Zamboanga del Sur ZIP Codes: Philippines

Zamboanga del Sur ZIP Codes is the range from 7000 - 7043. The province is located in the Zamboanga Peninsula Region, Philippines.

NameZamboanga del Sur
ZIP Code7000 - 7043
Area Code62
SeatPagadian City

For more details on the list of Postcodes or ZIP codes in Zamboanga del Sur province, find the code along with the municipality.

ZIP Code of Zamboanga del Sur

MunicipalityZIP CodeArea CodeProvince
Aurora702062Zamboanga Del Sur
Bayog701162Zamboanga Del Sur
Dimataling703262Zamboanga Del Sur
Dinas703062Zamboanga Del Sur
Don Mariano Marcos702262Zamboanga Del Sur
Dumalinao701562Zamboanga Del Sur
Dumingag702862Zamboanga Del Sur
Guipos704262Zamboanga Del Sur
Josefina702762Zamboanga Del Sur
Kumalarang701362Zamboanga Del Sur
Labangan701762Zamboanga Del Sur
Lakewood701462Zamboanga Del Sur
Lapuyan703762Zamboanga Del Sur
Mahayag702662Zamboanga Del Sur
Margo sa Tubig703562Zamboanga Del Sur
Midsalip702162Zamboanga Del Sur
Molave702362Zamboanga Del Sur
Pagadian City701662Zamboanga Del Sur
Pitogo703362Zamboanga Del Sur
Ramon Magsaysay702462Zamboanga Del Sur
San Miguel702962Zamboanga Del Sur
San Pablo703162Zamboanga Del Sur
Tabina703462Zamboanga Del Sur
Tambulig702562Zamboanga Del Sur
Tigbao704362Zamboanga Del Sur
Tukuran701962Zamboanga Del Sur
Vicencio Sagun703662Zamboanga Del Sur
Zamboanga City700062Zamboanga Del Sur

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