St. John's Metropolitan ZIP Codes, NL

St. John's Metropolitan ZIP codes is A0A to A1Y. This County is located in the Newfoundland and Labrador province, Canada, North America.

NameSt. John's Metropolitan Area
Postal CodeA0A, A0B, A1G, A1K, A1L, A1M, A1N, A1S, A1W, A1X, A1Y
ProvinceNewfoundland and Labrador (NL)
ContinentNorth America

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ZIP Code for St. John's Metropolitan, NL

AquaforteA0A 1A0, A0A 0B3St. John's
Arnolds CoveA0B 0C3, A0B 1A0St. John's
AvondaleA0A 0A1, A0A 1B0St. John's
BaulineA1KSt. John's
Bay BullsA0A 1C0, A0A 0C4St. John's
Bay de VerdeA0A 1E0, A0A 0E6St. John's
Bay RobertsA0A 0C5, A0A 1G0St. John's
Bell IslandA0ASt. John's
Bell Island FrontA0A 1H0, A0A 0E7St. John's
BellevueA0B 0A5, A0B 1B0, A0B 1B0St. John's
BlaketownA0B 0E1, A0B 1C0St. John's
BranchA0B 0A8, A0B 1E0St. John's
BrigusA0A 1K0, A0A 0E8St. John's
Brigus JunctionA0B 0A7, A0B 1G0St. John's
Bristol's HopeA1Y 0A7St. John's
Broad Cove BdvA0A 0B8, A0A 1L0St. John's
BrownsdaleA0B 0A9, A0B 1H0St. John's
Burnt Point BdvA0A 1M0, A0A 0B9St. John's
CalvertA0A 0G5, A0A 1N0St. John's
Cape BroyleA0A 0B2, A0A 1P0, A0A 1P0St. John's
Caplin Cove BdvA0A 1R0St. John's
CappahaydenA0A 0G7, A0A 1S0St. John's
CarbonearA1YSt. John's
CavendishA0B 0B1, A0B 1J0St. John's
Chance CoveA0B 0A1, A0B 1K0St. John's
Chapel ArmA0B 0B6, A0B 1L0St. John's
Chapel CoveA0A 1V0St. John's
Clarkes BeachA0ASt. John's
Coleys Point SouthA0A 0C7, A0A 1X0St. John's
ColinetA0B 0C6, A0B 1M0St. John's
Colliers RiverheadA0A 0B4, A0A 1Y0St. John's
Come by ChanceA0B 1N0, A0B 0A2St. John's
Conception Bay SouthA1W, A1XSt. John's
Conception HarbourA0A 0A7, A0A 1Z0, A0A 1Z0St. John's
CupidsA0A 0G4, A0A 2B0St. John's
DildoA0B 0A3, A0B 1P0St. John's
DunvilleA0B 0E6, A0B 1S0St. John's
Fair HavenA0B 0B7, A0B 1T0St. John's
FermeuseA0A 0B5, A0A 2G0St. John's
FerrylandA0A 0C3, A0A 2H0St. John's
FlatrockA1KSt. John's
Fox HarbourA0B 0E9, A0B 1V0St. John's
FreshwaterA0B 0B2, A0B 1W0St. John's
GouldsA1SSt. John's
Grates CoveA0A 2L0, A0A 0E9St. John's
Greens HarbourA0B 0B8St. John's
Hants HarbourA0B 0E7, A0B 1Y0St. John's
Harbour GraceA0A 2M0, A0A 0C9St. John's
Harbour Grace SouthA0A 2N0St. John's
Harbour MainA0A 2P0, A0A 0A8St. John's
Heart's ContentA0B 0A6, A0B 1Z0St. John's
Heart's DelightA0B 2A0St. John's
Heart's DesireA0B 2B0St. John's
HolyroodA0ASt. John's
HopeallA0B 0E4, A0B 2C0St. John's
IslingtonA0B 0E8, A0B 2E0St. John's
JerseysideA0B 0B3, A0B 2G0St. John's
Jobs CoveA0A 0A9, A0A 2S0St. John's
KilbrideA1G 1P3St. John's
Little Harbour EastA0B 2H0St. John's
Logy BayA1KSt. John's
Long HarbourA0B 0B4, A0B 2J0St. John's
Lower Island CoveA0A 2W0, A0A 0E1St. John's
MakinsonsA0A 0C8, A0A 2X0St. John's
MarysvaleA0A 2Z0St. John's
Middle CoveA1KSt. John's
MobileA0A 3A0St. John's
Mount Arlington HeightsA0B 2L0St. John's
Mount CarmelA0BSt. John's
Mount PearlA1NSt. John's
New ChelseaA0B 2N0St. John's
New HarbourA0B 0C8, A0B 2P0St. John's
New MelbourneA0B 2R0St. John's
New PerlicanA0B 2S0St. John's
Normans CoveA0B 0E2, A0B 2T0St. John's
North RiverA0A 3C0St. John's
Northern BayA0A 3B0, A0A 0A5St. John's
Ochre Pit CoveA0A 3E0St. John's
Old PerlicanA0A 3G0, A0A 0G8St. John's
Old ShopA0B 2W0St. John's
Outer CoveA1KSt. John's
ParadiseA1LSt. John's
Petty HarbourA0A 3H0, A0A 0B6St. John's
PlacentiaA0BSt. John's
Port de GraveA0A 0E2, A0A 3J0St. John's
Portugal Cove-Saint PhilipsA1MSt. John's
Pouch CoveA0A 0C1, A0A 3L0, A0A 3L0St. John's
Red Head CoveA0A 0C2, A0A 3M0St. John's
RenewsA0A 0E3, A0A 3N0St. John's
Riverhead Harbour GraceA0A 0H1, A0A 3P0St. John's
Saint BridesA0B 0B5, A0B 2Z0St. John's
Saint John'sA0A, A1A, A1B, A1C, A1E, A1G, A1H, A1NSt. John's
Saint Josephs SalA0B 3A0St. John's
Saint MarysA0BSt. John's
Saint ShottsA0A 0B1, A0A 3R0St. John's
Saint VincentsA0B 0C4, A0B 3C0, A0B 3C0St. John's
Salmon Cove BdvA0A 3S0St. John's
Shea HeightsA0A 0G9St. John's
ShearstownA0A 3V0St. John's
Ship HarbourA0B 0C5, A0B 3E0St. John's
South DildoA0B 1R0St. John's
South RiverA0A 0A4, A0A 3W0St. John's
Southern HarbourA0B 0C9, A0B 3H0St. John's
Spaniards BayA0A 3X0, A0A 3X1, A0A 0E5St. John's
SunnysideA0B 0C1, A0B 3J0St. John's
TorbayA1KSt. John's
Tors CoveA0A 4A0, A0A 0G6St. John's
TrepasseyA0ASt. John's
Upper Island CoveA0A 4E0, A0A 0G1St. John's
VictoriaA0A 0E4, A0A 4G0St. John's
Western BayA0A 4J0, A0A 0B7St. John's
WhitbourneA0BSt. John's
WhitewayA0B 0E5, A0B 3L0St. John's
WintertonA0B 0A4, A0B 3M0St. John's
Witless BayA0A 0G2, A0A 4K0St. John's
WoodfordsA0A 4L0, A0A 0G3St. John's

The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982112.

NIPOST or Nigerian Postal Service is a company owned and operated by the government of this country. The country has a total of more than 5000 post offices spread throughout the region. Find the correct ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code or Postal Code for the postal address you need.