Shogunle Area Postal Codes, Lagos Town

Shogunle Area ZIP Codes, the Area location in the Lagos Town, Lagos State South West Geopolitical Zone Consist of 356 streets.

Shogunle Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Abayomi Street100261
Abdul Rasaki Street100261
Abeni Bakare Street100261
Abeokuta Street100261
Aberu Agba Street100261
Abiodun Street100261
Abisatu Street100261
Abolaji Street100261
Adebayo Street100261
Adebisi Oluwole Street100261
Adedeji Street100261
Adegboro Street100261
Adejumobi Street100261
Adekoya Street100261
Adekunle Street100261
Adekunle Street100261
Adelaja Street100261
Adelani Ajayi Ln Street100261
Adeola Ajayi Cr100261
Adeoye Street100261
Adepeju Street100261
Adesanya Street100261
Adewale Cr100261
Adewumi Abudu Street100261
Adewumi Ogefon Street100261
Adeyanju Street100261
Adeyemi Street100261
Adeyemo Street100261
Adeyinka Allien Street100261
Adeyinka Street100261
Adijat Lawal Street100261
Adms Street100261
Aduke Thomas Street100261
Afariogun Street100261
African Church Street100261
Agbalaya Street100261
Agbelekale Street100261
Agboola Street100261
Agbor Street100261
Agege Motor Rd100261
Agege Motort Rd100261
Ago Ijaiye Street100261
Ago Owu Street100261
Aimasiko Street100261
Aina Street100261
Airport Ln Street100261
Airport Rd100261
Ajagungbade Street100261
Ajajesha Cr100261
Ajenifuja Street100261
Ajibade Oke Street100261
Ajisegiri Street100261
Akande Adebeshin Street100261
Akani Showunmi Street100261
Akanji Odutola Street100261
Akin Lawanson Street100261
Akiniku Street100261
Akinode Street100261
Akinosho Street100261
Akinpelu Street100261
Akinsoji Street100261
Akinyemi Cr100261
Alade Street100261
Alagbede Cr100261
Alao Street100261
Alasia Compound Street100261
Alh. Abibat Street100261
Alh. Ajani Street100261
Alh. Azeez Street100261
Alh. Bello Street100261
Alh. Onikewula Street100261
Alh. Shehu Ln Street100261
Alh. Yekini Street100261
Alh.Emanuel Street100261
Alh.Rafiu Street100261
Alh.Shokoya Street100261
Alh.Yemisi Street100261
Alimi Oke Street100261
Aluko Street100261
Amusa Street100261
Anaho Dr Street100261
Anike Street100261
Anjorin Street100261
Ansaru Deen Ave Street100261
Anthony Obey Street100261
Anu Oluwapo Street100261
Apakun Ln Street100261
Apph Achigbu Street100261
Araromi Street100261
Araromi Street100261
Aremu Olatunbosun Street100261
Arewa Street100261
Ariori Street100261
Ariyibi Ln Street100261
Ariyibi Oke Street100261
Arowojobe Ln Street100261
Arowojobe Street100261
Arowosegbe Street100261
Asa Afariosun Street100261
Association Street100261
Atanda Street100261
Awoniyi Elemon Street100261
Awotunde Street100261
Ayeni Street100261
Ayeni Village Street100261
Ayinde Street100261
Ayinke Street100261
Ayinke Trombi Street100261
Ayodele Street100261
Ayoola Awe Street100261
Ayorinde Street100261
Baale Shokoni Street100261
Baale Street100261
Bab Ode Street100261
Babatunde Banjo Street100261
Babayanju Street100261
Bada Street100261
Baderin Street100261
Balogun Ln Street100261
Balogun Street100261
Banana Cl100261
Banjoko Street100261
Bello Owosho Street100261
Bello Street100261
Bode Onifade Ave Street100261
Boladale Street100261
Boye Street100261
Branco Street100261
Brown Street100261
Canal Cl100261
Canal View Street100261
Charles Isibor Street100261
Charles Street100261
Chief Aloysius Street100261
Chief Vincent Street100261
Chukudi Okafor Cl100261
Chukwudi Otigba Street100261
Church Cl100261
Church Street100261
Church Street100261
Club Rd100261
Daudu Street100261
Deji Adeoye Street100261
Dele Aroe Street100261
Dele Obilade Cl100261
Dipeolu Street100261
Diran Street100261
Dolapo Oyetunde Street100261
Don Linus Cr100261
Dosunmu Cr100261
Dosunmu Street100261
Edun Street100261
Egbepeju Street100261
Eniola Adesanya Street100261
Eniyan Lonbinu Street100261
Esunola Street100261
Everest Way100261
Eyinogun Street100261
Eyitayo Street100261
Fabukade Street100261
Fadeyi Street100261
Fasasi Ayinde Street100261
Femi Akinsola Street100261
Flobora Street100261
Folorunso Street100261
Gani Kale Ln Street100261
Gani William Street100261
Garuba Akanni Street100261
Glover Street100261
Habideen Street100261
Haruna Subairu Street100261
Hassan Street100261
Ibidun Street100261
Ibiyemi Street100261
Igbehinadun Street100261
Igunnu Street100261
Ijaiye Street100261
Ijaodola Street100261
Ijaye Street100261
Ilare Ln Street100261
Ilesanmi Street100261
Ilorin Ln Street100261
Inabere Street100261
Inasa Cr100261
Inisa Cr100261
Inno Nwosu Street100261
Inua Mohammed Street100261
Ireti Oluwa Street100261
Ishola Daniel Street100261
Itanola Street100261
Iwelle Cl100261
Iyemoja Street100261
Jacob Taiwo Street100261
Jegede Village Street100261
Jenrola Street100261
Johnson Umejehi Street100261
Joseph Street100261
Joy Ave Street100261
Jubrila Street100261
Julius Showunmi Street100261
Kaara Street100261
Kadiri Alimi Street100261
Kale Ln Street100261
Kalejaye Street100261
Kola Adeyemo Street100261
Kolawole Shonibare Street100261
Kolex Av100261
Kunle Akinusi Street100261
Lateef Salami Street100261
Lemo Street100261
Leo Ikeagbu Street100261
Lewis Street100261
Lukman Street100261
Mabayose Street100261
Macarthy Ln Street100261
Mafoluku Rd100261
MAFOLUKU Street100261
Majaro Street100261
Majekodunmi Street100261
Makinde Street100261
Market Ln Street100261
Maurice Nwankwo Street100261
Medua Efuani Street100261
Micheal Street100261
Mosaku Street100261
Mukadasi Street100261
Musa Oyinbo Street100261
Musari Apena Street100261
Niyi Ogunbameru Street100261
Obey Cl100261
Obisanya Street100261
Odalume Street100261
Odunbaku Street100261
Oduwusi Street100261
Ogunbiy Street100261
Ogundele Street100261
Ogunkoya Street100261
Ogunlana Street100261
Ogunsiji Street100261
Oguntusi Cr100261
Oguntusi Ln Street100261
Ogunwemimo Street100261
Ogunyinka Street100261
Ojelade Street100261
Okanlawon Street100261
Okedukwu Arolue Ln Street100261
Okeji Cl100261
Okeleye Street100261
Oketoki Ave Street100261
Okpofe Street100261
Okunade Street100261
Okunowa Street100261
Ola Ore Street100261
Olabode Street100261
Oladehinde Street100261
Olaiya Street100261
Olalubi Street100261
Olasunbo Street100261
Olatunbosun Street100261
Olatunji Ln Street100261
Olatunji Street100261
Olawore Street100261
Old Ewu Rd100261
Oloko Cr100261
Olori Street100261
Olorunsola Street100261
Olowo Kere Street100261
Oloyede Street100261
Oludegun Ave Street100261
Oluleye Street100261
Olusegun Ln Street100261
Olusoji Shofolue Street100261
Olusoji Street100261
Oluwani Street100261
Oluwasanmi Street100261
Oluwole Street100261
Oluyeye Street100261
Omilade Street100261
Omolade Oshinawo Street100261
Opo Osun Street100261
Oredola Street100261
Oremeji Street100261
Orobiyi Street100261
Oronna Street100261
Osemene Street100261
Oseni Ewu Street100261
Osho Street100261
Oshodi Apapa Exp Rd100261
Oshodi Cr100261
Oshodi Rd100261
Oshodi Street100261
Osolo Way100261
Osundeyi Street100261
Osunyemi Street100261
Owolabi Street100261
Owoseni Street100261
Oyegoke Street100261
Oyegunwa Street100261
Oyetayo Street100261
Oyewumi Ojo Street100261
Peluola Street100261
Popoola Street100261
Prince Bola Jegede Street100261
Rafiu Cr100261
Rafiu Subairu Street100261
Raji Abayomi Street100261
Raji Aliu Street100261
Raji Street100261
Raliatu Memudu Street100261
Rasheed Abayomi Street100261
Rasmon Street100261
Rassy Mustapha Cl100261
Rev. Ezekiel Street100261
Rufai Street100261
Sadiku Street100261
Saila Raji Street100261
Saka Street100261
Salako Street100261
Salami Street100261
Salawu Street100261
Sani Adele Street100261
Saubana Street100261
Seinde Street100261
Seriki Abass Street100261
Shabi Elegbe Ln Street100261
Shamura Street100261
Shodeinde Ln Street100261
Shodeinde Street100261
Shoneye Street100261
Shonuga Fagbola Street100261
Shopeju Street100261
Shyeye Street100261
Simbi Street100261
St Stephen Toba Street100261
St. Micheal Church Street100261
Sule Street100261
Sunday Sholola Street100261
Sunkanmi Awoyigbo Street100261
Sunmola Abayomi Street100261
Sunmonu Street100261
Suwebaju Ajala Street100261
Taiwo Ln Street100261
Temidire Street100261
Titilayo Balogun Street100261
Titilayo Street100261
Tiwalede Street100261
Tokunbo Street100261
Ugo Unaibefe Street100261
Unity Cr100261
Victoria Akinleye Street100261
Vitus Okpala Street100261
Wahabi Larinde Street100261
Wura Ola Street100261
Yinusa Ln Street100261
Yisa Ln Street100261
Yusuf Street100261

Other Area Codes

The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982112.

NIPOST or Nigerian Postal Service is a company owned and operated by the government of this country. The country has a total of more than 5000 post offices spread throughout the region. Find the correct ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code or Postal Code for the postal address you need.