Oremeji Ifako Area Postal Codes, Lagos Town

Oremeji Ifako Area ZIP Codes, the Area location in the Lagos Town, Lagos State South West Geopolitical Zone Consist of 130 streets.

Oremeji Ifako Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Abbe Kui Street100241
Abosede Odebowale Street100241
Abudu Odeseye Street100241
Adebanjo Street100241
Adebanke Ajayi Street100241
Adebayo Adeotun Street100241
Adebisi Kotoye Street100241
Adeeso Street100241
Adeite Okunsanya Street100241
Adeleye Street100241
Adeniji Raji Street100241
Adenuga Street100241
Aderemi Akeju Street100241
Adesanya Street100241
Adgboyega Street100241
Ajayi Aina Street100241
Ajoke Salako Street100241
Akerele Street100241
Akinola Adeniyi Street100241
Akinosho Street100241
Akinwumi Street100241
Alabert Adekoya Street100241
Alhaji Adebeshin Street100241
Alhaji Azeez Street100241
Alhaji Gani Dawodu Street100241
Alhaji Nueudeen Street100241
Alhaji Oladehinde Street100241
Alhaji Shofowora Street100241
Anifole Crescent100241
Anuoluwapo Street100241
Aran Orin Street100241
Ashafa Tijani Street100241
Atiku Street100241
Ayodele Okeowo Street100241
Babalola Street100241
Bakare Daudu Street100241
Bale Street100241
Balogun Agbaje Street100241
Banjoko Street100241
Bode Joseph Street100241
Bolajide Street100241
Brown Street100241
Chief Alaba Shonaike Street100241
Church Street100241
Dapo Adeoye Street100241
Diya Street100241
Diya Street100241
Estaport Avenue Street100241
Esure Close100241
Eyinle Lane100241
Fashanu Street100241
Fehintola Street100241
Femi Kufo Street100241
Folaru Street100241
Forolagba Street100241
Fred Omojola Street100241
Gbala Street100241
General Hospital Rd100241
Herbert Williams Street100241
Ibrahim Onashokun Street100241
Idowu Ajayi Street100241
Ifa Teludo Street100241
Ilawe Street100241
Imhensi Street100241
Islamic Avenue Street100241
Jegede Adeniyi Street100241
Jesus Street100241
Jimoh Bajulaiye Street100241
Julius Kadiri Street100241
Karimu Street100241
Kiniun Ifa Street100241
Kolawole Street100241
Kunle Otukoya Street100241
Lateed Onigemo Street100241
Lateef Dosumu Street100241
Majekodunmi Street100241
Medina Estate100241
Mike Ogunbowale Lane100241
Mosalashi Street100241
Nwabuo Street100241
Obazur Street100241
Odo Esa Street100241
Oduwaiye Street100241
Ogudare Awise Lane100241
Ogundare Awise Street100241
Ogundele Street100241
Ogunjirin Street100241
Oke Bello Street100241
Oke Toki Street100241
Okeowo Street100241
Okonlawon Street100241
Okun Street100241
Oladipo Street100241
Olaleye Street100241
Olaogun Street100241
Olatunji Street100241
Olawale Daudu Street100241
Olayinka Street100241
Oludele Fakunle Street100241
Oluwaloni Abeni Arotiba Street100241
Oluwole Street100241
Omoyele Street100241
Omu Aran Street100241
Onasanya Street100241
Opeolu Street100241
Ora Ekpen Street100241
Oriola Onalaja Street100241
Osifala Close100241
Oyewole Habeeb Street100241
Oyewole Street100241
Paul Odulaja Street100241
Popoola Banjoko Street100241
Roluga Street100241
Rosenje Street100241
Sab Ojewalw Street100241
Salau Onikoyi Street100241
Selton Street100241
Shakiru Street100241
Shobayo Street100241
Sholuade Street100241
Shomorin Street100241
Sinatu Lane100241
Sogbamu Street100241
Sosanya Street100241
Stephen Osunlalu Street100241
Titilayo Soetan Street100241
Tunde Hassan Street100241
Twins Obasa Street100241
Walter Stiffre Street100241
Yetunde Brown Street100241

Other Area Codes

The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982112.

NIPOST or Nigerian Postal Service is a company owned and operated by the government of this country. The country has a total of more than 5000 post offices spread throughout the region. Find the correct ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code or Postal Code for the postal address you need.