Metro Manila ZIP Codes: NCR

Metropolitan / Metro Manila ZIP Code is the range from 1000 to 1812. The metropolitan area and region is located in the Luzon Island, Philippines.

NameMetro Manila (National Capital Region (NCR) / Kalakhang Maynila)
ZIP Code1000 - 1812
Area Code2
Regional CenterManila (Maynila)

For more details on the list of Postcodes or ZIP codes in Metropolitan Manila, find the code along with the cities.

Metro Manila ZIP Codes

CityZIP CodeArea CodeMetropolitan
Caloocan1400 - 14282Metro Manila
Las PiƱas1740 - 17522Metro Manila
Makati1200 - 12352Metro Manila
Malabon1409 - 14802Metro Manila
Mandaluyong1550 - 15562Metro Manila
Manila (capital)1000 - 10182Metro Manila
Marikina1800 - 18122Metro Manila
Muntinlupa1770 - 17992Metro Manila
Navotas1409 - 14902Metro Manila
ParaƱaque1700 - 17202Metro Manila
Pasay1300 - 13092Metro Manila
Pasig1600 - 16122Metro Manila
Pateros1620 - 16212Metro Manila
Quezon City1100 - 11282Metro Manila
San Juan1500 - 15042Metro Manila
Taguig1630 - 16392Metro Manila
Valenzuela1440 - 14692Metro Manila

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