Steinbach County ZIP Codes, Manitoba

Steinbach County ZIP codes is R0A to R5K. This County is located in the Manitoba province, Canada, North America.

NameSteinbach County
Postal CodeR0A, R0E, R0G, R5A, R5G, R5H, R5J, R5K
ProvinceManitoba (MB)
ContinentNorth America

For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Steinbach County, find the code along with the place.

ZIP Code for Steinbach County, MB

ArnaudR0A 0B0Steinbach
BlumenortR0A 0A6Steinbach
CarlowrieR0A 0G0Steinbach
Dominion CityR0A 0B6Steinbach
DufresneR0A, R5KSteinbach
DufrostR0A 0K0Steinbach
GinewR0A 2R0Steinbach
GirouxR0A 0N0Steinbach
GlenleaR0G 0C5, R0G 0S0Steinbach
Grande PointeR5ASteinbach
Green RidgeR0A 0P0Steinbach
GrunthalR0A 0A3, R0A 0R0Steinbach
Ile des ChenesR0ASteinbach
Ile des Chenes EastR0ASteinbach
La BroquerieR0ASteinbach
La Broquerie WestR0ASteinbach
LandmarkR0A 0B9, R0A 0X0Steinbach
LindenR0A 0X1Steinbach
LoretteR0A, R5KSteinbach
MarchandR0A 0Z0, R0A 0A4Steinbach
New BothwellR0A 0C8, R0A 1C0Steinbach
OtterburneR0A 0C2, R0A 9A2, R0A 1G0Steinbach
OverstonevilleR0A 1H0Steinbach
PansyR0A 0B1, R0A 1J0Steinbach
RandolphR0A 1L0Steinbach
RicherR0E 0B9, R0E 1S0Steinbach
RidgevilleR0A 0B2, R0A 1M0Steinbach
RosaR0A 0E1, R0A 1N0Steinbach
Roseau RiverR0A 0C1, R0A 9A1, R0A 1P0Steinbach
Saint AdolpheR5ASteinbach
Saint Germain SouthR5ASteinbach
Saint MaloR0A 0B3, R0A 1T0Steinbach
Saint Pierre JolysR0A 0C3, R0A 1V0Steinbach
Sainte AgatheR0GSteinbach
Sainte AnneR5HSteinbach
Sainte GenevieveR5JSteinbach
SartoR0A 1X0Steinbach
TolstoiR0A 2E0Steinbach
TourondR0A 0B4, R0A 2G0Steinbach
WoodmoreR0A 0C9, R0A 2M0Steinbach
ZhodaR0A 2P0Steinbach

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