Calgary Region ZIP Codes, Alberta

Calgary Region ZIP codes is T0J to T4H. This region is located in the Alberta province, Canada, North America.

NameCalgary Metropolitan Region (CMR)
Postal CodeT0J - T4H
ProvinceAlberta (AB)
ContinentNorth America

For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Calgary Region, find the code along with the place.

ZIP Code for Calgary Region, AB

AirdrieT4A, T4BCalgary
AldersydeT0L 0A0Calgary
BalzacT0M, T4BCalgary
BeisekerT0M 0B6, T0M 0G0Calgary
Black DiamondT0L 0C6, T0L 0H0Calgary
BlackieT0L 0B9, T0L 0J0Calgary
Bragg CreekT0L 0C7, T0L 0K0Calgary
CalgaryT1W - T4BCalgary
CarstairsT0M 0A5, T0M 0N0Calgary
CayleyT0L 0A6, T0L 0P0Calgary
CremonaT0M 0B9, T0M 0R0Calgary
CrossfieldT0M 0C1, T0M 0S0Calgary
DalemeadT0J 0V0Calgary
De WintonT0L, T1SCalgary
DelacourT0M, T1ZCalgary
DidsburyT0M 0A2, T0M 0W0Calgary
Eden ValleyT0L 2R0Calgary
FoothillsT0L, T1S, T1VCalgary
Heritage PointeT1S 3M8Calgary
High RiverT1VCalgary
IndusT1X 0H7Calgary
IrricanaT0M 0C8, T0M 1B0Calgary
KathyrnT0M, T4ACalgary
KeomaT0M, T4ACalgary
LongviewT0L 0A9, T0L 1H0Calgary
MaddenT0M 1L0Calgary
MillarvilleT0L 0A4, T0L 1K0Calgary
Priddis GreensT0L 1W3Calgary
Redwood MeadowsT3ZCalgary
Rocky View CountyT1X, T1Z, T3P, T3R, T3Z, T4A, T4BCalgary
SundreT0M 0A6, T0M 1X0Calgary
Tsuu T'InaT2W 6H6, T3E 3X8, T2W 1S6Calgary
Turner ValleyT0L 0A5, T0L 2A0Calgary
Water ValleyT0M 0C9, T0M 2E1, T0M 2E0Calgary

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