Gbagada Postal code: Lagos City

This is a list of Gbagada Postal Code. This area is located in Shomolu LGA, Lagos Metropolitan, Lagos State, South West Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria.

For more details on the list of ZIP codes or Postal codes for Gbagada area, find the code along with the street or location.

Postal Code for Gbagada, Lagos.

Adebajo Munis Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Adebayo Adekoya Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Adenike Moyoso Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Ajidagan Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Akin Davis Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Alake Onilere Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Alasalatu Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Amabinuori Dawodu Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Ashimou Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Ayodeji Otegbola Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Baptist Church Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Bunmi Joseph Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Clarinnt Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Dahomey Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Ebun Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Elektrint Plt Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Fatai Anjorin Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Fola Jinadu Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Fred Motor Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Ganiu Alimi Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Gbagada Express Way100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Gbagada Rd.100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Idowu Olaitan Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Jogunomi Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Jumoke Aparaosho Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Lakunle Okunsan Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Lanre Awolokun Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Mojoyinola Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
N.O.I.C Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Ogundele Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Oguntona Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Olumoroti Jayesimi Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Olushola Olude Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Oriola Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Oworonshoki Express Way100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
P.A Olu Oshumkeye Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Resident Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Safuraju Sekoni Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Shittu Animashau Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Shogbamu Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Shomuyiwa Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Sunday Ogunyade Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Towobola Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
U.P.S. Plot100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Westex Mills Plot100234GbagadaShomoluLagos
Willy Ikorodo Street100234GbagadaShomoluLagos

The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982112.

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