Tbilisi Postal Codes: Georgia

Tbilisi postal codes is 0100 to 0198. This place is the largest city and the capital of Georgia, continental Europe.

Postcode0100 - 0198
ZIP code0144, 0159, 0162
Area Code+995 32

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Postcode for Tbilisi

0100Station Square.Tbilisi
0101Abasha St.Tbilisi
0101Abkhazeti St; Lane.Tbilisi
0101Adjara St.Tbilisi
0101Agara St.Tbilisi
0101Akhtala St; PassageTbilisi
0101Aleksi-meskhishvili St; Lanes, Passage, RavineTbilisi
0101Argvetis St.Tbilisi
0101Askhini St.Tbilisi
0101Asureti St; Lane.Tbilisi
0101Bakhmaro St; Lane.Tbilisi
0101Bendelianis Gora (Zemo Dasakhleba)Tbilisi
0101Dadiani Ts. LanesTbilisi
0101Dadiani Ts. St. #1-105,2-28Tbilisi
0101Darkveti St.Tbilisi
0101Dobroliubov St; Lane.Tbilisi
0101Dundua St.Tbilisi
0101Eniseli St.Tbilisi
0101Geguti St.Tbilisi
0101Givishvili St.Tbilisi
0101Gomareti St; Lane.Tbilisi
0101Gombori St.Tbilisi
0101Gorda St.Tbilisi
0101Grozno St; Lane; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0101Gurgenidze St.Tbilisi
0101Inanishvili R. StTbilisi
0101Kachreti St.Tbilisi
0101Kakhiani St; Lanes, Blind AlleysTbilisi
0101Kaliujni St.Tbilisi
0101Kelaptrishvili St.Tbilisi
0101Kishinyev St.Tbilisi
0101Kisiskhevi St; LaneTbilisi
0101Kldekari St.Tbilisi
0101Kodalo St.Tbilisi
0101Kondoli St; LaneTbilisi
0101Kursebi St.Tbilisi
0101Lailashi St.Tbilisi
0101Laituri St.Tbilisi
0101Lalioni St; Lane.Tbilisi
0101Lamiskana St.Tbilisi
0101Lanchkhuti St.Tbilisi
0101Lebarde St.Tbilisi
0101Lelashvili St.Tbilisi
0101Likani St.Tbilisi
0101Lisashvili St; Lane; Passage; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0101Lotkinis KheviTbilisi
0101Lotkinis MtaTbilisi
0101Machkhaani St.Tbilisi
0101Magaros St; Lane.Tbilisi
0101Makhaldian St; EsTbilisi
0101Mamradze St; RavineTbilisi
0101Managadze St; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0101Manglisi St.Tbilisi
0101Manijashvili St.Tbilisi
0101Manjgaladze St. #1-43, 2-62Tbilisi
0101Maruashvili St.Tbilisi
0101Meskhi Michael St; LanesTbilisi
0101Meunargia St; Lane; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0101Mikatadze Shota St; Lane.Tbilisi
0101Mirzaani St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0101Mitingis St.Tbilisi
0101Mushata St.Tbilisi
0101Nakalakevi St.Tbilisi
0101Niko Mari St. #1-21, 2-16Tbilisi
0101Noste St; LaneTbilisi
0101Novorossiisk St.Tbilisi
0101Orbeti St.Tbilisi
0101Racha St.Tbilisi
0101Rekhis 1st ,2nd , 3rd StreetsTbilisi
0101Rkinigzis St.Tbilisi
0101Rostov St; Passage.Tbilisi
0101Saakadze Georgi St. #1-21, 2-20Tbilisi
0101Sabcho Ii Blind AlleyTbilisi
0101Salkhino St.Tbilisi
0101Samshvildo St.Tbilisi
0101Samurzakhano St.Tbilisi
0101Tbilisis Zgva; PanvionatebiTbilisi
0101Tbilisis Zgva; SakhnakopsanergeTbilisi
0101Teklati St.Tbilisi
0101Tetnuldi St; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0101Todria St.Tbilisi
0101Veshapuri St.Tbilisi
0101Zakaraia St. LanesTbilisi
0101Zedamze St. Lanes, Passage.Tbilisi
0101Zedaubani St; LanesTbilisi
0101Zekari St.Tbilisi
0101Zhgenti Dimitrsi St.Tbilisi
0101Ziari St.Tbilisi
0102Abashidze Dodo St.Tbilisi
0102Abashidze Kita St.Tbilisi
0102Adigeni St.Tbilisi
0102Agmashenebeli Ave. #1-89; #2-146Tbilisi
0102Agmasheneblis ChikhiTbilisi
0102Ajameti St; Lane.Tbilisi
0102Akhaltsikhe St.Tbilisi
0102Akhvlediani Elenes KheviTbilisi
0102Andronikashvili G. St.Tbilisi
0102Antelava St. Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0102Benashvili St; Passage; Lane.Tbilisi
0102Bukhaidze St; LanesTbilisi
0102Dgebuadze St.Tbilisi
0102Didkhevis AgmartiTbilisi
0102Dokis ShesakhveviTbilisi
0102Gamtsemlidze St; LaneTbilisi
0102Gogiberidze St.Tbilisi
0102Gorky St; Lane; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0102Gotsiridze St; Lane.Tbilisi
0102Graneli St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0102Iaroslacsky St.Tbilisi
0102Kalandarishvilis StTbilisi
0102Kankava St.Tbilisi
0102Kievi St.Tbilisi
0102Krilovi St.Tbilisi
0102Kumisi St; Lane; PassageTbilisi
0102Lentekhi St; Passage.Tbilisi
0102Lochinis DasakhlebaTbilisi
0102Mamardashvili St.,#1-17, 2-24Tbilisi
0102Marjanishvili Kote St; Square,1st Lane.; #1-69, 2-34Tbilisi
0102Mazniashvili St.Tbilisi
0102Nadiradze St.Tbilisi
0102Natishvili St.Tbilisi
0102Ninoshvili St. #1-15, 2-20Tbilisi
0102Osiauri St; Passage; Lane; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0102Paster St.Tbilisi
0102Platon St.Tbilisi
0102Toidze St; Lane.Tbilisi
0102Vartsikhe St.Tbilisi
0102Vedzatkhevi St; LaneTbilisi
0102Verharn St; Ses; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0102Zaziashvili Lanes; St.Tbilisi
0103Abdushelishvili St.Tbilisi
0103Akhalubani St.Tbilisi
0103Akhmeta St. #1-9; #2-12Tbilisi
0103Akhmetis ChikhiTbilisi
0103Akhvlediani Elene St; Ascent; LaneTbilisi
0103Aladashvili St; Lane.Tbilisi
0103Alazani St; Lane; Passage.Tbilisi
0103Alikhanian St.Tbilisi
0103Alvani St.Tbilisi
0103Araratis St. Lane.Tbilisi
0103Armazi St; LaneTbilisi
0103Avlabari St; Passage; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0103Bachana St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0103Badiauri St.Tbilisi
0103Bakhvi Lane.Tbilisi
0103Baratashvilis AgmartiTbilisi
0103Begleti St.Tbilisi
0103Betania St.Tbilisi
0103Borodin St.Tbilisi
0103Burebis ShesakhveviTbilisi
0103Bzipi St; Lane.Tbilisi
0103Dedoplistskaro St; Lanes; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0103Dmanisi St; Lane.Tbilisi
0103Dusheti St.Tbilisi
0103Duta Megrelis St.Tbilisi
0103Erevnis St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0103Eristavi K. St.Tbilisi
0103Gabiskiria St; Square; LaneTbilisi
0103Gabriel Episkoposis StTbilisi
0103Galavani StTbilisi
0103Gantiadi St.Tbilisi
0103Gedevanishvili St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0103Gelati St; Lane; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0103Gonashvili St; SquareTbilisi
0103Gremis Shesakhvevi; 1,2 ChikhiTbilisi
0103Gumbri St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0103Gurjaani St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0103Gutani St. #1-31, 2-30, Blind AlleysTbilisi
0103Irbakhi St.Tbilisi
0103Irgvlivi LaneTbilisi
0103Isani St.Tbilisi
0103Izashvili St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0103Kaishauri St.Tbilisi
0103Kakhetis KheviTbilisi
0103Kalatozis St; LaneTbilisi
0103Kardanakhi St.Tbilisi
0103Kiketi St.Tbilisi
0103Kvaliti St; Square; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0103Kveseti St.Tbilisi
0103Lagodekhi St. LaneTbilisi
0103Lilos ShesakhveviTbilisi
0103Lomouri St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0103Machari St. Lane.Tbilisi
0103Makhata St; Lane.Tbilisi
0103Mamkoda St.Tbilisi
0103Martkopi St; Lane; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0103Matsesta St; Lane.Tbilisi
0103Mefsalmune David Mefis StTbilisi
0103Meskhishvili St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0103Metekhi St; Ascent; LanesTbilisi
0103Mrevlishvili Makvala St.Tbilisi
0103Mrevlishvili St.Tbilisi
0103Mtavarangelozis St.Tbilisi
0103Mujirishvili St.Tbilisi
0103Mukuzanis Shesakhvevi; Gasasvleli; ChikhiTbilisi
0103Nakerala St.Tbilisi
0103Nasakirali St.Tbilisi
0103Niabi St; LanesTbilisi
0103Ninua Vakhtang St.Tbilisi
0103Nioradze St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0103Nukriani StTbilisi
0103Observatoriis StTbilisi
0103Odzisi St.Tbilisi
0103Orkhevi St; Lanes, PassagesTbilisi
0103Razikashvili Tedo St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0103Ruispiri St; Blind Alley (Elias Mta)Tbilisi
0103Sabui LaneTbilisi
0103Saingilo St.Tbilisi
0103Sartichala Str.Tbilisi
0103Satemo St.Tbilisi
0103Tedzami St.Tbilisi
0103Telavi St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0103Vakhtang Vi St.Tbilisi
0103Vardis SquareTbilisi
0103Vitsro CikhiTbilisi
0103Zhoneti StTbilisi
0104Bugeuli St.Tbilisi
0104Internat St. LaneTbilisi
0104Lubovski St.Tbilisi
0105Abano St. Lane, Blind AlleysTbilisi
0105Abesadze St. Blind AlleysTbilisi
0105Abo Tbileli St.Tbilisi
0105Abovian St.Tbilisi
0105Abzhandadze St.Tbilisi
0105Akhalkojori HighwayTbilisi
0105Akhospireli St. Passage; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0105Akhundov St; Lane.Tbilisi
0105Akopian St; Lane.Tbilisi
0105Algeti St.Tbilisi
0105Amagleba St.Tbilisi
0105Anton Katalikosis St. Blind AlleyTbilisi
0105Asatiani Lado St; Lanes; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0105Askana St; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0105Atoneli St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0105Avlevi St; Lane.Tbilisi
0105Avtandil St.Tbilisi
0105Baazovi G. St.Tbilisi
0105Bambis RigiTbilisi
0105Baratashvili St; Square.Tbilisi
0105Beka Opizari St.Tbilisi
0105Besiki St. (Okrokana)Tbilisi
0105Betlemi St; Ascent; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0105Bneli ChikhiTbilisi
0105Bolo AgmartiTbilisi
0105Botanikuri St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0105Dabakhanis St; Lane.Tbilisi
0105Dadiani Sh. St.Tbilisi
0105Diuma St; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0105Erekle Ii St; square; lane; blind AlleyTbilisi
0105Ethim Gurji St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0105Galaktioni StTbilisi
0105Ganapira AgmartiTbilisi
0105Gergeti St; Lane; PassageTbilisi
0105Gogcha St; Lane.Tbilisi
0105Gogirdis St.Tbilisi
0105Gomi St; Lanes; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0105Gorgasali St. #1-25, Lanes; SquareTbilisi
0105Grishashavili St.Tbilisi
0105Gudiashvili St; SquareTbilisi
0105Iagluji LaneTbilisi
0105Iashvili St.Tbilisi
0105Ierusalim SquareTbilisi
0105Ierusalim St; LaneTbilisi
0105Iety Gurdjy St. Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0105Ingorokva St. #1-7, 2-6Tbilisi
0105Ispakhani St.Tbilisi
0105Iveria St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0105Kakabadze P. St; SquareTbilisi
0105Kodas ShesakhveviTbilisi
0105Kojori St; PassageTbilisi
0105Kote Abkhazi St.Tbilisi
0105Kuftin St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0105Leonidze St; Lane.Tbilisi
0105Lermontov St.Tbilisi
0105Leselidze St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0105Machabeli St.Tbilisi
0105Makashvili Maro St; Ascent.Tbilisi
0105Manjgaladze St; Lanes, Blind AlleyTbilisi
0105Mechetis ChikhiTbilisi
0105Merchule St.Tbilisi
0105Meskhi Sergo St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0105Mirza Shafi St.Tbilisi
0105Mtkvari St.Tbilisi
0105Mukhatis ShesakhveviTbilisi
0105Muskhelishvili Rostom Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0105Nishnianidze St; Tbilisi
0105Nizami Ganjeli St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0105Okrokana St; Ascent; Settl.Tbilisi
0105Okromchedlebis St; Lane; Passage.Tbilisi
0105Onis ShesakhveviTbilisi
0105Orbeliani Gr. SquareTbilisi
0105Orbeliani V. St; Lane; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0105Orpiri St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0105Puris Square, Blind AlleyTbilisi
0105Pushkin St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0105Rkinis Rigis ShesakhveviTbilisi
0105Rustaveli Ave., Passage; Lane; #1-3, 2-4Tbilisi
0105Saiatnova St; LanesTbilisi
0105Said-muslikhidini St; LaneTbilisi
0105Salami St.Tbilisi
0105Samgebro St.Tbilisi
0105Savaneti St.Tbilisi
0105Tabakhmela St.Tbilisi
0105Tabidze Galaqtion St.Tbilisi
0105Tabukashvili R. St. #1-7, 2-14.Tbilisi
0105Tbilisi St; Lane; (Okrokana)Tbilisi
0105Teleti St; Lanes, Blind AlleyTbilisi
0105Tonetis Square, Lane.Tbilisi
0105Tumanian St; Lane; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0105Vachnadze St.Tbilisi
0105Vazha-pshavela St. (Okrokana)Tbilisi
0105Vekua V. St.Tbilisi
0105Vertskhlis St; Lanes; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0107Baratashvili St. (Tianeti Highway)Tbilisi
0107Gldanis Masivi; 5,6,7,8 M/districtsTbilisi
0107Gulisashvili St.Tbilisi
0107Kandelaki St. (Tianeti Highway)Tbilisi
0107Ketskhoveli St; All Odd NumbersTbilisi
0107Koberidze St. (Tianeti Highway)Tbilisi
0107Maisuradze Zakaria St. (Tianeti Highway.)Tbilisi
0107Mamkoda St.(tianeti Highway)Tbilisi
0107Marjanishvili Kote St.(tianeti Highway)Tbilisi
0107Mebagishvili St.(tianeti Highway.)Tbilisi
0107Megobrobis St. (Tianeti Highway.)Tbilisi
0107Midelauri St. (Tianeti Highway.)Tbilisi
0107Mikatadze St. (Tianeti Highway.)Tbilisi
0107Moreti St.Tbilisi
0107Razmadze St.(tianeti Highway)Tbilisi
0107Sabashvili St.Tbilisi
0107Tianeti HighwayTbilisi
0107Vartagava St.Tbilisi
0108Abakelia St.Tbilisi
0108Abashidze Vaso St; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0108Akhvlediani George St; Tbilisi
0108Barnov St. #1-39; 2-42Tbilisi
0108Barnovis Pirveli Shesakhvevi; Pirveli ChikhiTbilisi
0108Belinsky St.Tbilisi
0108Beridze St.Tbilisi
0108Besiki St; Passage; Square; LanesTbilisi
0108Borbalo St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0108Botsvadze Z. St.Tbilisi
0108Brosse St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0108Ekaladze St.Tbilisi
0108Eristavi-khoshtaria St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0108Gabashvili Ekaterine St; LaneTbilisi
0108Gogebashvili St. #1-19, 2-22,1st Lane.Tbilisi
0108Griboedov St; Lane.Tbilisi
0108Gunia St; Passage; Lane.Tbilisi
0108Guria St.Tbilisi
0108Inashvili St.Tbilisi
0108Ingorokva LaneTbilisi
0108Ingorokva LaneTbilisi
0108Ingorokva St. #17-25, 8-30Tbilisi
0108Kereselidze I.st.Tbilisi
0108Kobakhidze St; LaneTbilisi
0108Kostava St. #3-25, 4-14Tbilisi
0108Kotetishvili St; LaneTbilisi
0108Kursk St.Tbilisi
0108Kvali St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0108Lagidze Mitrofane St.Tbilisi
0108Lagidze Revaz St.Tbilisi
0108Lesya Ukrainka St.Tbilisi
0108Likhi St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0108Makashvili Kote St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0108Meskhi Kote St; Ascent; Lanes, Blind AlleyTbilisi
0108Meskhia St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0108Miloravas ChikhiTbilisi
0108Miminoshvilis ShesakhveviTbilisi
0108Mtatsminda St; Lane.Tbilisi
0108Niagvari St.Tbilisi
0108Nikoladze N. St.Tbilisi
0108Odzelashvili Arsena St; Passage; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0108Respublikis SquareTbilisi
0108Ritsa St; PassagesTbilisi
0108Rustaveli Ave., #5-37, 10-54Tbilisi
0108Rva Martis St; LaneTbilisi
0108Tabukashvili R. Lane; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0108Tabukashvili R. St. #9-51, 18-50Tbilisi
0108Tkhinvali St; Lane; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0108Vashlovani St.Tbilisi
0108Vejini St; PassagesTbilisi
0108Virsalaze St.Tbilisi
0108Zaldastanishvili Sol. St., Lanes, PassageTbilisi
0108Zandukeli St. #1-25, 2-40Tbilisi
0108Zedgenidze St.Tbilisi
0108Zhordania Tedo St; LaneTbilisi
0108Zichi St.Tbilisi
0108Zubalashvili Brothers Str.Tbilisi
0109Akhvlediani Elene St. (Orkhevi)Tbilisi
0109Amiranashvili Shalva St.Tbilisi
0109Banetashvili St. (Orkhevi)Tbilisi
0109Esenin St.Tbilisi
0109Gokieli St.Tbilisi
0109Kakabadze D St.Tbilisi
0109Kakheti Highway. #75, 83, 89, 69Tbilisi
0109Kakheti Highway. 7th, 12th,13th KmTbilisi
0109Mukhadze George St.Tbilisi
0109Mukhadze St. (Orkhevi)Tbilisi
0109Orkhevis DasakhlebaTbilisi
0109Petritsi St. (Orkhevi)Tbilisi
0109Saakadze Georgi St. (Orkhevi)Tbilisi
0109Tetri Khevis DasakhlebaTbilisi
0109Zemo Alekseevkis DasakhlebaTbilisi
0112Abastumani St.Tbilisi
0112Agmashenebeli Ave.#91-199, 148-184Tbilisi
0112Anaklia St.Tbilisi
0112Bako St.Tbilisi
0112Borjomi St.Tbilisi
0112Dolidze Gogi StTbilisi
0112Eristavi G. St.Tbilisi
0112General Kvinitadze St.Tbilisi
0112Gogol St.Tbilisi
0112Gori St; Lane.Tbilisi
0112Iamanidze St.Tbilisi
0112Kargareteli St.Tbilisi
0112Kldiashvili D. St.Tbilisi
0112Konstitutsiis St.Tbilisi
0112Marjanishvili Kote St; #38-58Tbilisi
0112Mayakovsky St.Tbilisi
0112Metreveli Slava St.Tbilisi
0112Mushtaidis ParkiTbilisi
0112Ninoshvili St. #17-59, 24-64Tbilisi
0112Ninoshvili St. #61-71, 62-78Tbilisi
0112Saguramo St.Tbilisi
0112Tamar Mepis Ave.Tbilisi
0112Tevdore Mgvdlis St. #1-21, 2-26, Blind AlleyTbilisi
0112Tevdore Mgvdlis St., I Blind AlleyTbilisi
0113Bagdadi St.Tbilisi
0113Baladin St; Lane.Tbilisi
0113Bolnisi St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0113Didgori St; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0113Dirsichala St.Tbilisi
0113Dodashvili St; Square; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0113Ekimis St; Passage; Lane.Tbilisi
0113Ivlety St; LaneTbilisi
0113Lertsamis St.Tbilisi
0113Malkhazis ShesakhveviTbilisi
0113Mamuka Lane.Tbilisi
0113Manavi St; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0113Nargizi St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0113Navtlugi St; 1st Blind AlleyTbilisi
0113Ninidze St.Tbilisi
0113Rostomashvili St.Tbilisi
0113Rtveladze George St.Tbilisi
0113Rusudan St; Lane.Tbilisi
0113Tetri Tskaro St; Lane.Tbilisi
0114Berdznis ChikhiTbilisi
0114Dekabristebis St; Passage; Square; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0114Didi Kheivanis St.Tbilisi
0114Efrem Mtsires St.Tbilisi
0114Gorgasali St. #37-117, 2-54Tbilisi
0114Gulia St.Tbilisi
0114Gulua St.Tbilisi
0114Kalandadze Zhani St.Tbilisi
0114Krtsanisi St; Passages; 2nd Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0114Lortkipanidze St.Tbilisi
0114Martvili St.Tbilisi
0114Nadikvaris Dasakhleba; 1st St; 2nd St; 3rd St; Lane; Blind Alleys 0114Tbilisi
0114Opretis ShesakhveviTbilisi
0114Ortachala St; Lanes, Blind AlleysTbilisi
0114Sabanisdze St.Tbilisi
0114Sanapiro Str.Tbilisi
0114Tmogveli St.Tbilisi
0114Vezirov St.Tbilisi
0117Andronikashvili E. St. #35-145; Lanes; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0117Barisakho St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0117Bichvinta St; Lanes; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0117Kakabadze V. St; PassageTbilisi
0117Revolutsiis St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0117Vardevani St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0118Rustaveli Ave., #8Tbilisi
0119Agladze St. #26-38; #67-83Tbilisi
0119Bagis St.Tbilisi
0119Bakradze D. St.Tbilisi
0119Didubis Mesame ShesakhveviTbilisi
0119Didubis SadguriTbilisi
0119Gogolauri St.Tbilisi
0119Gudauta St.Tbilisi
0119Karaleti St.Tbilisi
0119Mirtskhulava St.Tbilisi
0119Samtredia St.Tbilisi
0119Stanislavsky Str.Tbilisi
0120Abuseridze-tbeli St; Passage; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0120Gudarekhi St; Passage; Lane; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0120Kakheti Highway. #1a, 1bTbilisi
0120Lortkipanidze Gr. St. #2Tbilisi
0120Mevele St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0120Moscovis Ave. #2-10, 1-31Tbilisi
0120Samgori St; Station; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0121Lit. Konst. Karkhnis Meekvse DasakhlebaTbilisi
0121Nakaduli St; PassagesTbilisi
0121Otskheli St. #24, 25, 25aTbilisi
0131Agmasheneblis KheivaniTbilisi
0131Bagrati St.Tbilisi
0131Balanchin George St.Tbilisi
0131Demetre Tavdadebulis St.Tbilisi
0131Didi Digmis Dasakhleba ; 3,4,5 M/dTbilisi
0131Giorgi Brtskinvalis St.Tbilisi
0131Petritsi St.Tbilisi
0131Teimuraz I St.Tbilisi
0132Akhuti St.Tbilisi
0132Archil Mepis St.Tbilisi
0132Arsenalis Chikhi; KheviTbilisi
0132Arsenalis Mta; I -Ii St.,Tbilisi
0132Artvini St; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0132Aspindza 1st ,2nd St; Lane.Tbilisi
0132Bagrationi P. St.Tbilisi
0132Beriashvili D. St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0132Bodavi I-st; Ii-st.Tbilisi
0132Davitashvili R. St.Tbilisi
0132Digombari St; Lane.Tbilisi
0132Gumati St.Tbilisi
0132Kapanadze St.Tbilisi
0132Kikvidze St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0132Lamis 1st -3rd St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0132Larekhi St; LanesTbilisi
0132Mamardashvili St., #19-71; #28-74Tbilisi
0132Michurin St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0132Mnatobis St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0132Norios Agmarti; Shesaxvevebi; ChikhebiTbilisi
0132Paliastomi St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0132Saakadze Pataras St.Tbilisi
0132Salia Nino And Kalistrate St.Tbilisi
0132Tamarasheni St; Passage; Lanes, Blind AlleysTbilisi
0133Akhalarsenali 1st , 2nd StTbilisi
0136Samrecvelo SettlementTbilisi
0137Lit. Konst. Karkhnis Satskhovrebeli SakhlebiTbilisi
0137Lortkipanidze Gr. St.#3-21, 4-34Tbilisi
0137Moscovis Ave. #14-52-a, Ssk #19, 33-43; Ii-blockTbilisi
0137Zaktransstrois DasakhlebaTbilisi
0141Anapis Divizionis St.Tbilisi
0141Arbo St.Tbilisi
0141Buachidze N. St.Tbilisi
0141Garejeli St.Tbilisi
0141Glinka St.Tbilisi
0141Gudamakari St.Tbilisi
0141Guramishvili Ave.#25-33, 50-84Tbilisi
0141Mukhrani St; LanesTbilisi
0141Tianeti St; Blind Alley, Passage.Tbilisi
0141Vardisubani St.Tbilisi
0143Milorava St; Lane.Tbilisi
0144Akhmeta St. #11-31; #4-24Tbilisi
0144Arboshikis ShesakhveviTbilisi
0144Atskuri St.Tbilisi
0144Banakis Dasakhleba ; I,ii,iii St.Tbilisi
0144Bochorma St.Tbilisi
0144Bodbe St; Lane.Tbilisi
0144Doesi St.Tbilisi
0144Dolabauris 1st,2nd,3rd St; Passage; Highway; Square; Tbilisi
0144Garekakheti St.Tbilisi
0144Gujareti 1st ,2nd StreetsTbilisi
0144Gutani St. #33-57, 32-60, LanesTbilisi
0144Ialbuzi St; LiftTbilisi
0144Kacharava D. St.Tbilisi
0144Kakhetis ShesakhveviTbilisi
0144Kaspi St.Tbilisi
0144Koshkovani St.Tbilisi
0144Lusinian St.Tbilisi
0144Nosiri St.Tbilisi
0144Patardzeuli St.Tbilisi
0144Sabaduri St.Tbilisi
0144Zakharov St.Tbilisi
0144Zindisi St.Tbilisi
0144Zurabishvili St.Tbilisi
0145Enukidze #2-12 StTbilisi
0145Lortkipanidze Gr. St. #25-95, 36-42Tbilisi
0145Marelisi St.Tbilisi
0145Moscovis Ave. #45-49, Buildings 1-7, Iv, V-blocks.Tbilisi
0145Navtlugi St; 4th Blind AlleyTbilisi
0145Otskheli St; All Except #24, 25, 25aTbilisi
0145Zhores St. #1-11, 2-6Tbilisi
0148Affanasiev St.Tbilisi
0148Amirejibi St.Tbilisi
0148Andguladze St.Tbilisi
0148Arveladze St.Tbilisi
0148Bakradze K. St; Lane.Tbilisi
0148Durmishidze St.Tbilisi
0148Gezati St.Tbilisi
0148Kalandadze StTbilisi
0148Meskheti St; LanesTbilisi
0148Mikeladze Vladimer St.Tbilisi
0148Mtisdziri St; LanesTbilisi
0148Naneishvili Victor St.Tbilisi
0148Oniani St.Tbilisi
0148Ratili St.Tbilisi
0148Sabargo SettlementTbilisi
0151Amo St. (Lilo)Tbilisi
0151Iumashevi St; #1-13, 2-12Tbilisi
0151Kakheti Highway. #112Tbilisi
0151Lochini St; Lane.Tbilisi
0152Davitaia St.Tbilisi
0152Davitashvili St.Tbilisi
0152Mshvelidze St.Tbilisi
0152Muskhelishvili Nikoloz St.Tbilisi
0152Pataridze St.Tbilisi
0152Varketilis Masivi; 4m/d; 3rd BlockTbilisi
0152Varketilis Masivi; 5m/d; 17-21,18-22Tbilisi
0152Vazisubnis Dasakhleba; M/districtsTbilisi
0153Gldanulas DasakhlebaTbilisi
0153Ilory St.Tbilisi
0153Ipolitov-ivanovi St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0153Kacharava I StTbilisi
0153Kolmeurneobis VeliTbilisi
0153Lazo St.Tbilisi
0153Zarzma St.Tbilisi
0154Agladze St. #1, 37, 37a, 39, 39a, 39b, 77aTbilisi
0154Agladze St. #2Tbilisi
0154Bagrationi V. St.Tbilisi
0154Batumi St; Lane; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0154Didube St; Tbilisi
0154Evdoshvili St.Tbilisi
0154Gaprindauli St.Tbilisi
0154Gvetadze St.Tbilisi
0154Kedia St.Tbilisi
0154Kereselidze A. St.Tbilisi
0154Tevdore Mgvdlis St. #28-48, 48a, 25-51Tbilisi
0154Tevdore Mgvdlis St., Ii Blind AlleyTbilisi
0154Vani St.Tbilisi
0154Zugdidi St.Tbilisi
0158Aeroportis Dasakhleba; Streets, BuildingsTbilisi
0158Alekseevkis Dasakhleba; StreetsTbilisi
0158Davitashvili L. St; Passage; Lane; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0159Akhmeteli St.Tbilisi
0159Beliashvili St.Tbilisi
0159Digmis Masivi; Blocks #1,2,3,4,5,6Tbilisi
0159Gelovani (The Marshall) HighwayTbilisi
0159King Mirian`s Str.Tbilisi
0159Kvantaliani St; Lanes (Vashlijvari)Tbilisi
0159Lubliana St.Tbilisi
0159Mikeladze Evgeni St.Tbilisi
0159Paichadze St.Tbilisi
0159Petre Iberi Str.Tbilisi
0159Robakidze Ave. 1st ,2nd ,3rd ,6th BlocksTbilisi
0159Topuridze St.Tbilisi
0159Vashlijvaris DasakhlebaTbilisi
0160Abashidze Heidar St.Tbilisi
0160Ambrolauri St.Tbilisi
0160Ardaziani St.Tbilisi
0160Bagrationi G. St.Tbilisi
0160Brolosani St.Tbilisi
0160Budapeshti St; LanesTbilisi
0160Bulachauri St.Tbilisi
0160Gagarin St; LanesTbilisi
0160Gamrekeli David St. #1,3,13,15,17,18,19,20Tbilisi
0160Gelovani Mirza St.Tbilisi
0160Gotua St; Lane; Passage.Tbilisi
0160Imedashvili G. St.Tbilisi
0160Iosebidze St; All But 1,3,6/3Tbilisi
0160Kandelaki St.Tbilisi
0160Levandovski St.Tbilisi
0160Lomonosov St.Tbilisi
0160Lvovi Str.Tbilisi
0160Mgaloblishvili Sopromi St.Tbilisi
0160Odessa St.Tbilisi
0160Oniashvili St.Tbilisi
0160Oseti St.Tbilisi
0160Pekin Ave. #16-24, 24-a, 17-25Tbilisi
0160Pekin Ave. 27-45, 28-46Tbilisi
0160Saakadze Georgi SquareTbilisi
0160Tabukashvili L. St.Tbilisi
0160Vazha-pshavela Ave; #1-31,2-20Tbilisi
0160Zemo Vedzisi St; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0160Zhvania Zurab SquareTbilisi
0160Zovreti St.Tbilisi
0162Abashidze Irakli St. #55-87; 52-86Tbilisi
0162Abuladze Tengiz. St; Tbilisi
0162Bagebis DasakhlebaTbilisi
0162Berdzenishvili St. #1Tbilisi
0162Dariali St; LanesTbilisi
0162Dolidze S St.Tbilisi
0162Endeladze SquareTbilisi
0162Gabashvili Kote St.Tbilisi
0162Lezhava St.Tbilisi
0162Mishveladze St.Tbilisi
0162Mosashvili St; All Except #2Tbilisi
0162Mukhadze Grigol St.Tbilisi
0162Tabidze Ticiani St. #39-59, 90-124Tbilisi
0162Tamarashvili St. #1-11, 2aTbilisi
0163Abuladze Z. St; Tbilisi
0163Aleksidze Dimitri St.Tbilisi
0163Dvali St.Tbilisi
0163Gakhokidze St. Upper #48, Upper #109Tbilisi
0163Kupradze St.Tbilisi
0163Landia St.Tbilisi
0163Mochadraketa KheivaniTbilisi
0163Takaishvili S St.Tbilisi
0163Trialeti St., #54Tbilisi
0163Varketili-3 1,2,3,3-a,4 M/d.Tbilisi
0163Varketilis Masivi; Zemo Plato; 2 M/dTbilisi
0165Asfalt-betonis DasakhlebaTbilisi
0165Lominadze St.Tbilisi
0165Marneuli St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0165Rustavi Highway; Passages, Blind AlleysTbilisi
0165Station St; PassageTbilisi
0165Zhordania Andro St.Tbilisi
0167Bochorishvili St.Tbilisi
0167Gldanis Masivi; A,1,2,3,3a,4 M/districtsTbilisi
0167Ketskhoveli St; All Even NumbersTbilisi
0167Mosulishvili St.Tbilisi
0167Naneishvili Vl. St.Tbilisi
0167Omis Gmirebis St.Tbilisi
0167Samamulo Omis Gmirta St.Tbilisi
0167Shemodgoma Str.Tbilisi
0167Vasadze St.Tbilisi
0167Vekua I. St.Tbilisi
0168Engurgesi St.Tbilisi
0168Gumatgesi St.Tbilisi
0168Idumala St.Tbilisi
0168Navtlugi-kakhetis DasakhlebaTbilisi
0168Three Hundred Sixty-th Km.Tbilisi
0168Veli SadguriTbilisi
0168Zemo Metalurgiis DasakhlebaTbilisi
0171Aleksidze Merab St. Build #1. 2. 3. 4.Tbilisi
0171Aslanidi St.Tbilisi
0171Bakhtrioni St. #3/5 And 4/6Tbilisi
0171Bakuriani St.Tbilisi
0171Bakurtsikhe St.Tbilisi
0171Balanchivadze St.Tbilisi
0171Bendeliani Z. St.Tbilisi
0171Berbuki St; LaneTbilisi
0171Bochorishvili Vakhtang St.Tbilisi
0171Bolkvadze Z. St.Tbilisi
0171Dolidze St.Tbilisi
0171Ggmirta SquareTbilisi
0171Ikalto St; Mountain; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0171Iosebidze St; 1,3,6/3Tbilisi
0171Ioseliany St.Tbilisi
0171Kodori St.Tbilisi
0171Kostava St. #64-82, 63-75, 67-85Tbilisi
0171Likhauri St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0171Mirotadze St.Tbilisi
0171Nasidze St.Tbilisi
0171Natakhtari St.Tbilisi
0171Otsdaekvsi Maisis SquareTbilisi
0171Pankisi St.Tbilisi
0171Pekin Ave. #2-15; Lane; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0171Sagarejo St.Tbilisi
0172Dumbadze Ave.Tbilisi
0172Mukhianis Dasakhleba; 1,2,3,4a ,4b M/d.Tbilisi
0172Noneshvili I. (Mukhianis Dasakhleba) St.Tbilisi
0177Antonivskaya St.Tbilisi
0177Asatiani Michael St.Tbilisi
0177Beritashvili St.Tbilisi
0177Buachidze T. St.Tbilisi
0177Delisi St. 1,2,3 St; Blind Alleys; SquareTbilisi
0177Gabashvili Gigo Square; StTbilisi
0177Ionavakeli St.Tbilisi
0177Kartozia St.Tbilisi
0177Lisis Tba; Partizanebis ParkiTbilisi
0177Megreladze St; Lane.Tbilisi
0177Nutsubidze St. #1-77, 2-60Tbilisi
0177Tamarashvili St. #13-21, 6, 10Tbilisi
0177Tavadze StTbilisi
0177Vazha-pshavela Ave; #33-51,22-66Tbilisi
0177Vazha-pshavela Ave; 1st BlockTbilisi
0177Vazha-pshavela Ave; Ii LaneTbilisi
0177Vazha-pshavelas ChikhiTbilisi
0177Zakariadze St.Tbilisi
0177Zemo Vedzisis DasakhlebaTbilisi
0178Amiranashvili Petre St.Tbilisi
0178Baramidze St.Tbilisi
0178Gamkrelidze St.Tbilisi
0178Garikuli St.Tbilisi
0178Gmir Kursantta St.Tbilisi
0178Guramishvili Ave.#35-41Tbilisi
0178Iremashvili St.Tbilisi
0178Magalashvili St.Tbilisi
0178Mariam Garikuli St.Tbilisi
0178Nikortsminda St.Tbilisi
0178Sadmeli St.Tbilisi
0178Tavadze Ferdinand St.Tbilisi
0178Three Hundred Thirteenth St.Tbilisi
0178Velistsikhe St.Tbilisi
0178Zgvis Ubani (Temka), 9, 10 , 10a, 10b BlocksTbilisi
0179Abasheli St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0179Abashidze Gr. St.Tbilisi
0179Abashidze Irakli St. #1-53; 2-50Tbilisi
0179Ananuri St.Tbilisi
0179Anjafaridze St.Tbilisi
0179Aragvi St.Tbilisi
0179Arakishvili St; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0179Areshidze St.Tbilisi
0179Ateni Str.Tbilisi
0179Bakradze Dim. St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0179Barnov St. #41-87; 44-88Tbilisi
0179Barnovis Meore Shesakhvevi; ChikhebiTbilisi
0179Bashaleishvili Natia St.Tbilisi
0179Bazaleti St.Tbilisi
0179Berdzenishvili St. #4Tbilisi
0179Botsvadze L. St.Tbilisi
0179Burkiashvili St.Tbilisi
0179Eristavi R. St.Tbilisi
0179Gali St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0179Gogebashvili St. #21-51, 24-52; Passages; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0179Goglidze St.Tbilisi
0179Gudauri Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0179Imedashvili St.Tbilisi
0179Kavsadze St.Tbilisi
0179Kekelidze St.Tbilisi
0179Kldiashvili K. St.Tbilisi
0179Kostava 1st , 2nd Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0179Kostava St. #64-82, 63-75, 67-85Tbilisi
0179Larsi St; Lane.Tbilisi
0179Machavariani Aleksi St. (Aragvi St.)Tbilisi
0179Marabda StTbilisi
0179Marukhis Gmirebis St; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0179Melikishvili St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0179Mosashvili St. #2Tbilisi
0179Mtskheta St; Passage; 1st Lane.Tbilisi
0179Napareuli St.Tbilisi
0179Nikoladze I. St; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0179Petriashvili St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0179Radiani Shalva St.Tbilisi
0179Ramishvili Nino St.Tbilisi
0179Razmadze Andria St.Tbilisi
0179Rcheulishvili Guram St; Lane; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0179Roden St.Tbilisi
0179Tabidze Ticiani St. #1-37, 2-88Tbilisi
0179Takaishvili E St.Tbilisi
0179Taktakishvili St.Tbilisi
0179Tarkhnishvili St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0179Tergi St.Tbilisi
0179Toradze St.Tbilisi
0179Varaziskhevi St.Tbilisi
0179Vardzia St.Tbilisi
0179Vera Passage; LaneTbilisi
0179Zandukeli St. #27-29Tbilisi
0179Zandukeli St; 2 Blind AlleyTbilisi
0179Zemo Vake St; Lanes; Passage; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0180Akhalkalaki St.Tbilisi
0180Bagineti St.Tbilisi
0180Bendeliani Ch. St; Blind Alley; LanesTbilisi
0180Dadiani Ts. Ii M/d; Bld. 2,3Tbilisi
0180Dadiani Ts. Ii M/d; Bld. 2,3Tbilisi
0180Depo St; Lane.Tbilisi
0180Didi Jikhaishi St; Passage; Lanes; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0180Gruzinski St; Lane.Tbilisi
0180Imereti St; Lanes; PassagesTbilisi
0180Kavtiskhevi St.Tbilisi
0180Kokhreidze St.Tbilisi
0180Kokinaki St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0180Lechkhumi St; LanesTbilisi
0180Lomtatidze St; Lanes, Blind AlleysTbilisi
0180Makhinjauri St.Tbilisi
0180Manjgaladze St. #45-89, 65-90Tbilisi
0180Mejvriskhevi St.Tbilisi
0180Molokov St.Tbilisi
0180Natadze St.Tbilisi
0180Niko Mari St. #23 And Upper, #18 And UpperTbilisi
0180Niko Maris Shesaxvevebi; ChikhebiTbilisi
0180Riongesis St.Tbilisi
0180Saakadze Georgi St. #22 And High, 23 And Upward LanesTbilisi
0180Zedazeni St.Tbilisi
0180Zestaponi St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0180Zvareti St.Tbilisi
0181Agmashenebeli St. (Tskhneti)Tbilisi
0181Akhaldabas Dasakhleba (Tskhneti)Tbilisi
0181Arsenas St. (Tskneti)Tbilisi
0181Didgori St. (Tskneti)Tbilisi
0181Gorgasali St. (Tskneti)Tbilisi
0181Grishashavili St. (Tskneti)Tbilisi
0181Guramishvili St. (Tskneti)Tbilisi
0181Ketskhovelis Shesakhvevi (Tskhneti)Tbilisi
0181Kostava St. (Tshkhneti)Tbilisi
0181Leselidze St. (Tskneti)Tbilisi
0181Rustaveli St; Lanes (Tskneti)Tbilisi
0181Saakadze Georgi St. (Tskneti)Tbilisi
0181Tabidze Galaqtion St. (Tskhneti)Tbilisi
0181Tamar Mepis Ave. (Tskneti)Tbilisi
0181Tevdore Mgvdlis St. (Tskneti)Tbilisi
0181Vazha-pshavela St. (Tskneti)Tbilisi
0182Abashvili St.Tbilisi
0182Aerodromis Dasakhleba; StreetsTbilisi
0182Beriashvili G. St.Tbilisi
0182Eldari St.Tbilisi
0182Enukidze #1-11 St.Tbilisi
0182Gakhokidze St. #1-109, 2-48Tbilisi
0182Kakheti Highway. #15, 63-67Tbilisi
0182Kakhetis ChikhiTbilisi
0182Kakliani St.Tbilisi
0182Kaloubani St.Tbilisi
0182Maisuradze T. St.Tbilisi
0182Samgori 2-th SettlementTbilisi
0182Trialeti St., All Except #54Tbilisi
0182Tvalchrelidze St.Tbilisi
0182Varketilis Masivi; 1st Block, 3rd ,4th ,6th ,7th BlocksTbilisi
0182Varketilis Masivi; 4m/d; 1-15 BuildingsTbilisi
0182Varketilis Masivi; 5m/d; 2nd ,3rd ,4th BuildingsTbilisi
0182Varketilis Masivi; 8th ,9th ,10th BlocksTbilisi
0182Varketilis Masivi; Zemo PlatoTbilisi
0182Zhores St. #10 And Upper, #13 And UpperTbilisi
0182Zhoresis ShesakhveviTbilisi
0183Bedia St.Tbilisi
0183Mkhatvris St.Tbilisi
0183Nutsubidzis Plato; I,ii,iii,iv-m/d.Tbilisi
0183Zhgenti Beso St.Tbilisi
0186Euli St.Tbilisi
0186Gamrekeli Irakli St.Tbilisi
0186Gelovani Archil St.Tbilisi
0186Gurieli St.Tbilisi
0186Mamasakhlisov St.Tbilisi
0186Margiani St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0186Marijan St.Tbilisi
0186Mikeladze Shalva St.Tbilisi
0186Mindeli St.Tbilisi
0186Nadareishvili T. Str.Tbilisi
0186Nutsubidze St. #64 And Upper, #79 And UpperTbilisi
0186Topuria St.Tbilisi
0186Vazha-pshavela Ave; #55-99,72-106Tbilisi
0186Vazha-pshavela Ave; 2nd ,3rd ,4th ,5th ,6th ,7th BlocksTbilisi
0186Vazha-pshavela Ave; 3rd ,4th ,6th LanesTbilisi
0189Andronikashvili St. #1-33; #4-10Tbilisi
0189Bagnaris St.Tbilisi
0189Baraleti St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0189Gagra StTbilisi
0189Libanis St; Lane.Tbilisi
0189Raioni St.Tbilisi
0190Giorgadze St.Tbilisi
0190Kakheti Highway. #1, 3-a, 8, 17-23, 34-50Tbilisi
0190Kakheti Highway. All Buildings 0190Tbilisi
0190Kakheti Ii-chikhiTbilisi
0190Kobtsov St. (Navtlugis Dasakhleba)Tbilisi
0190Matiashvili St; LaneTbilisi
0190Merve Legionis DasakhlebaTbilisi
0190Navtlugi St; 2nd Blind AlleyTbilisi
0190Navtlugis Dasakhleba; 12th St; 13th St; LanesTbilisi
0190Navtlugis Dasakhleba; 5th St.Tbilisi
0190Navtlugis Meore Dasakhleba; 1st ,2nd ,3rd, 4th ,5th ,6th St.Tbilisi
0190Onashvili St.Tbilisi
0190Orbeli I. And D. St; Lane.Tbilisi
0190Samgori St; BuildingsTbilisi
0190Zavriev St.Tbilisi
0191Zgvis Ubani (Temka) 2nd M/d, I-ii-iii BlocksTbilisi
0192Aketi St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0192Akhaldaba St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0192Araleti St; LaneTbilisi
0192Bejanishvili St; Lanes; Blind Alley; PassageTbilisi
0192Bjoleti St.Tbilisi
0192Bogvi St.Tbilisi
0192Dadiani Ts. St. #305-323Tbilisi
0192Daisi St; Passage; LaneTbilisi
0192Didubis DasakhlevaTbilisi
0192Dviri St.Tbilisi
0192Eristavi T. St; Lane.Tbilisi
0192Ertso St.Tbilisi
0192Gogasheni St.blind AlleyTbilisi
0192Guramishvili Ave. #1-23, 10-48Tbilisi
0192Gvazauri St; Lanes; Passages; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0192Iluridze St; Passages; Lanes; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0192Ipani St; Lane, Blind AlleyTbilisi
0192Knolevi St; LanesTbilisi
0192Kvernauli St.Tbilisi
0192Liakhvi St; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0192Mekanizatsiis St; Lane; Blind AlleyTbilisi
0192Molitis St; Blind AlleysTbilisi
0192Nagomari St.Tbilisi
0192Ratevani St; Lanes, Blind AlleysTbilisi
0192Savagono DepoTbilisi
0192Tmogvi St; Passages, Blind AlleysTbilisi
0192Vaziani St.Tbilisi
0192Zhinvali St.Tbilisi
0192Zhvelauri St.Tbilisi
0192Zigzagi 1st St; 2nd St.Tbilisi
0193Aleksidze Merab St.Tbilisi
0194Bakhtrioni St. All Except #3/5, 4/6Tbilisi
0194Burdzgla St.Tbilisi
0194Gamrekeli David St. 1,2,6,8,10,12,16 Bld; Lane; Tbilisi
0194Mitskevich St.Tbilisi
0194Pekin Ave. #16-24, 24-a, 17-25Tbilisi
0194Sairme St; LanesTbilisi
0197Isaakini St.Tbilisi
0197Lekishvili St.Tbilisi
0197Zgvis Ubani (Temka) 3rd M/d,i-iii-iv-v BlocksTbilisi
0197Zgvis Ubani (Temka) 4th M/d,i-ii-iii Blocks 0197Tbilisi
0198Iumashevi St; #14 And High, #15 And HighTbilisi
0198Lilo Daba; 1st M/d; 2nd M/d; 5th BlockTbilisi
0198Mefrinveleta St.Tbilisi
0198Orakhelashvili St. (Lilo)Tbilisi
0198Rustaveli St.(lilo)Tbilisi

The main post offices in each region in Nigeria have postal codes ending in 0001. The lowest postal code is 100001 and the highest with a special code is 982112.

NIPOST or Nigerian Postal Service is a company owned and operated by the government of this country. The country has a total of more than 5000 post offices spread throughout the region. Find the correct ZIP (Zone Improvement Plan) code or Postal Code for the postal address you need.