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Ikare-Akoko Town Postal Codes, Ondo State

Ikare-Akoko Town ZIP Codes, the Town Area in the Ondo State, South West Geopolitical Zone consists of 9 areas with Postal codes 342211 to 342232.

Listing of ZIP Codes in Ikare-Akoko Town


Ekan Oyinmo Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Alohun St.342222
Aqbulula St.342222
AUD School iv342222
Central Mosque342222
ECWA Church342222
Ikare Gram School342222
Ilepa Ekan St.342222
Lasepo St.342222
Odagun St.342222
Odeke St.342222
Okekede St.342222

Igbde Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Akande St.342213
Alimi St.342213
Araromi St.342213
C.A.C. Church & School342213
Central Mosque Igbede342213
Comprehensive High School342213
Golden Hotel342213
Megida Ln.342213
Olalu St.342213
Olofin Lane342213
Owo Rd.342213
St. Stephen’s Modern School342213

Iku Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Agba Ode Gram Sch.342224
Awara Rd.342224
Balogun Camp342224
Hezekiah’s Compound342224
Kolawoled Medical Clinic342224
Olorunsogo St.342224
Olufoye Compound342224
Otaloke St.342224
St. Judes Pry. Sch.342224

Odeyare Okoja Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Cherubin & Seraphin342221
Kowode Market342221
Ododo St.342221
Oke Ede St.342221
Okore Central Mosque342221
Okore Market342221
Omi Omo St.342221
Orimolade St.342221
Osele Market342221
Primary Health Clinic342221
St. Peter’s Primary School342221

Oke Ruwa Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Afromosko Ln.342212
Aguda St.342212
Ansar-Ud-Deen Mosque342212
Ansar-Ud-Deen Pry. Sch.342212
Archdeacan Vicarage342212
John Holt342212
Lenon St.342212
Odoruwa St.342212
Okeruwa St.342212
Sakunmi St.342212
St. Stephen School342212
St. Stephen’s Ch. Mission342212
Total Petrol342212

Okegbe Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Aba Dara St.342232
Adejoro Compound342232
Ado Rd.342232
Ajomo St.342232
Alaja St.342232
Alaku St.342232
Ansar-Un-Deen Gram Sch.342232
Araromi St.342232
Aworo St.342232
Biroko St.342232
C.A.C Okeiye St.342232
Emeje St.342232
Federal Low Cost Housing342232
Federal Technical College.342232
Ilutitun Area342232
Itagbada St.342232
Itagbooro St.342232
NYSC Camp342232
Obadore St.342232
Ode Aba St.342232
Ojufade St.342232
Ojuolape St.342232
Oke Paye St.342232
Okedodo St.342232
Okegbe Community Pry. Sch.342232
Oketun St.342232
Olona St.342232
Olotu Compound342232
Olotun St.342232
Oluta St.342232
Oseni St.342232
Otun Ireti Handicap Sch.342232
Terere Compound342232
Terere St.342232

Okorun Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Adekinle St.342231
Adekuna St.342231
Agba Ode Gram Sch.342231
Agba Ode St.342231
Ago Igbira St.342231
Ahammadiya Central342231
Akere St.342231
Alade St.342231
Apin St.342231
Ararom St.342231
Arindiya St.342231
Asiru St.342231
Ebenezer AC Sch.342231
Giwa St.342231
Igbo Eye St.342231
Mosque & sch.342231
Obadore Pry. Sch.342231
Obadore St.342231
Odo Oko St.342231
Odopara St.342231
Oke Oloyi St.342231
Okegbala St.342231
Okepara St.342231
Olowu St.342231
Orimolade Pry/Sec. Sch.342231
Orimolade St.342231
Osele St.342231
Oshodi St.342231
Ota Orisa St.342231
Owa Ale Compound342231
Saluke St.342231
Seidu St.342231
Surulere St.342231
Ugbo Egede St.342231

Olukare's Palace Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Adekoya St.342211
Agboriki Comp High Sch.342211
Akoko N/E L.G.A342211
Alagbado St.342211
Alapata Rd.342211
Badusi St.342211
Bankole St.342211
Eniyan Pataki342211
Fati St.342211
Itafaji St.342211
Lokoja St.342211
Oke Dadun St.342211
Oke Idaja St.342211
Olabanji St.342211
Olokesusi St.342211
Olugboja Rd.342211
Olusesi St.342211
Oluwatedo St.342211
Otobo Rd.342211
Surulere St.342211
Yinka Momoh St.342211

Oyinmo Postal Code
StreetZIP Code
Aduloju St.342223
Adulu Compound342223
Aro St.342223
Celestial Church342223
Isale Oyinmo St.342223
Oke Oyinmo St.342223
Oloyinmo Compound342223
Olumofin St.342223
Oyinmo Central Mosque342223
The Apostolic Church342223

Ikare-Akoko LGA

Ikare Rural Postal Code
TownZIP Code

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