Cape Breton County ZIP Codes, Nova Scotia

Cape Breton County ZIP codes is B1A to B2A. This division is located in the Nova Scotia province, Canada, North America.

NameCape Breton County
Postal CodeB1A to B2A
ProvinceNova Scotia (NS)
ContinentNorth America

For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Cape Breton County, find the code along with the place.

ZIP Code for Cape Breton County, NS

Albert BridgeB1KCape Breton
Alder PointB1YCape Breton
Balls CreekB2ACape Breton
BarrachoisB1YCape Breton
BatestonB1CCape Breton
Beaver CoveB1TCape Breton
BeechmontB2ACape Breton
Ben EoinB1JCape Breton
BenacadieB1TCape Breton
Big BeachB1TCape Breton
Big PondB1JCape Breton
Big Pond CentreB1JCape Breton
Big RidgeB1KCape Breton
Birch GroveB1BCape Breton
Black BrookB1B 1T6, B1B 1T8, B1B 1T7Cape Breton
Blacketts LakeB1L 1A7Cape Breton
BoisdaleB1YCape Breton
Bras d'OrB1YCape Breton
BroughtonB1BCape Breton
Caribou MarshB1L, B1MCape Breton
Castle BayB1TCape Breton
CataloneB1CCape Breton
Catalone GutB1CCape Breton
Christmas IslandB1TCape Breton
CoxheathB1L, B1RCape Breton
Dalem LakeB1YCape Breton
DominionB1GCape Breton
DonkinB1ACape Breton
Dutch BrookB1L, B1MCape Breton
East BayB1JCape Breton
EdwardsvilleB2ACape Breton
EnonB1JCape Breton
EskasoniB1WCape Breton
FlorenceB1YCape Breton
Fortress of LouisbourgB1CCape Breton
French RoadB1KCape Breton
FrenchvaleB2ACape Breton
GabarusB1KCape Breton
Gabarus LakeB1KCape Breton
Gardiner MinesB1HCape Breton
Georges RiverB1YCape Breton
Gillis LakeB2ACape Breton
Glace BayB1ACape Breton
Grand Lake RoadB1M 0A2Cape Breton
Grand Mira NorthB1KCape Breton
Grand Mira SouthB1KCape Breton
Grand NarrowsB1TCape Breton
Groves PointB1YCape Breton
Hillside BoularderieB1YCape Breton
HomevilleB1BCape Breton
Howie CenterB1LCape Breton
HuntingtonB1KCape Breton
IrishvaleB1JCape Breton
IronvilleB1YCape Breton
IslandviewB1JCape Breton
Juniper MountainB1KCape Breton
Leitches CreekB1Y, B2ACape Breton
LinganB1HCape Breton
Lingan RoadB1N 3K3Cape Breton
Little Bras d'OrB1YCape Breton
Little LorraineB1CCape Breton
Little PondB1YCape Breton
Long IslandB1YCape Breton
LouisbourgB1CCape Breton
Main-à-DieuB1CCape Breton
Marion BridgeB1KCape Breton
McAdams LakeB2ACape Breton
MembertouB1SCape Breton
Middle CapeB1JCape Breton
Mill CreekB1YCape Breton
MillvilleB1YCape Breton
Mira GutB1KCape Breton
Mira RoadB1M, B1PCape Breton
New VictoriaB1HCape Breton
New WaterfordB1HCape Breton
North SydneyB2ACape Breton
North West ArmB2ACape Breton
Northside East BayB1JCape Breton
Pipers CoveB1TCape Breton
Point AconiB1YCape Breton
Point EdwardB2ACape Breton
Port CaledoniaB1ACape Breton
Port MorienB1BCape Breton
PortageB1L 1E3, B1L 1A6, B1L 1A6Cape Breton
Prime BrookB1L, B1SCape Breton
Reserve MinesB1ECape Breton
River RyanB1HCape Breton
Rock ElmB1KCape Breton
Round IslandB1BCape Breton
Saint Andrews ChannelB1J 1R3, B1J 1R2, B1J 1R1Cape Breton
SandfieldB1KCape Breton
Scotch LakeB1YCape Breton
ScotchtownB1HCape Breton
ShenacadieB1TCape Breton
South BarB1NCape Breton
South HeadB1BCape Breton
Southside BoularderieB1YCape Breton
SydneyB1L, B1M, B1N, B1P, B1R, B1SCape Breton
Sydney ForksB1LCape Breton
Sydney MinesB1VCape Breton
Sydney RiverB1L, B1SCape Breton
Tower RoadB1BCape Breton
Upper Grand MiraB1KCape Breton
Upper Leitches CreekB2ACape Breton
Upper North SydneyB2ACape Breton
Victoria MinesB1NCape Breton
WestmountB1P, B1RCape Breton

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