Caribbean Area Code

The Caribbean region is made up of many countries, each with its own telephone numbering plan and area codes. The area codes in the Caribbean are used to identify a geographical region, with the first digits of a phone number usually indicating the country or territory in which the number is registered.

UN M49 Code029
LocationRegion of the Americas

Area Code for Caribbean

Antigua and Barbuda268Caribbean
The Bahamas242Caribbean
British Virgin Islands284Caribbean
Cayman Islands345Caribbean
Dominican Republic809, 829, 849Caribbean
Jamaica876, 658Caribbean
Puerto Rico787, 939Caribbean
Saint Kitts and Nevis869Caribbean
Saint Lucia758Caribbean
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines784Caribbean
Sint Maarten721Caribbean
Trinidad and Tobago868Caribbean
Turks and Caicos Islands649Caribbean
U.S. Virgin Islands340Caribbean

Note that these are just a few examples, and there may be more area codes in use in each of these countries and territories. Additionally, mobile numbers in the Caribbean may have different area codes than fixed line numbers.

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