Siem Reap Postal code, Cambodia

Siem Reap Postal Code is the range from 170101 to 171212. The province is the tenth largest province in Cambodia.

NameSiem Reap Province (Siemreap)
Postcode170101 - 171212
Area Code063
CapitalSiem Reap

For more details on the list of Postal codes or ZIP codes in Siem Reap Province, find the code along with the District and Commune.

Postal Code of Siem Reap Province

170101Prasat CommuneVarin
170102Lvea Krang CommuneVarin
170103Srae Nouy CommuneVarin
170104Svay Sa CommuneVarin
170105Varin CommuneVarin
170201Boeng Mealea CommuneSvay Leu
170202Kantuot CommuneSvay Leu
170203Khnang Phnum CommuneSvay Leu
170204Svay Leu CommuneSvay Leu
170205Ta Siem CommuneSvay Leu
170301Chrouy Neang Ngoun CommuneSrei Snam
170302Klang Hay CommuneSrei Snam
170303Tram Sasar CommuneSrei Snam
170304Moung CommuneSrei Snam
170305Prei CommuneSrei Snam
170306Slaeng Spean CommuneSrei Snam
170401Chan Sa CommuneSoutr Nikom
170402Dam Daek CommuneSoutr Nikom
170403Dar Run CommuneSoutr Nikom
170404Kampong Khleang CommuneSoutr Nikom
170405Kien Sangkae CommuneSoutr Nikom
170406Khchas CommuneSoutr Nikom
170407Khnar Pou CommuneSoutr Nikom
170408Popel CommuneSoutr Nikom
170409Samraong CommuneSoutr Nikom
170410Ta Yaek CommuneSoutr Nikom
170501Bakong CommunePrasat Bakong
170502Ballangk CommunePrasat Bakong
170503Kampong Phluk CommunePrasat Bakong
170504Kantreang CommunePrasat Bakong
170505Kandaek CommunePrasat Bakong
170506Mean Chey CommunePrasat Bakong
170507Roluos CommunePrasat Bakong
170508Trapeang Thum CommunePrasat Bakong
170509Ampil CommunePrasat Bakong
170601Sasar Sdam CommunePuok
170602Doun Kaev CommunePuok
170603Kdei Run CommunePuok
170604Kaev Poar CommunePuok
170605Khnat CommunePuok
170606Lvea CommunePuok
170607Mukh Paen CommunePuok
170608Pou Treay CommunePuok
170609Puok CommunePuok
170610Prey Chruk CommunePuok
170611Reul CommunePuok
170612Samraong Yea CommunePuok
170613Trei Nhoar CommunePuok
170614Yeang CommunePuok
170701Chanleas Dai CommuneKralanh
170702Kampong Thkov CommuneKralanh
170703Kralanh CommuneKralanh
170704Krouch Kor CommuneKralanh
170705Roung Kou CommuneKralanh
170706Sambuor CommuneKralanh
170707Saen Sokh CommuneKralanh
170708Snuol CommuneKralanh
170709Sranal CommuneKralanh
170710Ta An CommuneKralanh
170801Anglong Samnar CommuneChi Kraeng
170802Chi Kraeng CommuneChi Kraeng
170803Kampong Kdei CommuneChi Kraeng
170804Khvav CommuneChi Kraeng
170805Kouk Thlok Kraom CommuneChi Kraeng
170806Kouk Thlok Leu CommuneChi Kraeng
170807Lveaeng Ruessei CommuneChi Kraeng
170808Pongro Kraom CommuneChi Kraeng
170809Pongro Leu CommuneChi Kraeng
170810Ruessei Lok CommuneChi Kraeng
170811Sangvaeuy CommuneChi Kraeng
170812Spean Tnaot CommuneChi Kraeng
170901Khanr Sanday CommuneBanteay Srei
170902Khun Ream CommuneBanteay Srei
170903Preah Dak CommuneBanteay Srei
170904Rumcheck CommuneBanteay Srei
170905Run Ta Aek CommuneBanteay Srei
170906Tbaeng CommuneBanteay Srei
171001Chob Ta Trav CommuneAngkor Thum
171002Leang Dai CommuneAngkor Thum
171003Peak Snaeng CommuneAngkor Thum
171004Svay Check CommuneAngkor Thum
171101Char Chhuk CommuneAngkor Chum
171102Doun Peng CommuneAngkor Chum
171103Kouk Doung CommuneAngkor Chum
171104Koul CommuneAngkor Chum
171105Nokor Pheas CommuneAngkor Chum
171106Srae Khvav CommuneAngkor Chum
171107Ta Saom CommuneAngkor Chum
171201Sangkat Sla KramSiem Reap Municipality
171202Sangkat Svay DangkumSiem Reap Municipality
171203Sangkat Kok ChakSiem Reap Municipality
171204Sangkat Sala KamreukSiem Reap Municipality
171205Sangkat NokorSiem Reap Municipality
171206Sangkat ChreavSiem Reap Municipality
171207Sangkat Chong KhniesSiem Reap Municipality
171208Sangkat SambuorSiem Reap Municipality
171209Sangkat Siem ReapSiem Reap Municipality
171210Sangkat SrangaeSiem Reap Municipality
171211Sangkat Tuek VilSiem Reap Municipality
171212Sangkat Krabei RielSiem Reap Municipality

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