Ijegun Area Postal Codes: Lagos

This is a list of Ijegun Area ZIP or Postal Codes. The Area location in the Lagos Metropolitan, Lagos State South West Geopolitical Zone Consist of 60 streets.

Postal Code102213, 102264.
Postcode (NIPOST)100266

Postal Code for Ijegun, Lagos

Abudu Amao Street100266IjegunLagos
Ade Ojo Street100266IjegunLagos
Adebire Sara Street100266IjegunLagos
Adedoyin Adeyinka Street100266IjegunLagos
Ademola Street100266IjegunLagos
Adeola Almaroof Street100266IjegunLagos
Adesokan Street100266IjegunLagos
Adewale Cr100266IjegunLagos
Adewumi Street100266IjegunLagos
Aduragbami Offor Street100266IjegunLagos
Alh Rasheed Ayinde Street100266IjegunLagos
Alh. Bosho Street100266IjegunLagos
Alhaja Durowoju Street100266IjegunLagos
Ali Momodu Street100266IjegunLagos
Aliu Street100266IjegunLagos
America Rd100266IjegunLagos
Amusa Idowu Street100266IjegunLagos
Ani Adetayo Street100266IjegunLagos
Ayinke Otolorin Street100266IjegunLagos
Bible House Street100266IjegunLagos
Bol Adebowale Street100266IjegunLagos
Chief Goke Olarewaju Cl100266IjegunLagos
Chief Otun Street100266IjegunLagos
Community Rd100266IjegunLagos
Cross Calvary Street100266IjegunLagos
Dada Street100266IjegunLagos
Disu Dosumu Street100266IjegunLagos
Emmanuel Ojelabi Street100266IjegunLagos
Fatade Street100266IjegunLagos
Holiness Street100266IjegunLagos
Ije Ododo Street100266IjegunLagos
Ijegun Rd100266IjegunLagos
Ilupeju Street100266IjegunLagos
Irede Street100266IjegunLagos
Isaac Alaba Cr100266IjegunLagos
Isheri Osun Rd100266IjegunLagos
Isheri Osun Rd100266IjegunLagos
Kudeti Bula Street100266IjegunLagos
Lamidi Disu Street100266IjegunLagos
Lukman Yisa Street100266IjegunLagos
Madu Rd100266IjegunLagos
Mohammed Lawal Street100266IjegunLagos
Mojeed Omoedun Street100266IjegunLagos
Mojisola Alapini Street100266IjegunLagos
Obale Agbe Street100266IjegunLagos
Olufunke Street100266IjegunLagos
Olusegun Oyekan Street100266IjegunLagos
Omo Emevor Cr100266IjegunLagos
Omoba Street100266IjegunLagos
Omos Sanusi Street100266IjegunLagos
Oniyide Street100266IjegunLagos
Prophet Omole Street100266IjegunLagos
Roof Street100266IjegunLagos
Salako Street100266IjegunLagos
Shittu Bashiru Street100266IjegunLagos
Sule Abdul Street100266IjegunLagos
Sule Ewenla Street100266IjegunLagos
Tijani Awolumate Street100266IjegunLagos
Toye Egbeduni Street100266IjegunLagos
Umuchukuaka Ezira Av100266IjegunLagos

The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982112.

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