Street in Port Harcourt: Rivers State

This is a list all Streets in Port Harcourt. This town is located in Port Harcourt LGA, Rivers state, South South Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria.

List all streets in Port Harcourt

Alabo Opia StreetAmadi FlatPort Harcourt
Arocchukwu StreetAmadi FlatPort Harcourt
Asaba StreetAmadi FlatPort Harcourt
Atali StreetAmadi FlatPort Harcourt
Calabar StreetAmadi FlatPort Harcourt
Floyer StreetAmadi FlatPort Harcourt
Macauley StreetAmadi FlatPort Harcourt
Nzimiro StreetAmadi FlatPort Harcourt
Ogoja StreetAmadi FlatPort Harcourt
Paris Jones StreetAmadi FlatPort Harcourt
Andoni StreetBori KiriPort Harcourt
Bori StreetBori KiriPort Harcourt
Chief Oju DanielBori KiriPort Harcourt
KaliowayBori KiriPort Harcourt
Etche StreetBori KiriPort Harcourt
Harold Wilson DriveBori KiriPort Harcourt
Kolokuma StreetBori KiriPort Harcourt
Nembe StreetBori KiriPort Harcourt
Okarki StreetBori KiriPort Harcourt
Rex Lawson StreetBori KiriPort Harcourt
Rumukrushe StreetBori KiriPort Harcourt
Sandilled Phase IBori KiriPort Harcourt
Sandfilled Phase IIBori KiriPort Harcourt
Sandfilled Phase IIIBori KiriPort Harcourt
Agudama StreetD-linePort Harcourt
Amaigbo StreetD-linePort Harcourt
Asinobi StreetD-linePort Harcourt
Emekuku StreetD-linePort Harcourt
Ina Obasi StreetD-linePort Harcourt
Kaduna StreetD-linePort Harcourt
Khana StreetD-linePort Harcourt
Mbonu StreetD-linePort Harcourt
Okoroji StreetD-linePort Harcourt
Omoku StreetD-linePort Harcourt
Premabiri StreetD-linePort Harcourt
Wogu StreetD-linePort Harcourt
Abba StreetDiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Abakaliki StreetDiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Abonnema Rd.Diobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Afikpo StreetDiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Agede StreetDiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Akokwa StreetDiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Awkuzu StreetDiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Emenike StreetDiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Ikot Ekpene StreetDiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Ikwerre Rd.Diobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Nanka StreetDiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Niemanze StreetDiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
NjemanzeDiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Nsukka StreetDiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Obodu StreetDiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Ogwa StreetDiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Ojike StreetDiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Okija StreetDiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Orlu StreetDiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Udi StreetDiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Urualla StreetDiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Uyo StreetDiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Agip Rd.Diobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Ebira Rd.Diobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Epirikom StreetDiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Express Way.Diobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Road CDiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Road ADiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Road BDiobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Uni Tech. Rd.Diobu Mile 1Port Harcourt
Abel Jumbo StreetDiobu Mile 2Port Harcourt
Adelabu StreetDiobu Mile 2Port Harcourt
Anozie StreetDiobu Mile 2Port Harcourt
Echua StreetDiobu Mile 2Port Harcourt
Gambia StreetDiobu Mile 2Port Harcourt
Ihidionma StreetDiobu Mile 2Port Harcourt
Lumumba StreetDiobu Mile 2Port Harcourt
Ojoto StreetDiobu Mile 2Port Harcourt
Timber Rd.Diobu Mile 2Port Harcourt
Azikiwe StreetDiobu Mile 3Port Harcourt
Chigbu StreetDiobu Mile 3Port Harcourt
Ejigini StreetDiobu Mile 3Port Harcourt
Eji -Ogbu StreetDiobu Mile 3Port Harcourt
Ekwe StreetDiobu Mile 3Port Harcourt
Obaziolu StreetDiobu Mile 3Port Harcourt
Obunda StreetDiobu Mile 3Port Harcourt
Odunze StreetDiobu Mile 3Port Harcourt
School Rd.Diobu Mile 3Port Harcourt
Wokoma StreetDiobu Mile 3Port Harcourt
Customs and EciseDiobu Mile 4Port Harcourt
National Council of womenDiobu Mile 4Port Harcourt
Nursing schoolDiobu Mile 4Port Harcourt
Prisons HeadquartersDiobu Mile 4Port Harcourt
Specialist HospitalDiobu Mile 4Port Harcourt
Abba StreetEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Abakaliki StreetEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Abonnema Rd.Eagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Afikpo StreetEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Agede StreetEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Akokwa StreetEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Awkuzu StreetEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Emenike StreetEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Ikot Ekpene StreetEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Ikwerre Rd.Eagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Nanka StreetEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Niemanze StreetEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
NjemanzeEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Nsukka StreetEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Obodu StreetEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Ogwa StreetEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Ojike StreetEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Okija StreetEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Orlu StreetEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Udi StreetEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Urualla StreetEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Uyo StreetEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Agip Rd.Eagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Ebira Rd.Eagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Epirikom StreetEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Express Way.Eagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Road CEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Road AEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Road BEagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Uni Tech. Rd.Eagle Island Rumueme/OroakwoPort Harcourt
Rd.IkwerrePort Harcourt
Phase IMagbuobaPort Harcourt
Phase IIMagbuobaPort Harcourt
Phase IIIMagbuobaPort Harcourt
Epirikom Rd.MagbuobaPort Harcourt
Ikegwuru Rd.MagbuobaPort Harcourt
Ikwerre Rd.MagbuobaPort Harcourt
Road C.MagbuobaPort Harcourt
Rumuoluwuta Rd.MagbuobaPort Harcourt
Phase INew G.R.APort Harcourt
Phase IINew G.R.APort Harcourt
Phase IIINew G.R.APort Harcourt
Epirikom Rd.New G.R.APort Harcourt
Ikegwuru Rd.New G.R.APort Harcourt
Ikwerre Rd.New G.R.APort Harcourt
Road C.New G.R.APort Harcourt
Rumuoluwuta Rd.New G.R.APort Harcourt
Bishop Johnson StreetNew LayoutPort Harcourt
Gapt. Amangala StreetNew LayoutPort Harcourt
Gelsthorpe StreetNew LayoutPort Harcourt
Ibadan StreetNew LayoutPort Harcourt
King Jaja StreetNew LayoutPort Harcourt
Moorehouse StreetNew LayoutPort Harcourt
Ndoki StreetNew LayoutPort Harcourt
Onitsha StreetNew LayoutPort Harcourt
Abana StreetOld G.R.APort Harcourt
Agina Ave.Old G.R.APort Harcourt
Akomas StreetOld G.R.APort Harcourt
Allagoa Ave.Old G.R.APort Harcourt
Ebunine StreetOld G.R.APort Harcourt
Ernest Ikoki StreetOld G.R.APort Harcourt
Force Ave.Old G.R.APort Harcourt
Graham Ave.Old G.R.APort Harcourt
Harley StreetOld G.R.APort Harcourt
Inikere StreetOld G.R.APort Harcourt
Miller Ave.Old G.R.APort Harcourt
Umuahia StreetOld G.R.APort Harcourt
William Jumbo StreetOld G.R.APort Harcourt
Wokekoro StreetOld G.R.APort Harcourt
Accra StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Aggery StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Ahoada StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Asaba StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Azikiwe Rd.Old TownshipPort Harcourt
Banham StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Barrack Rd.Old TownshipPort Harcourt
Bathurst Rd.Old TownshipPort Harcourt
Bende StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Bernard Carr StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Bonny StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Bori StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Brass StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Church Hill Rd.Old TownshipPort Harcourt
Creek Rd.Old TownshipPort Harcourt
Crowther StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Degema StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Diobu StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Elliot Henry StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Enugu StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Freetown StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Henshaw StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Hospital Rd.Old TownshipPort Harcourt
Industry Rd.Old TownshipPort Harcourt
Isaa Boro StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Jos StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Kano StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Lagos StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Market Rd.Old TownshipPort Harcourt
MoscowndOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Niger StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Okrika StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Opobo StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Paris Jones StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Sokoto StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Station (Okrika Rd)Old TownshipPort Harcourt
Tokoradi StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
Victoria StreetOld TownshipPort Harcourt
ElelewonRumukrueshiPort Harcourt
Shell ClubRumukrueshiPort Harcourt
Shell ResidentialRumukrueshiPort Harcourt
QuartersRumukrueshiPort Harcourt
Woji Housing EstateRumukrueshiPort Harcourt
MgbuobaRumuokwutaPort Harcourt
NTA AreaRumuokwutaPort Harcourt
Rumu oneRumuokwutaPort Harcourt
RumuigboRumuokwutaPort Harcourt
RumuokwutaRumuokwutaPort Harcourt
Rd.RumuokwutaPort Harcourt

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