Dubai Postcode, United Arab Emirates

Dubai don't have a Postcode or ZIP Code, if it needs to fill out both offline and online forms, fill it with "00000", N/A or just empty it. The Emirate has to deliver or receive something using a PO BOX, and you have to rent it from the nearest post office at least annually.

NameEmirate of Dubai
PostcodeN/A (00000)
CountryUnited Arab Emirates

Postcode for Dubai

Abu Hail00000Dubai
Abu Hayl00000Dubai
Academic City00000Dubai
Ad Daghayah00000Dubai
Airport Free Zone00000Dubai
Al Aweer00000Dubai
Al Awir00000Dubai
Al Bada00000Dubai
Al Bada'a00000Dubai
Al Baharnah00000Dubai
Al Balush00000Dubai
Al Baraha00000Dubai
Al Barahah00000Dubai
Al Barari00000Dubai
Al Barsha 100000Dubai
Al Barsha 200000Dubai
Al Barsha 300000Dubai
Al Barsha South 100000Dubai
Al Barsha South 200000Dubai
Al Barsha South 300000Dubai
Al Faq00000Dubai
Al Furjan00000Dubai
Al Garhoud00000Dubai
Al Hajarayn00000Dubai
Al Hamriyah00000Dubai
Al Hudaba00000Dubai
Al Hudaiba00000Dubai
Al Hudaybah00000Dubai
Al Jadaf00000Dubai
Al Jafiliya00000Dubai
Al Jafliya00000Dubai
Al Karama00000Dubai
Al Khabasi00000Dubai
Al Khabeesi00000Dubai
Al Khail Gate Residential00000Dubai
Al Khawanij00000Dubai
Al Kifaf00000Dubai
Al Lusayli00000Dubai
Al Mahra00000Dubai
Al Manara00000Dubai
Al Mankhool00000Dubai
Al Marqadh00000Dubai
Al Matinah00000Dubai
Al Mina00000Dubai
Al Mizhar00000Dubai
Al Mizhar 100000Dubai
Al Mizhar 200000Dubai
Al Muhaisnah00000Dubai
Al Muraqqabat00000Dubai
Al Murar00000Dubai
Al Murar al Jadid00000Dubai
Al Murar al Qadim00000Dubai
Al Musalla00000Dubai
Al Nahda00000Dubai
Al Nassem00000Dubai
Al Qawz00000Dubai
Al Quoz00000Dubai
Al Quoz 100000Dubai
Al Quoz 200000Dubai
Al Quoz Industrial Area 100000Dubai
Al Quoz Industrial Area 200000Dubai
Al Quoz Industrial Area 300000Dubai
Al Quoz Industrial Area 400000Dubai
Al Qusais 100000Dubai
Al Qusais 200000Dubai
Al Qusais 300000Dubai
Al Qusais Industrial Area 100000Dubai
Al Qusais Industrial Area 200000Dubai
Al Qusais Industrial Area 500000Dubai
Al Qusays00000Dubai
Al Raffa00000Dubai
Al Ras00000Dubai
Al Rashidiya00000Dubai
Al Reem 100000Dubai
Al Reem 200000Dubai
Al Reem 300000Dubai
Al Rigga00000Dubai
Al Safa 100000Dubai
Al Safa 200000Dubai
Al Salam00000Dubai
Al Satwa00000Dubai
Al Shindagah00000Dubai
Al Sufouh 100000Dubai
Al Sufouh 200000Dubai
Al Twar 100000Dubai
Al Twar 200000Dubai
Al Twar 300000Dubai
Al Usbij00000Dubai
Al Waha Villas00000Dubai
Al Waheda00000Dubai
Al Warqa'a00000Dubai
Al Wasl00000Dubai
Al Wuheida00000Dubai
Alma 100000Dubai
Alma 200000Dubai
Alvorada 100000Dubai
Alvorada 200000Dubai
Alvorada 300000Dubai
Alvorada 400000Dubai
Amber Way00000Dubai
An Nakhl00000Dubai
Ar Ra's00000Dubai
Ar Rashidiyah00000Dubai
Ar Rifa'ah00000Dubai
Ar Riqqah00000Dubai
Ar Riqqah Gharb00000Dubai
Ar Riqqah Sharq00000Dubai
Arabian Ranches00000Dubai
Arabian Ranches 200000Dubai
Armada towers00000Dubai
As Sabkhah00000Dubai
As Safa00000Dubai
As Satwah00000Dubai
Ash Shamal00000Dubai
Ash Shindaghah00000Dubai
At Tawar00000Dubai
Ayal Nasir00000Dubai
Block 12K00000Dubai
Block 5A00000Dubai
Block 5B00000Dubai
Block 5C00000Dubai
Block 5D00000Dubai
Block 5E00000Dubai
Block 5F00000Dubai
Block 5G00000Dubai
Block 7C00000Dubai
Bu Kadra00000Dubai
Bur Dubai00000Dubai
Bur Sa'id00000Dubai
Burj Nahar00000Dubai
Business Bay00000Dubai
Calida Village00000Dubai
Carmen Village00000Dubai
Carmen Village North00000Dubai
Casa Villas00000Dubai
City of Arabia00000Dubai
Clubhouse Area00000Dubai
Corniche Deira00000Dubai
Culture Village00000Dubai
Dawwar Burj Nahar00000Dubai
Deema 100000Dubai
Deema 200000Dubai
Deema 300000Dubai
Deema 400000Dubai
Discovery Gardens00000Dubai
District 500000Dubai
District 700000Dubai
Downtown Burj Khalifa00000Dubai
Dubai Aid City00000Dubai
Dubai Airport Freezone Area00000Dubai
Dubai Autodrome00000Dubai
Dubai Design District00000Dubai
Dubai Festival City00000Dubai
Dubai Golf City00000Dubai
Dubai Healthcare City00000Dubai
Dubai Industrial City00000Dubai
Dubai International Academic City00000Dubai
Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC)00000Dubai
Dubai International Media Production Zone (IMPZ)00000Dubai
Dubai Internet City00000Dubai
Dubai Investments Park00000Dubai
Dubai Land00000Dubai
Dubai Lifestyle City00000Dubai
Dubai Marina00000Dubai
Dubai Media City00000Dubai
Dubai Media City 200000Dubai
Dubai Outlet City00000Dubai
Dubai Pearl00000Dubai
Dubai Promenade00000Dubai
Dubai Residence Complex00000Dubai
Dubai Silicon Oasis00000Dubai
Dubai Sports City00000Dubai
Dubai Studio City00000Dubai
Dubai Sustainable City00000Dubai
Dubai Waterfront00000Dubai
Dubai World Central00000Dubai
Emirates Hill 100000Dubai
Emirates Hill 200000Dubai
Emirates Hill 300000Dubai
Emirates Hills00000Dubai
Esmeralda Village00000Dubai
Estella Village00000Dubai
Falcon City of Wonders 100000Dubai
Falcon City of Wonders 200000Dubai
Ferij al Muhadham00000Dubai
Flame Tree Ridge00000Dubai
Global Village00000Dubai
Golf Homes00000Dubai

The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982112.

NIPOST or Nigerian Postal Service is a company owned and operated by the government of this country. The country has a total of more than 5000 post offices spread throughout the region. Find the correct ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code or Postal Code for the postal address you need.