Abu Dhabi Postcode, United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi don't have a Postcode or ZIP Code, if it needs to fill out both offline and online forms, fill it with "00000", N/A or just empty it. The Emirate has to deliver or receive something using a PO BOX, and you have to rent it from the nearest post office at least annually.

NameEmirate of Abu Dhabi
Postcode00000 (N/A)
Area Code02
CountryUnited Arab Emirates

Postcode for Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi00000Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Airport00000Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Gate City00000Abu Dhabi
Al Ain00000Abu Dhabi
Al Aman00000Abu Dhabi
Al Atir00000Abu Dhabi
Al Ayn00000Abu Dhabi
Al Bahia00000Abu Dhabi
Al Baladiyah00000Abu Dhabi
Al Bateen00000Abu Dhabi
Al Dhafrah00000Abu Dhabi
Al Falah City00000Abu Dhabi
Al Falah New Community00000Abu Dhabi
Al Ghadeer00000Abu Dhabi
Al Hadhi00000Abu Dhabi
Al Hayer00000Abu Dhabi
Al Hisn00000Abu Dhabi
Al Hosn00000Abu Dhabi
Al Hudayriat Island00000Abu Dhabi
Al Idd00000Abu Dhabi
Al Ittihad00000Abu Dhabi
Al Jahr00000Abu Dhabi
Al Jami al Kabir00000Abu Dhabi
Al Karamah00000Abu Dhabi
Al Khabb00000Abu Dhabi
Al Khaleej Al Arabi00000Abu Dhabi
Al Khalidiya00000Abu Dhabi
Al Khalidiyah00000Abu Dhabi
Al Khatim00000Abu Dhabi
Al Khazna00000Abu Dhabi
Al Khaznah00000Abu Dhabi
Al Khis00000Abu Dhabi
Al Khubayrah00000Abu Dhabi
Al Khubeirah00000Abu Dhabi
Al Mafraq00000Abu Dhabi
Al Manhal00000Abu Dhabi
Al Maqta00000Abu Dhabi
Al Marfa00000Abu Dhabi
Al Mariah United Group00000Abu Dhabi
Al Mariyah00000Abu Dhabi
Al Mariyah al Gharbiyah00000Abu Dhabi
Al Markaziyah00000Abu Dhabi
Al Mashrub00000Abu Dhabi
Al Mina00000Abu Dhabi
Al Mirfa00000Abu Dhabi
Al Mu'tarad00000Abu Dhabi
Al Mughayra'00000Abu Dhabi
Al Muqattarah00000Abu Dhabi
Al Muroor00000Abu Dhabi
Al Murur00000Abu Dhabi
Al Musalla00000Abu Dhabi
Al Mushrif00000Abu Dhabi
Al Muwayqi'i00000Abu Dhabi
Al Muzun00000Abu Dhabi
Al Nahda00000Abu Dhabi
Al Nahyan00000Abu Dhabi
Al Najda00000Abu Dhabi
Al Qaia00000Abu Dhabi
Al Qimi00000Abu Dhabi
Al Qurm00000Abu Dhabi
Al Raha Beach00000Abu Dhabi
Al Raha Corniche00000Abu Dhabi
Al Raha Gardens00000Abu Dhabi
Al Raha Golf Gardens00000Abu Dhabi
Al Rahba00000Abu Dhabi
Al Ras Al Akhdar00000Abu Dhabi
Al Rawdah00000Abu Dhabi
Al Reef00000Abu Dhabi
Al Reem Island00000Abu Dhabi
Al Rowdah00000Abu Dhabi
Al Ruwais00000Abu Dhabi
Al Samha00000Abu Dhabi
Al Shahama00000Abu Dhabi
Al Shamkha00000Abu Dhabi
Al Sowwah00000Abu Dhabi
Al Udayd00000Abu Dhabi
Al Wahda00000Abu Dhabi
Al Wahdah00000Abu Dhabi
Al Wathba00000Abu Dhabi
Al Wathbah00000Abu Dhabi
Al Zaab00000Abu Dhabi
An Nadi as Siyahi00000Abu Dhabi
An Nashshash00000Abu Dhabi
Aqbiyah00000Abu Dhabi
Ar Ra's al Akhdar00000Abu Dhabi
Ar Rawdah00000Abu Dhabi
Ar Rihan00000Abu Dhabi
Ar Ruways00000Abu Dhabi
Aradah00000Abu Dhabi
As Sad00000Abu Dhabi
As Slabeikh00000Abu Dhabi
As Sulaymat00000Abu Dhabi
Ash Shahamah00000Abu Dhabi
Ash Shibhanah00000Abu Dhabi
Attab00000Abu Dhabi
Ayn al Faydah00000Abu Dhabi
Az Za'ab00000Abu Dhabi
Az Zafrah00000Abu Dhabi
Az Zahra00000Abu Dhabi
Badiyah00000Abu Dhabi
Baniyas00000Abu Dhabi
Batin00000Abu Dhabi
Bin Ahmad00000Abu Dhabi
Bu Hasa00000Abu Dhabi
Bu Lifiyat00000Abu Dhabi
Bu Rays00000Abu Dhabi
Capital District00000Abu Dhabi
Corniche00000Abu Dhabi
Da'sah00000Abu Dhabi
Dahin00000Abu Dhabi
Danet00000Abu Dhabi
Downtown00000Abu Dhabi
Fariq Tarif00000Abu Dhabi
Ghantoot00000Abu Dhabi
Ghurbah00000Abu Dhabi
Golf Gardens00000Abu Dhabi
Grand Mosque District00000Abu Dhabi
Habshan00000Abu Dhabi
Hadbat az Za'faranah00000Abu Dhabi
Hafif00000Abu Dhabi
Hamarur00000Abu Dhabi
Hameem00000Abu Dhabi
Hamim00000Abu Dhabi
Hilli00000Abu Dhabi
Humar00000Abu Dhabi
Huwaylah00000Abu Dhabi
Huwaytayn00000Abu Dhabi
Hydra Village00000Abu Dhabi
Istayhah00000Abu Dhabi
Jayf00000Abu Dhabi
Jebel Dhanna00000Abu Dhabi
Jurayrah00000Abu Dhabi
Kayyah00000Abu Dhabi
Khalifa City B00000Abu Dhabi
Khalifa Street00000Abu Dhabi
Khannur00000Abu Dhabi
Liwa00000Abu Dhabi
Lulu Island00000Abu Dhabi
Madinat ad Dubbat00000Abu Dhabi
Madinat an Nahdah00000Abu Dhabi
Madinat Khalifah A00000Abu Dhabi
Madinat Khalifah B00000Abu Dhabi
Madinat Zayed00000Abu Dhabi
Madinat Zayid00000Abu Dhabi
Mahdar Bin 'Usayyan00000Abu Dhabi
Majra al Ghaf00000Abu Dhabi
Marawwah00000Abu Dhabi
Marina Village00000Abu Dhabi
Mas'udi00000Abu Dhabi
Masdar City00000Abu Dhabi
Mawsil00000Abu Dhabi
Mazyad00000Abu Dhabi
Milqatah00000Abu Dhabi
Mintaqah Bayn al Jisrayn00000Abu Dhabi
Mintaqat al Matar00000Abu Dhabi
Mohamed Bin Zayed City00000Abu Dhabi
Mujib00000Abu Dhabi
Mundafinah00000Abu Dhabi
Muroor Area00000Abu Dhabi
Mussafah00000Abu Dhabi
Muzayri'00000Abu Dhabi
Nafir00000Abu Dhabi
Nahel00000Abu Dhabi
Naqrah00000Abu Dhabi
NPCC, Mussafa, Abu DHabi00000Abu Dhabi
Nuqayrah00000Abu Dhabi
Nurai Island00000Abu Dhabi
Police Officers City00000Abu Dhabi
Qaryat at Turath00000Abu Dhabi
Qasr al Bahr00000Abu Dhabi
Qasr ash Shati'00000Abu Dhabi
Qasr El Bahr00000Abu Dhabi
Qasr El Shatie00000Abu Dhabi
Qattarah00000Abu Dhabi
Qu'aysah00000Abu Dhabi
Qurmidah00000Abu Dhabi
Qutuf00000Abu Dhabi
Ras Khumais00000Abu Dhabi
Rowdat Al Reef Palace00000Abu Dhabi
Saadiyat Island00000Abu Dhabi
Sabkhah00000Abu Dhabi
Sas Al Nakheel00000Abu Dhabi
Sas an Nakhl00000Abu Dhabi
Shah00000Abu Dhabi
Shati' ar Rahah00000Abu Dhabi
Sikkat al Khayl00000Abu Dhabi
Suwayhan00000Abu Dhabi
Sweihan00000Abu Dhabi
Taraq00000Abu Dhabi
Tarif00000Abu Dhabi
Tharwaniyah00000Abu Dhabi
Tourist Club Area00000Abu Dhabi
Umm al Qurayn00000Abu Dhabi
Wadhil00000Abu Dhabi
Wafd00000Abu Dhabi
Yafur00000Abu Dhabi
Yas Island00000Abu Dhabi
Yas Marina F1 Circuit00000Abu Dhabi
Zafir00000Abu Dhabi
Zayed Military City00000Abu Dhabi

The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982112.

NIPOST or Nigerian Postal Service is a company owned and operated by the government of this country. The country has a total of more than 5000 post offices spread throughout the region. Find the correct ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code or Postal Code for the postal address you need.