Battambang Postal code, Cambodia

Battambang Postal Code is the range from 020100 to 021410. The province is located in Cambodia in the far northwest.

NameBattambang Province
Postcode020100 - 021410
Area Code053

For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Battambang Province, find the code along with the District and Commune.

Postal Code of Battambang Province

020100Banan DistrictBanan
020101Kantueu I CommuneBanan
020102Kantueu II CommuneBanan
020103Bay Damram CommuneBanan
020104Chheu Teal CommuneBanan
020105Chaeng Mean Chey CommuneBanan
020106Phnum Sampov CommuneBanan
020107Snoeng CommuneBanan
020108Ta Kream CommuneBanan
020201Ta Pung CommuneThma Koul
020202Ta Meun CommuneThma Koul
020203Ou Ta Ki CommuneThma Koul
020204Chrey CommuneThma Koul
020205Anlong Run CommuneThma Koul
020206Chrouy Sdau CommuneThma Koul
020207Boeng Pring CommuneThma Koul
020208Kouk Khmum CommuneThma Koul
020209Bansay Traeng CommuneThma Koul
020210Rung Chrey CommuneThma Koul
020301Bavel CommuneBavel
020302Khnach Romeas CommuneBavel
020303Lvea CommuneBavel
020304Prey Khpos CommuneBavel
020305Ampil Pram Daeum CommuneBavel
020306Kdol Ta Haen CommuneBavel
020307Khlaeng Meas CommuneBavel
020308Boeung Pram CommuneBavel
020401Preak Norint CommuneAek Phnum
020402Samraong Knong CommuneAek Phnum
020403Preak Khpob CommuneAek Phnum
020404Preak Luong CommungAek Phnum
020405Peam Aek CommuneAek Phnum
020406Prey Chas CommuneAek Phnum
020407Kaoh Chiveang CommuneAek Phnum
020501Moung CommuneMoung Ruessei
020502Kear CommuneMoung Ruessei
020503Prey Svay CommuneMoung Ruessei
020504Chrey CommuneMoung Ruessei
020505Ta Loas CommuneMoung Ruessei
020506Prey Touch CommuneMoung Ruessei
020507Robas Mongkol CommuneMoung Ruessei
020601Preaek Chik CommuneRukh Kiri
020602Prey Tralach CommuneRukh Kiri
020603Mukh Reah CommuneRukh Kiri
020604Sdok Pravoek CommuneRukh Kiri
020605Basak CommuneRukh Kiri
020701Sdau CommuneRotanak Mondol
020702Andaeuk Haeb CommuneRotanak Mondol
020703Phlov Meas CommuneRotanak Mondol
020704Traeng CommuneRotanak Mondol
020705Reaksmei Songha CommuneRotanak Mondol
020801Anglong Vil CommuneSangkae
020802Norea CommuneSangkae
020803Ta Pon CommuneSangkae
020804Roka CommuneSangkae
020805Kampong Preah CommuneSangkae
020806Kampong Prieng CommuneSangkae
020807Reang Kesei CommuneSangkae
020808Ou Dambang I CommuneSangkae
020809Ou Dambang II CommuneSangkae
020810Vaot Ta Muem CommuneSangkae
020901Ta Taok CommuneSamlout
020902Kampong Lpov CommuneSamlout
020903Ou Samril CommuneSamlout
020904Sung CommuneSamlout
020905Samlout CommuneSamlout
020906Mean Chey CommuneSamlout
020907Ta Sanh CommuneSamlout
021001Sampov Lun CommuneSampov Lun
021002Angkor Ban CommuneSampov Lun
021003Ta Sda CommuneSampov Lun
021004Santepheap CommuneSampov Lun
021005Serei Mean Chey CommuneSampov Lun
021006Chrey Seima CommuneSampov Lun
021101Kamrieng CommuneKamrieng
021102Boeng Reang CommuneKamrieng
021103Ou Da CommuneKamrieng
021104Trang CommuneKamrieng
021105Ta Saen CommuneKamrieng
021106Ta Krei CommuneKamrieng
021201Chipakdei CommuneKoas Krala
021202Kaos Krala CommuneKoas Krala
021203Hab CommuneKoas Krala
021204Preah Phos CommuneKoas Krala
021205Doun Ba CommuneKoas Krala
021206Chhnal Moan CommuneKoas Krala
021301Phnum Proek CommunePhnum Proek
021302Pech Chenda CommunePhnum Proek
021303Bour CommunePhnum Proek
021304Barang Thleak CommunePhnum Proek
021305Ou Rumduol CommunePhnum Proek
021401Sangkat Toul Ta EKBattambang Municipality
021402Sangkat Preaek Preah SdachBattambang Municipality
021403Sangkat RottanakBattambang Municipality
021404Sangkat Chamkar SomraongBattambang Municipality
021405Sangkat Sla KetBattambang Municipality
021406Sangkat Kdol Doun TeavBattambang Municipality
021407Sangkat OmalBattambang Municipality
021408Sangkat Wat KorBattambang Municipality
021409Sangkat Ou CharBattambang Municipality
021410Sangkat Svay PorBattambang Municipality

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