Ipaja Area Postal Codes: Lagos

Ipaja Area Postal Codes, the Area location in the Lagos Metropolitan, Lagos State South West Geopolitical Zone Consist of 69 streets.

Postal Code for Ipaja, Lagos.

Abayomi St100278IpajaLagos
Abesan Housing EStreet100278IpajaLagos
Abodurin Street100278IpajaLagos
Adebayo Street100278IpajaLagos
Adenifi Street100278IpajaLagos
Adeosun Street100278IpajaLagos
Adeyemi Obe Close100278IpajaLagos
Aina Obembe Street100278IpajaLagos
Akinniyi Street100278IpajaLagos
Akintola Rd100278IpajaLagos
Akinwande Street100278IpajaLagos
Alao Street100278IpajaLagos
Asalu Lawal Street100278IpajaLagos
Ashipa Village100278IpajaLagos
Association Avenue100278IpajaLagos
Ayilara Street100278IpajaLagos
Ayishefe Street100278IpajaLagos
Ayobo Street100278IpajaLagos
Azeez Oladusu100278IpajaLagos
Bada Village100278IpajaLagos
Baruwa Village100278IpajaLagos
Candos Village100278IpajaLagos
Chike CloseCollege Rd100278IpajaLagos
Command Rd100278IpajaLagos
Egundupe Street100278IpajaLagos
Egunjobi Street100278IpajaLagos
Eso Street100278IpajaLagos
Fadairu Street100278IpajaLagos
Fagbemi Street100278IpajaLagos
Falola Close100278IpajaLagos
Fatanwa Street100278IpajaLagos
Fatolu Rd100278IpajaLagos
Fatona Samonu Street100278IpajaLagos
Gbadamoshi OpeseIbikin100278IpajaLagos
Ikola GbenajeIkola100278IpajaLagos
IlumoIkola OdunsiIle100278IpajaLagos
John Street100278IpajaLagos
Karimu Street100278IpajaLagos
Lawrence Layout100278IpajaLagos
Maborukoje Street100278IpajaLagos
Majekodunmi Street100278IpajaLagos
Majiyagbe Layout100278IpajaLagos
Makanju Ola Street100278IpajaLagos
Megida RdOduduwa Street100278IpajaLagos
OdebiyiIfelodun Street100278IpajaLagos
Odumosu Street100278IpajaLagos
Odunlami Eso Street100278IpajaLagos
Ogbo /Kekere John Street100278IpajaLagos
Ogu OlasinadeOgun Abembe Street100278IpajaLagos
Ogunbiyi IloOgundele Street100278IpajaLagos
Ogunjobi Street100278IpajaLagos
Olakunle Street100278IpajaLagos
Olalomi Village100278IpajaLagos
Olaruntedo Avenue Street100278IpajaLagos
OlatilewaOlubori St100278IpajaLagos
Olude Street100278IpajaLagos
Oluwa Street100278IpajaLagos
Oluwaja Avenue Ona Opepo Street100278IpajaLagos
Opeki Rd100278IpajaLagos
Oshba Avenue Street100278IpajaLagos
Oyebanyo IbtlIdowu100278IpajaLagos
Sanusi Street100278IpajaLagos
Sebiotimo Street100278IpajaLagos
Seweje Close100278IpajaLagos
Shafun Dofunmu Avenue100278IpajaLagos
Shusanya St100278IpajaLagos
Sulu Close100278IpajaLagos
Unity Street100278IpajaLagos
Yusfu Street100278IpajaLagos

Ipaja Postal Code

The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982112.

NIPOST or Nigerian Postal Service is a company owned and operated by the government of this country. The country has a total of more than 5000 post offices spread throughout the region. Find the correct ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code or Postal Code for the postal address you need.