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Ketu Area Postal Codes, Lagos Town

Ketu Area ZIP Codes, the Area location in the Lagos Town, Lagos State South West Geopolitical Zone Consist of 108 streets.

Ketu Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Abiola Street100243
Adebola Idowu Street100243
Adekanbi Street100243
Ademola Street100243
Adeniran Street100243
Adepoje Street100243
Adetayo Street100243
Adetola Street100243
Adeye Street100243
Adeyemi Street100243
Adisa Akintoye Street100243
Agbaje Street100243
Agbomeji Street100243
Agidi Street100243
Ajibike Street100243
Ajiboye Street100243
Akintan Street100243
Alade Street100243
Alamson Street100243
Alapere Street100243
Alhaji Irorun Street100243
Alhaji Opeloyeru Street100243
Allied Street100243
Aminu Street100243
Aroyewun Street100243
Ashaye Street100243
Awolaja Street100243
Badejo Street100243
Bakare Street100243
Balogun Street100243
Baptist Gospel Close100243
Bisi Fakoloju Street100243
Bolarinwa Street100243
Demurin Street100243
Doyin Omololu Street100243
Duba Street100243
Eda Odumbo Street100243
Fadiya Street100243
Fagbamila Street100243
Falade Street100243
Famojuro Street100243
Farayole Street100243
Fehintolu Street100243
Funmilola Street100243
Gania Rabiu Street100243
Gospel Street100243
Ibrahim Oriolowo Street100243
Idofian Street100243
Idowu Street100243
Igbile Street100243
Igbonla Street100243
Ijan Otun Street100243
Ikorodu Rd100243
Ila � Orangun Street100243
Irawosan Street100243
Jawo Street100243
John Aghedo/Ola Bello Street100243
Julius Elebiju Street100243
Kazeem Street100243
Kolawole Eboda Street100243
Kunle Ladejobi Street100243
Modupe (2nd) Street100243
Modupe Street100243
Mosadi Oluwa Street100243
Odo Ogbohu Street100243
Odumosu Close100243
Odumosu Street100243
Ogeyinbo Street100243
Ogunbanwo Street100243
Ogunsanya Street100243
Ogunsehinde Street100243
Ogunshowobo Street100243
Ogunturoti Street100243
Ogunyemi Street100243
Olabinjo Olukoye Street100243
Olatunji Street100243
Olawale Street100243
Olude Street100243
Oluwakemi Street100243
Omodudu Street100243
Omotayo Close100243
Onasanya Street100243
Onimole Street100243
Onipakala Street100243
Ore Ofero Street100243
Oriola Street100243
Oriwu Street100243
Oshinteye Street100243
Oshunketan Street100243
Owoade Street100243
Owomilowomi Street100243
Oyarinu Street100243
Oyebanjo Solarin Street100243
Oyeshikun Street100243
Rasheed Oyekan Street100243
Remilekun Street100243
Sadatu Street100243
Sanmora Street100243
Shabi Ola Street100243
Solomon Street100243
Sonubi Street100243
Soyebo Street100243
Sunday Street100243
Theo Okunusi Street100243
Winco Street100243
Yemi Agbetan Street100243
Yesufu Oyero Street100243
Yisa Omotunde Street100243

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📮 The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982002.

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