Kindersley Municipality ZIP Codes: Saskatchewan

Kindersley Municipality ZIP codes is S0K, S0L and S0M. This county is located in the Saskatchewan province, Canada, North America.

NameRural Municipality of Kindersley
Postal CodeS0K, S0L, S0M
ProvinceSaskatchewan (SK)
ContinentNorth America

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ZIP Code for Kindersley Municipality, SK

AlsaskS0L 0A8, S0L 0A0Kindersley
BaldwintonS0M 0E1, S0M 0B0Kindersley
BrockS0L 0A5, S0L 0H0Kindersley
Cactus LakeS0L 0B7, S0L 0J0Kindersley
ColevilleS0L 0B8, S0L 0K0Kindersley
Cut KnifeS0M 0B9, S0M 0N0Kindersley
D'Arcy StationS0L 0N0Kindersley
DenzilS0L 0E4, S0L 0S0Kindersley
DodslandS0L 0C4, S0L 0V0Kindersley
EveshamS0L 1B0Kindersley
FlaxcombeS0L 1E0Kindersley
GallivanS0M 0X0Kindersley
HandelS0K 1Y0Kindersley
HoosierS0L 1M0Kindersley
KelfieldS0K 2C0Kindersley
KerrobertS0L 0C5, S0L 1R0Kindersley
LandisS0K 2K0, S0K 0C9Kindersley
LovernaS0L 0E5, S0L 1Y0Kindersley
LuselandS0L 0C7, S0L 2A0Kindersley
MacklinS0L 2C0, S0L 0E6Kindersley
MajorS0L 2H0, S0L 0B2Kindersley
MarengoS0L 2K0Kindersley
MarsdenS0M 1P0, S0M 0A4Kindersley
NeilburgS0M 2C0, S0M 0B3Kindersley
NetherhillS0L 2M0Kindersley
PhippenS0K 3E0Kindersley
PlentyS0L 0A7, S0L 2R0Kindersley
PrimateS0L 2S0Kindersley
RewardS0K 3N0, S0K 0A9Kindersley
RockhavenS0M 2R0Kindersley
RuthildaS0K 0J8, S0K 3S0Kindersley
ScottS0K 4A0, S0K 0C5Kindersley
SenlacS0L 0C8, S0L 2Y0Kindersley
SmileyS0L 2Z0Kindersley
Tramping LakeS0K 4H0Kindersley
UnityS0K 4L0, S0K 0H3Kindersley
WilkieS0K 4W0, S0K 0E5Kindersley

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