Ijeshatedo Area Postal Codes, Lagos Town

Ijeshatedo Area ZIP Codes, the Area location in the Lagos Town, Lagos State South West Geopolitical Zone Consist of 373 streets.

Ijeshatedo Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Abaniywonda Street101282
Abata Street101282
Abate Close101282
Abbi Avenue Street101282
Abdul Ranan Close101282
Abiola Alao Street101282
Aboaba Street101282
Abolade Street101282
Abolade Street101282
Abu Street101282
Abubarka Street101282
Abule Odi Close101282
Adamalekun Street101282
Adebowale Street101282
Adeboyejo Street101282
Adedaji Street101282
Adedeji Street101282
Adedoyin Kayode Olawa Street101282
Adeguwa Street101282
Adejola Street101282
Adeleke Ajibiosu Street101282
Ademol Oki Street101282
Ademola Olawaye Street101282
Ademolo Okji Street101282
Adeniji Close101282
Adeniyi Street101282
Adeola Street101282
Adeoye Street101282
Adesina Street101282
Adeta Street101282
Adetayo Street101282
Adewale Street101282
Adewuyi Street101282
Adeyemi Street101282
Adeyemi Street101282
Adigun Street101282
Agbebe Street101282
Ago Egbe Street101282
Agunlegika Street101282
Aguntasholo Street101282
Aina Street101282
Airjorin Street101282
Airways Street101282
Ajana Street101282
Ajayi Close101282
Ajia Street101282
Ajijedidun Street101282
Akamde Street101282
Akanbi Arimi Street101282
Akanbi Street101282
Akande Arowo Iyabuna Street101282
Akanni Lane101282
Akewukewu Street101282
Akin Bodunshe Street101282
Akin Folayan Street101282
Akinlawonlaro Street101282
Akinosho Street101282
Akinsulire Street101282
Alade Street101282
Alafia Street101282
Alagba Close101282
Alagba Street101282
Alh. Jinadu Street101282
Alh. Makajuola Street101282
Alhaji Adebowale Street101282
Alhaji Ajala Street101282
Alhaji Irohun Street101282
Alhaji Jimoh Street101282
Alhaji Olakunle Street101282
Alhaji Sularmon Street101282
Alhaji Vavies Street101282
Alice Tinubu Street101282
Aloko Street101282
Aluko Compound Street101282
Amachi Street101282
Amodu Rufai Close101282
Amodu Street101282
Anomeohun Street101282
Araromi Oke Ode Street101282
Araromi Street101282
Arikeyo Street101282
Arogundad E. Street101282
Aromo;ase Street101282
Aru Meen Close101282
Ashabi Shonuyi Street101282
Asiata Street101282
Asiriakda Street101282
Asoge Street101282
Associate Avenue Street101282
Awe Street101282
Ayegun Street101282
Ayisatu Onisemo Street101282
Ayisatu Street101282
Ayisatu Street101282
Ayo Elegbaede Street101282
Ayodele Street101282
Babatope Street101282
Babatundle Street101282
Babs Oni Street101282
Bale St Even Street101282
Bale St Odd Street101282
Bale Street101282
Balogun Kuku Street101282
Bankole Street101282
Bayo Akintuda Street101282
Bello Ladega Street101282
Bello Street101282
Biola Balogun Street101282
Blown Close101282
Bola Close101282
Bola Land Street101282
Bolaji Banwo Street101282
Bolarinwa Street101282
Borlando Street101282
Brown Road Street101282
Burudeen Street101282
Catholic Mission Street101282
Celecia Cotage Street101282
Coker Compound Street101282
Coker Rd101282
Coker Road Street101282
Coker Sec. School Street101282
Daenedo Street101282
Daramola Street101282
Disu Esan Street101282
Duro Oyedoyin Street101282
Ebenizer Onitire Street101282
Ecwa Street101282
Efuntide Street101282
Ehi Street101282
Ejire Street101282
Enitan Street101282
Erelu Danisa Street101282
Erinosho Street101282
Esan Giwa Street101282
Eshinlokun Street101282
Ewubare Street101282
Expressway Street101282
Eyi Owawi Street101282
Fadairo Street101282
Falohun Street101282
Fatima Close101282
Fedahusi Street101282
Fehintola Giwa Street101282
Femi daramola Street101282
Funsho Ajayi Street101282
Gbadamosi Street101282
Gbadee Street101282
Govi Street101282
Guinny Odugbena Street101282
Hamued Bello Street101282
Hasaa Idowu Street101282
Hassaha Street101282
Ibiduni Street101282
Idahosa Ojo Osacie Street101282
Idahosa Ojo Osagie Street101282
Idowu Odunuga Street101282
Ifelodun Street101282
Igbehinadun Street101282
Igbojuwo Street101282
Igun Street101282
Igunu Street101282
Ijaiye Street101282
Ijesha Road Street101282
Ijewere Street101282
Ikale Street101282
Ikapade Church Street101282
Ikare Street101282
Ilamoye Street101282
Ile Ogbo Street101282
Imam Sonubi Close101282
Iman Memudu Street101282
Imma Memudu Street101282
Imman Thanh Street101282
Imole Nfealafia Street101282
IR, Victor Olaiya Street101282
Irepondun Street101282
Irode Avenue Street101282
Iseyin Street101282
Itelorun Street101282
Iyarere Close101282
Jacob Adelaye Street101282
Jeweshola Oshodi Street101282
Jimoh Meji Street101282
Jimoh Ojoku Street101282
Jubrala Street101282
Jubrile Street101282
Kadire Street101282
Kadiri Street101282
Karimu Street101282
Karimu Taiwo Street101282
Karounwi Street101282
Kehare Street101282
Kekere Ekun Street101282
Ketu/Achalla Close101282
Ketu/Aghalla Close101282
Kewulere Street101282
Kola Ogunshipe Street101282
Koles Close101282
Konke Street101282
Kuforiji Street101282
Kushimo Street101282
Kusimo Street101282
Lagos Street101282
Lamidi Raji Street101282
Land Park Close101282
Lasisi Akinwale Street101282
Lasisi Giwa Close101282
Lasisi Street101282
Lateef Sanni Street101282
Lati Eleru Street101282
Lawani Street101282
Liadi Close101282
Lworo Street101282
Mafiotan Close101282
Marayeisa Street101282
Martina Street101282
Maxel Ijeh Street101282
Memudu Lane101282
Memudu Street101282
Modinatu Eko Street101282
Mogaji Street101282
Mosunmola Adedoya Street101282
Mustapha Kosoko Street101282
Mutairu Ijeya Street101282
Muyiwa Opaleye Street101282
Nihinlolawa Street101282
Nurude Close101282
Obanta Street101282
Obasodu Street101282
Obesola Ajijola Street101282
Obionuora Street101282
Oboku Street101282
Obuosa Street101282
Odduntoyo Street101282
Odiche Street101282
Odogbolu Street101282
Odolowu Street101282
Oduselu Street101282
Odusemi Street101282
Ogbomosho Street101282
Ogundojun Street101282
Ogunfehintimi Street101282
Ogungbesan Street101282
Ogunlana Street101282
Ogunmola Street101282
Ogunmuyiwa Street101282
Ogunsami Street101282
Ogunsanuya Street101282
Ogunshupe Street101282
Oke Onijo Street101282
Oke Street101282
Okeya Street101282
Oko oloruntedo Street101282
Okunola Street101282
Okuribido Street101282
Okuyemu Street101282
Ola Iya Street101282
Ola Street101282
Oladeinde Street101282
Oladimeji Street101282
Olajide/Sule Street101282
Olakayode Street101282
Olanipekun Street101282
Olatunji Street101282
Olayinka Street101282
Olojudo Street101282
Olomowewe Street101282
Olorun Sogo Street101282
Olowo Street101282
Olrogun Street101282
Olu Irolu Street101282
Oluanikanju Street101282
Olubodun Street101282
Olubunmi Street101282
Olufemi Shokan Street101282
Olufon Lane101282
Olunuga Street101282
Oluwaloni Street101282
Oluwashina Street101282
Omilasni Street101282
Omoglafor Close101282
Omolabake Street101282
Omololo Street101282
Omonubi Street101282
Ondo Close101282
Onikouyi Street101282
Onitiare Even Street101282
Onitire Odd Street101282
Oniture Groove Street101282
Oniwinde Street101282
Onya Street101282
Opeloyeru Street101282
Opere Street101282
Oremeji Street101282
Oremerin Street101282
Orenaike Street101282
Orowumi Street101282
Osemeka Street101282
Osho Street101282
Oshoba St, Street101282
Oshofisan Street101282
Oshogbo Street101282
Osifowokan Street101282
Ososanya Street101282
Otunda Osidero Street101282
Owolabi Street101282
Owolabu Street101282
Owoseni Street101282
Oyenuga Street101282
Ozubulu Close101282
Philip Close101282
Profhet Street101282
Rafiu Adebayo Street101282
Rafiu Baruwa Street101282
Rafiu Ipae Street101282
Rasa & Gbadamosi Street101282
Redemption Street101282
Saaya Street101282
Sabbat Street101282
Salaimi Street101282
Salami Agbaji Close101282
Salami Ogungbadero Street101282
Salani Bashonrun Street101282
Samuel Abbey Street101282
Samuel Omotare Street101282
Sanusi Street101282
Savage Lane101282
Savahe Street101282
Savanna Street101282
Selifatu Akinsanya Street101282
Semi Saeumi Street101282
Sesan Mayegun Street101282
Shekoni Street101282
Shobande Street101282
Shofolahan Street101282
Sholabumi Street101282
Shonde Street101282
Shotunwe Street101282
Shoyinka Street101282
Sijuade Street101282
Sikiru Alimi Street101282
Smith Street101282
Solanke Street101282
Sologun Street101282
Soloki Street101282
Star Line Close101282
Surulere Avenue Street101282
Tairn Onigbanjo Street101282
Taiwo Street101282
Taiwo Street101282
Tamuriatu Street101282
Tapa Bello Street101282
Tapa Compound Street101282
Tapa Street101282
Taylor Close101282
Teniola Street101282
Thomas Animashaun Street101282
Tokosi Close101282
Tokosi Street101282
Tomori Oshinowo Street101282
Tossou Street101282
Towo Lawi Street101282
Trimnel Street101282
Twins Street101282
Unity Close101282
Wole Cole Street101282
Wole Madariola Street101282
Wosilatu Aina Street101282
Wosilatu Dauda Street101282
Yisa Oroki Street101282
Yisa Street101282

Other Area Codes

The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982112.

NIPOST or Nigerian Postal Service is a company owned and operated by the government of this country. The country has a total of more than 5000 post offices spread throughout the region. Find the correct ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code or Postal Code for the postal address you need.