Agege Area Postal Codes, Lagos Town

Ifako Agege Area ZIP Codes, the Area location in the Lagos Town, Lagos State South West Geopolitical Zone Consist of 107 streets.

Ifako Agege Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Abeo Street100215
Abimbola Street100215
Abiodun Street100215
Abioye Street100215
Ade Pitan Street100215
Adebiyi Street100215
Adegun Street100215
Adekoya Street100215
Adenifuja Street100215
Adeotun Street100215
Adesola Street100215
Adeyori Street100215
African Church Street100215
Aganga Street100215
Ajakaiye Street100215
Ajayi Street100215
Ajibodu Street100215
Akinwole Street100215
Akure Rd100215
Alade Close100215
Alafia Street100215
Aliu Ogunyemi Street100215
Aluko Street100215
Apostle Felmuiyi Street100215
Aronga Street100215
Ashorobi Street100215
Awe Street100215
Ayoride Street100215
Babalola Street100215
Babatunde Close100215
Bishop Hunji Street100215
Bolaji Tiwalade Street100215
Cockar Road Street100215
College Rd100215
Crusader Street100215
Dada Bello Street100215
Dada Street100215
Daddy Savage Street100215
Ebun Street100215
Egun Oluwa Street100215
Enimakure Street100215
Erinoso Street100215
Eyiowuawi Street100215
Fawojure Street100215
Folowo Street100215
Gadol Avenue Street100215
Gbage Crescent100215
Gbeleyi Street100215
Gbengba Street100215
Gosper Casheder Street100215
Haruna Street100215
Haruna Street100215
Holloway Street100215
Hope Street100215
Hughs Street100215
Ibari Street100215
Ibukun Oluwa Street100215
Idiagbon Street100215
Idowu Street100215
Ileri Oluwa Street100215
Ilerioluwa Street100215
Inuobimi Street100215
Ipaja Road Street100215
Itaji Street100215
Iyabo Williams Street100215
Joseph Campbell Street100215
Kayode Alabi Street100215
Kehinde Taylor Street100215
Kolawole Street100215
Kongo Street100215
Kunle Street100215
Ladipo Savage Street100215
Mojishola Street100215
Morufutan Shopola Street100215
Moses Shofunde Street100215
Moshalashi Alao Street100215
Moyo Agoro Street100215
Nelson Cole Crescent100215
Ogunbone Street100215
Okeshola Street100215
Olatokun Street100215
Olatunde Obebola Street100215
Olatunji Street100215
Olousu Street100215
Olubisi Street100215
Olufemi Ajayi Street100215
Omo Akin Street100215
Omobiyi Street100215
Onomo Street100215
Oredola Street100215
Orimolade Street100215
Oshola Street100215
Otunba Street100215
Owu Close100215
Oyemekun Street100215
Pa Alao Oyo Street100215
Pastor Bilewu Oshoffa Street100215
Pele Street100215
Prince Durotoye Street100215
Salako Crescent100215
Salami Close100215
Sanusi Ajilete Street100215
Sanya Mondele Close100215
Shoetan/Adeniji Street100215
Shoretire Street100215
Taylor Street100215
Tunji Adebayo Street100215

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