List of 46 Providence County ZIP Codes: Rhode Island

Providence County ZIP Codes is 02802 to 02940. This county is located in Rhode Island State, United States of America (USA), North America.

NameProvidence County
ZIP Code02802 - 02940
Area Code401, 508
StateRhode Island (RI)
CountryUnited States (US)
RegionNorth America

For more details on the list of 46 Postal codes or ZIP codes in Providence County, find the code along with the City and code.

ZIP Code for Providence County, Rhode Island

CityZIP CodeCountyState
Albion02802ProvidenceRhode Island
Central Falls02863ProvidenceRhode Island
Chepachet02814ProvidenceRhode Island
Clayville02815ProvidenceRhode Island
Cranston02910ProvidenceRhode Island
Cranston02920ProvidenceRhode Island
Cranston02921ProvidenceRhode Island
Cumberland02864ProvidenceRhode Island
East Providence02914ProvidenceRhode Island
Fiskeville02823ProvidenceRhode Island
Forestdale02824ProvidenceRhode Island
Foster02825ProvidenceRhode Island
Glendale02826ProvidenceRhode Island
Greenville02828ProvidenceRhode Island
Harmony02829ProvidenceRhode Island
Harrisville02830ProvidenceRhode Island
Hope02831ProvidenceRhode Island
Johnston02919ProvidenceRhode Island
Lincoln02865ProvidenceRhode Island
Manville02838ProvidenceRhode Island
Mapleville02839ProvidenceRhode Island
North Providence02911ProvidenceRhode Island
North Scituate02857ProvidenceRhode Island
North Smithfield02896ProvidenceRhode Island
Oakland02858ProvidenceRhode Island
Pascoag02859ProvidenceRhode Island
Pawtucket02860ProvidenceRhode Island
Pawtucket02861ProvidenceRhode Island
Pawtucket02862ProvidenceRhode Island
Providence02901ProvidenceRhode Island
Providence02902ProvidenceRhode Island
Providence02903ProvidenceRhode Island
Providence02904ProvidenceRhode Island
Providence02905ProvidenceRhode Island
Providence02906ProvidenceRhode Island
Providence02907ProvidenceRhode Island
Providence02908ProvidenceRhode Island
Providence02909ProvidenceRhode Island
Providence02912ProvidenceRhode Island
Providence02918ProvidenceRhode Island
Providence02940ProvidenceRhode Island
Riverside02915ProvidenceRhode Island
Rumford02916ProvidenceRhode Island
Slatersville02876ProvidenceRhode Island
Smithfield02917ProvidenceRhode Island
Woonsocket02895ProvidenceRhode Island

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