Wuse II/2 Postal Code, AMAC: Abuja FCT

This is a list of Wuse II/2 Postal Code. This location is located in Abuja Town, Abuja Municipal Area Council LGA, FCT Abuja State, North Central Geopolitical Zone, Nigeria.

NameWuse 2 (II)
Postal Code900288
LGAAbuja municipal area council (AMAC)

Postal Code for Wuse II

Adetokunbo Ademola Cr․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Agadez Cr․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Ahmadu Bello Way900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Alex Sandra Cr․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Aminu Kano Cr․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Baguy St․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Bajul St․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Bantyle St․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Barosalem St․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Beira St․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Buchanan Cr․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Bujmburra St․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Cassabulanka St.900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Durban St․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Fez St․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Freetown St․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Herbert Macualay Way900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Hombari St․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Ibrahim Babangida Way900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Kampala St.900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Kumasi St․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Libravile Cr․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Lingu Cr․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Lubito Cr․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Madona Cr․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Marakeshi St․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Metel St․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Moronvia St.900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Moshi Cr․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Nairobi Cr․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Northern Park Way900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Ojibuti Cr․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Outher Northern Transit Way900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Partomuro Cr․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Sani Abacha Way900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Sekondi St․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Sir Kasim Ibrahim Way900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Sultan Abubakar St․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Tarkwa Cr․900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT
Wanda Cr.900288Wuse IIAbujaAMACFCT

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