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Isolo Area Postal Codes, Lagos Town

Isolo Area ZIP Codes, the Area location in the Lagos Town, Lagos State South West Geopolitical Zone Consist of 505 streets.

Isolo Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
106-108 Street100263
A.U.D. Comp Sec Sch Street100263
Ababala Street100263
Abayomi Adewale Street100263
Abeokuta Street100263
Abeokuta Street100263
Abidokwu Street100263
Abinbola Street100263
Abinbola Street100263
Abiodun Adeleye Street100263
Abiodun Akomolafe Street100263
Achima Cl100263
Adagun Odo Street100263
Adagun Odo Street100263
Ade Idowu Street100263
Adebajo Street100263
Adebayo Cr100263
Adebayo Ojo Street100263
Adebisi Omotola Street100263
Adefowope Street100263
Adegbola Fagbemi Street100263
Adegbola Street100263
Adegbola Street100263
Adejuyigbe Ave Street100263
Adekunle Akala Street100263
Adekunle Araba Street100263
Adekunle Street100263
Adeleke Street100263
Adeleye Street100263
Ademulegun Street100263
Adenekan Street100263
Adeniran Street100263
Adeniran Street10026
Adeoye Street100263
Aderinto Street100263
Adesina Adenugba Street100263
Adesina Street100263
Adesola Street100263
Adewale Ayuba Street100263
Adeyemi KIlla Street100263
Adeyemi Kufori Street100263
Adeyiga Street100263
Adeyira Street100263
Adijatu Street100263
Adisa Street100263
Afolabi Sole Street100263
Afolabi Street100263
Agbabiaka Street100263
Agbabiaka Street100263
Agedudo Street100263
Ago Palace Way100263
Aiku Street100263
Aina Jegede Street100263
Aina Rd100263
Aina Street100263
Ajali Street100263
Ajamola Street100263
Ajani Street100263
Ajawa Street100263
Aje Street100263
Ajibade Babatola Street100263
Ajibade Street100263
Ajibola Street100263
Ajibulu Street100263
Ajiga Street100263
Ajoke Okunsanya Street100263
Ajoke Sumbo Street100263
Ajose Street100263
Ajumobi Gram Sch Street100263
Ajuyeye Street100263
Akande Adebiyi Street100263
Akani Cl100263
Akiba Okulaja Street100263
Akiinwunmi Street100263
Akina Etiti Street100263
Akinbode Street100263
Akindehinde Street100263
Akingbade Street100263
Akinmorin Street100263
Akinola Osholanke Street100263
Akinsanya Street100263
Akinwonmi Street100263
Akinyemi Street100263
Akiosi Street100263
Akiti Ave Street100263
Akosa Street100263
Akowonjo Street100263
Akpomuje Street100263
Akude Street100263
Alabi Oyo Street100263
Alade Street100263
Aladesanyi Street100263
Alafia Street100263
Alh. Abiola Street100263
Alh. Abisatu Kolawole Street100263
Alh. Agbeke Street100263
Alh. Amosun Street100263
Alh. Bashiru Street100263
Alh. Eweje Street100263
Alh. Ibrahim Amida Street100263
Alh. Moshebolaji Street100263
Alh. Olusesi Street100263
Alh. Sanusi Street100263
Alh. Yaya Street100263
Alh/ Jimoh Street100263
Ali Dada Street100263
Aliu Bisiriyu Street100263
Aliu Ibiyomi Street100263
Amindu Williams Street100263
Amodu Faronbi Street100263
Amosun Fabi Street100263
Amusa Street100263
Amusu Street100263
Ani Dabiru Street100263
Anuoluwapo Street100263
Anyanwu Street100263
Anyie Cr100263
Apapa Exp Way 132- Street100263
Apena Street100263
Apostolic Ch. Street100263
Araromi Street100263
Aregbe Street100263
Arowoye Street100263
Asala Street100263
Ashafa Yusuf Street100263
Asiriabo Street100263
Atanda Adeleye Street100263
Ati Okoye Street100263
Awe Street100263
Ayalu Street100263
Ayayinka Street100263
Ayinde Giwa Street100263
Ayinike Plaza Street100263
Ayo Komolafe Cl100263
Ayo Sonubi Street100263
Ayobiyi Street100263
Ayodele Akinyemi Street100263
Azeez Ajanaku Street100263
Baba Ewe Street100263
Babalola Street100263
Babington Street100263
Babs Abos ede Street100263
Babs Aregbesola Street100263
Bale Street100263
Balogun Street100263
Balogun Street100263
Bankole Street100263
Bankole Street100263
Banks Street100263
Banks Way100263
Baptist Cl100263
Bariyu Street100263
Bayo Olumbe Street100263
Bayo Olumide Street100263
Bayo Oyewale Street100263
Bello Street100263
Benson Anoune Street100263
Benson Ojukwu Street100263
Bisi Ladipo Ave Street100263
Block 1-19 Street100263
Block 2-28 Street100263
Block 21-30 Street100263
Bormader Street100263
Canal Ave Street100263
Catholic Mission Street100263
Cecilia Odutuga Street100263
Cele Cl100263
Charles Street100263
Chief Mike Street100263
Chris Ebi Street100263
Chris Harry Street100263
Chris Onyong Street100263
Chudi Okafor Street100263
Church Street100263
Church Street100263
Community Rd100263
Dada Aghedo Street100263
Daddy Adediran Street100263
Danada Street100263
Dauda Oseni Street100263
Dave Anazodo Cl100263
David Agbola Street100263
Dayo Sokeye Street100263
Debo Basorun Street100263
Dele Ashiru Street100263
Dele Kulajolu Street100263
Dele Orisabiyi Street100263
Dibor Street100263
Dotun Adeagbo Street100263
Dr Faseun Street100263
Ebemoha Street100263
Ebenezer Street100263
Ebiere Street100263
Eddy Onusha Street100263
Efa Street100263
Ehingbeti Street100263
Ekundayo Babaniji Street100263
Emeru Street100263
Emevik Way100263
Enoma Street100263
Enyi Aluze Street100263
Esuola Street100263
Ezemegbu Dr Street100263
Fabiyi Street100263
Fagbemi Street100263
Faronbi Street100263
Farouk Abdul Azeez Street100263
Fasasi Iroko Street100263
Fatade Street100263
Fatai Irawo Street100263
Fatai Lawal Street100263
Fayemi Street100263
Felly Akunuwa Street100263
Femi Ajide Street100263
Femi Oduwobi Street100263
Femi Orebote Street100263
Femi Owolabi Street100263
Fiditi Street100263
Fola Ojikun Street100263
Foursquare Cl100263
Funsho Kimoshi Street100263
Ganiyu Shogunle Street100263
Gbadamosi Street100263
Gbangbala Ln Street100263
Gbeleyi Street100263
Gbemisola Adenubi Street100263
Gbemisola Cl100263
Gbogila Comp Street100263
Gbolaba Street100263
Giwa Street100263
Gobaham Street100263
Godmon EStreet100263
Godmon Street100263
Godwin Omonua Rd100263
Godwin Osadebe Street100263
Godwin Way100263
Gogo Hassan Street100263
Grace Evangelist Cl100263
Haggai Ave Street100263
Hakeem Dosunmu Street100263
Harrison Street100263
Hassan Street100263
Hassan Street100263
Havenna Street100263
Holy Saviour Rd100263
Hon Wahaula Street100263
Ibadan Street100263
Ibeh Rd100263
Ibijike James Street100263
Idofia Street100263
Idowu Oshifodunrin Street100263
Idowu Oshint Street100263
Idowu Rufai Street100263
Ifeloju Street100263
Ifote Ukpo ST Street100263
Igbesi Street100263
Ijaiye Street100263
Ijesha Tedo Sec Sch Street100263
Ikechukwu Ohanka Street100263
Ikola Rd100263
Ilesanmi Street100263
Ilori Street100263
Imojo Street100263
Ipodo Comp Street100263
Ire Akari EStreet100263
Ire Akari Street100263
Isanlu Street100263
Ishola Imam Street100263
Itun Ayo Street100263
Iwajowa Street100263
Iyawa Street100263
James Oni Street100263
Jawa Street100263
Jay Momoh Street100263
Jayeola Ajata Street100263
Jegede Ln Street100263
Jemitoki Street100263
Jide Roland Street100263
Jimoh Alake Street100263
Jimoh Farombi Ave Street100263
Jimoh Oseni Street100263
Joe Onanbanjo Street100263
Joebe Street100263
John Ije Street100263
Johnson Osonina Street100263
Johnson Samiye Street100263
Jojn Ummuna Street100263
Joseph Tonade Street100263
Joshua Eke Street100263
Julius Ojo Street100263
Kamaru Adeyemi Street100263
Kamoye Pry Sch Street100263
Karimu Street100263
Kayode Akinsanya Street100263
Kehinde Ade Street100263
Kogberegbe Street100263
Lafenwa Street100263
Lambe Iuuyomade Street100263
Lambert Dr Street100263
Lambert Street100263
Lamidi Ariyo Street100263
Lammina Lawal Street100263
Lanre Egbemuna Street100263
Lateef Adegboyega Street100263
Lateef Aregbe Street100263
Latunde Street100263
Lawal Street100263
Lawrence Daniel Street100263
Lekan Ogunyemi Street100263
Limca Way100263
LSDPC Street100263
M.M. Airport Rd 1-59 Street100263
Mabinuori Street100263
Macheal Tagbo Street100263
Mary Day Sch Street100263
Matori Gram Sch Street100263
Mayowa Street100263
Metropolitan College Street100263
Micheal Oshosipe Street100263
Miracle Cl100263
Mohammed Sheffiu Street100263
Monday Akpan Street100263
Monsuru Bisiriyu Street100263
Moshalashi Street100263
Moshalasi Street100263
Mother Morior Street100263
Muidat Alatise Street100263
Mukandasi Street100263
Muren Street100263
Mushin Boys High Sch Street100263
Mushin Girls Street100263
Mushin Rd100263
Musibau Mojeed Street100263
Mustapha Street100263
Mutiatu Kayode Street100263
Nduka Osadebe Cl100263
Niyi Onilari Street100263
Nwachkwu Dr Street100263
Nwobodo Eze Street100263
Obafentan Street100263
Obidulu Street100263
Obinna Ujoh Street100263
Odemuyiwa Comp Street100263
Odunlami Street100263
Oforkaire Street100263
Ogunbela Street100263
Ogunbowale Street100263
Ogunbowale Street100263
Ogundele Way100263
Ogunloko Street100263
Ogunowakan Street100263
Oguntoki Street100263
Oguntoyinbo Street100263
Ojelade Street100263
Ojiaka Street100263
Ojumiri Street100263
Okanlawon Street100263
Okebanjo Street100263
Okeho Street100263
Okeho Street100263
Okiki Street100263
Okmo Cl100263
Okoya Central Sch Street100263
Okoya Police Barrack Street100263
Okoya Rd100263
Okudoh Ezezu Street100263
Ola Adesile Street100263
Ola Olu Street100263
Oladele Odusanya Street100263
Oladele Oke Street100263
Olaiya Street100263
Olaniran Street100263
Olaosebikan Street100263
Olarewaju Street100263
Olaseni Shonubi Street100263
Olateju Oluwole Cl100263
Olatunji Idowu Street100263
Olayinka Adenubi Street100263
Olbunmi Street100263
Olokun Aremu Street100263
Olokun Street100263
Oloruntobi Street100263
Olorunwa Street100263
Olowoporoku Street100263
Olu Ajulo Street100263
Olu Majekodunmi Street100263
Olubi Street100263
Olufemi Kolawole Street100263
Olufemi Peters Street100263
Olufemi Peters Street100263
Olufemi Samson Street100263
Olumuyiwa Siwoku Street100263
Olusalako Street100263
Olusegun Opaleye Street100263
Olusegun Street100263
Olusesi Street100263
Oluseyi Cl100263
Olushi Street100263
Olusola Faronbi Street100263
Olutola Street100263
Olutosin Ajayi Street100263
Oluwakemi Street100263
Oluwasiji Street100263
Oluwemimo Oshinaike Street100263
Oluwole Street100263
Omolade Aluko Street100263
Onawale Street100263
Oninufuju Street100263
Onuyibi Street100263
Onyenze Street100263
Ope Epetimehin Street100263
Opmua Street100263
Oredola Lasisi Street100263
Oredola Olojo Street100263
Oremeji Cl100263
Oremeji Street100263
Osanyintola Street100263
Osebeby Street100263
Osediende Street100263
Oseni Agoro Street100263
Oseni Ajao Street100263
Oseni Laide Street100263
Osolo Way100263
Otunba Akin Street100263
Oyeleru Street100263
Oyetola Street100263
Oyewale Cl100263
Oyindamola Shogbesan Street100263
Oyinlola Street100263
Paddy Chuks Street100263
Pastor Ifedayo Street100263
Peace &Faith Street100263
Phase 2A-30C Street100263
Popoiola Street100263
Powder Line Street100263
Prin Adebayo Joseph Street100263
Prince Aderinpe Street100263
Rabiatu Agbedo Street100263
Raimi OLowora Street100263
Rasheed Street100263
Realm Of Glory Ch Street100263
Retory Church House Street100263
Reuben chika Street100263
Rev. Father Banke Street100263
Rev. Olutayo Street100263
Rev.Adegoke Street100263
Revival Cl100263
Rich filed Street100263
Richard Abimbola Street100263
Rila Olasesi Cl100263
Risi Logoda Street100263
Robinson Egbaji Street100263
Saint Saviour Street100263
Salami Street100263
Salamotu Street100263
Sam Carol Street100263
Sam Madiebo Street100263
Samuel Okuola Street100263
Samuel Olufunmila Street100263
Samuel Uchi Street100263
Sanni Street100263
Sanni Street100263
Segun Omolanfe Street100263
Sehinde Durojaye Street100263
Seke Abimbola Street100263
Shodeinde Street100263
Sholape Owuru Street100263
Sijuwola Street100263
Sobogun Tofa Street100263
Sofuye Street100263
Solo Ahamotu Street100263
St. Cyril Street100263
Stella Osholanke Street100263
Stephen Osibele Street100263
Steve Ihiedigbo Street100263
Sunday Aghedo Street100263
Taiwo Ln Street100263
Taiwo Odunuga Cl100263
Taiwo Street100263
Taiwo Street100263
Taiwo Street100263
Tanimola Street100263
Tanimola Street100263
Temitope Street100263
Tiamiyu Street100263
Titilayo Street100263
Tunde Jaiyesimi Street100263
Tunji Adernto Street100263
Ugali Street100263
Ukpka Cl100263
Umenya Street100263
Unity Street100263
Uzegbu Street100263
Valentine Ayika Street100263
Victoria Street100263
Vigil Dike Street100263
Wahabu Kajugbola Street100263
Waheed Akanni Street100263
Williams Street100263
Wilson Ave Street100263
Yale Okeomo Street100263
Yekini Okebade Street100263
Yususf Orinfokimi Street100263

Other Area Codes

📮 The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982002.

🏤 NIPOST or Nigerian Postal Service is a company owned and operated by the government of this country. The country has a total of more than 5000 post offices spread throughout the region. Find the correct ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code or Postal Code for the postal address you need.